3 things we learned in the Cowboys season finale; What a joke!

Andy Dalton, Dallas Cowboys (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)
Andy Dalton, Dallas Cowboys (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images) /
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Dante Pettis, New York Giants
Dante Pettis, New York Giants (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images) /

Who ordered a McJoke, fries, and soda?

You mean to tell me that somehow the red flag was stuck in Mike McCarthy’s pants or something?  The same head coach who back in 2014, did the ultimate challenge call against Dez Bryant in the infamous “he caught it” game?

That same guy, right? That same head coach? Did McCarthy forget his red challenge flag back in his Green Bay days? Of all head coaches on this planet, you mean to tell me this very guy forgot how to make use of the flag?

Give me a break! Please. Enough.

After the Dante Pettis catch (Um, no catch), even the wide receiver was relieved nobody on the Dallas sideline said anything. The result? A three-pointer from the 50-yard-line over a 60-yard attempt. The Giants would have probably punted.

What baffles me is this: Usually special teams coach Jim Fassel is tailing McCarthy around. He’s making sure McCarthy has enough warm tea and that his 401(k) plan is up to par. And yet this one single time, the camera showed McCarthy looking up at the sky all alone, pondering lord knows what.

You mean to tell me at this instance, nobody whispered something to McCarthy? At the very least, if McCarthy throws the red flag, he ices the kicker. But no, the man who stopped the Dallas Cowboys (and Dez Bryant) in 2014 is nowhere to be found.

Missing in action. His picture on the back of a milk carton. Call for help.

And while you’re at it, ask about the decision to not go for two points after the touchdown, which could have put the Cowboys down by three instead of four. Actually, no I’m done. Forget it. Elementary math is hard to come by, apparently.