5 prospects the Dallas Cowboys should keep their eye on

Jerry Jones, Dallas Cowboys (Photo by Getty Images/Getty Images)
Jerry Jones, Dallas Cowboys (Photo by Getty Images/Getty Images) /
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Justin Fields, Ohio State Buckeyes
Justin Fields, Ohio State Buckeyes (Credit: Adam Cairns-USA TODAY NETWORK) /

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The most impactful position on a football team is the quarterback. It also happens to be the most expensive position on a football team. The Dallas Cowboys understand that and must make a decision.

They drafted a quarterback in 2016. That player was Dak Prescott. After playing the 2020 season on a franchise tag, questions surrounding his potential contract have risen to the surface yet again.

The price tag was around $40 million per season heading into this season. After a historic pace before his season-ending injury and other lucrative contracts signed, the quarterback’s price tag could be more expensive.

I guess not everything is as it seems. Spotrac compares players similar in age and statistics to come up with their market value for a player. With that, they value Dak at a four-year deal worth $148 million, or $37 million per season.

I can see the two-time Pro Bowler reaching for $40 million per season. That would make him the second-highest paid quarterback per year. It would cost $1 million more than star quarterback Desean Watson, but it’s not easy to let someone at this position walk away.

That is a large number, especially with the salary cap expected to drop next season. That means Jerry Jones will take a good look at quarterbacks available in the first round. Luckily for him, quarterback Justin Fields can still be on the board.

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The Ohio State product has been a popular name since quarterback Dwayne Haskins left. Last year, Fields caught everyone’s attention. His play this season keeps him in the discussion as the second-best quarterback in the draft.

As a sophomore, he completed 67.2 percent of his passes for 3,273 yards and 41 touchdowns while throwing only three interceptions. Those passing touchdowns were the third-most in the nation.

This year, the Covid-19 pandemic shortened the season for the Buckeyes. In six games so far this season, Fields continued to impress. He owns a 72.6 percent completion percentage while throwing for 1,521 yards, 15 touchdowns, and five interceptions.

His play as a ball-carrier should be well-noted too. Last season he scored ten times and ran for just under 500 yards. This season he has 274 rushing yards and five rushing touchdowns.

The dynamic quarterback is very efficient, and that is what Jerry likes. Another quarterback that could be in discussion is Zach Wilson. With most mock drafts picking Wilson before Fields, it is more likely the latter would fall to the Cowboys.

All five prospects have a ton of potential and would help the Cowboys long-term. We can’t rule out a trade down for extra picks and a player Jerry desires more.

The five players listed are the top college players that can fall to the Cowboys’ pick. I can see the team opting for Farley or Rousseau, but you never know with this management.

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Regardless, the team will grab a high-profile prospect for the first time since 2016. Regardless of where the Cowboys end up on the draft board, you should be excited. A healthy team full of talent and a top-notch prospect will be ready to compete in the 2021 NFL season.