Dallas Cowboys: Letting Dak Prescott walk leaves this carousel

Andy Dalton (14) of the Dallas Cowboys(Hand out James D. Smith/Dallas Cowboys/Handout photo-USA TODAY Sports)
Andy Dalton (14) of the Dallas Cowboys(Hand out James D. Smith/Dallas Cowboys/Handout photo-USA TODAY Sports) /
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Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott
Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott (Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports) /

Accept that or imagine an alternative, it isn’t a pretty sight

They don’t seem to know which way is up. Fortunately for us and according to a report from USA Today, Dak Prescott is ahead of schedule and is set to be able to return to begin offseason workouts as regularly scheduled.

Here’s what Stephen Jones told Jori Epstein of USA Today when asked if Prescott had avoided infection akin to what Washington quarterback Alex Smith battled back from.

"“He’s been able to avoid any setbacks. If anything, he’s ahead of schedule—which shouldn’t be surprising, the way he goes after every challenge. It’s full speed ahead with Dak, and he’s done a great job to this point.”"

This is a marvelous thing, because I can’t take the inconsistencies that come with guys who not only aren’t winning you games but unlike Prescott, not even giving you a chance it seems.

Listen, a lot of you all may not like Dak, as that’s become obvious across our exchanges here, but hear this. If not Dak, then who?

Better yet, answer this question for me. Is this what you want to have to look forward to for the next year or so… or longer, if your grand dream of parting ways with Prescott comes to fruition?

I’ll wait for a second.

I didn’t think so. The grass isn’t always greener on the other side and sometimes you don’t realize how nice your lawn actually was until you see the other one, but this should be painfully clear already.

Unless you want to see Dallas play musical chairs at the quarterback position for the foreseeable future, while no one is likely to have enough rhythm to actually take the lead seat, then stop complaining about a good thing.

The draft, Trevor Lawrence, or anyone else in it at any positions aren’t sure things. What is as close to a sure thing as anything though is the fact that Dak Prescott has proven he can win games in this league and potentially even more.

He may not be elite in your eyes, but he’s very good at the very least. Last time I checked, very good quarterbacks win Super Bowls as well.

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That’s what I know for sure. Again though, are you sure you want to risk it all for a revolving belt of guys at the spot? That’s the question we really must ask ourselves. I am sure you already know the answer.