Six reasons Greg Hardy will return to the Cowboys

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We present six reasons why the Dallas Cowboys will be forced to re-sign free agent defensive end Greg Hardy.

Saturday marks the one year anniversary when Dallas Cowboys fans were asked to sell their soul for pass rush devil Greg Hardy. Welcome back to The Matrix.

The red pill: Ignore allegations of a violent past, add Hardy in a last ditch effort to improve the 28th pass rush, and save a shaky secondary from further humiliation.

The blue pill: Reject Hardy as a threat to team chemistry and reputation, and watch opposing quarterbacks scramble around until receivers eventually broke free.

After Aaron Rodgers ended the Cowboys Super Bowl hopes hopping around on one leg and torching the secondary for 297 yards and three touchdowns, the red pill proved too tempting.

Yet the red pill was a sham. Hardy was a factor but fell short of the double digit sacks promised. His locker room distraction and social media defiance invoked mass regret.

Fans vowed this offseason was gonna be different. No way they’d consider the red pill again with Hardy off the books and other enticing options on the market.

One year later the similarities are abundant. Pass rush help is in dire need. The free agent market is now void of impactful defensive ends except one familiar name.

Welcome back to The Matrix, Cowboys fans. Prepare yourself for another red pill.

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