Rumor: Cowboys willing to trade 4th overall pick

Longtime NFL Draft Analyst Tony Pauline says the Dallas Cowboys are willing to move down from the fourth overall selection in the upcoming NFL Draft.

The Dallas Cowboys are no stranger to making moves during the NFL Draft. In fact, moving down to acquire more draft picks has become the status quo for Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones and his war room staff. So, it’s not really surprising that there are rumors that Dallas is willing to trade down from the fourth overall selection in April’s draft.

A longtime draft analyst, Pauline also indicated the Cowboys would be willing to move down from the fourth overall position, but only if they can stay in front of the New York Giants at #10.

I’d argue Dallas would be wise to stay ahead of the Philadelphia Eagles as well, who recently moved into the eighth overall spot after trading former Cowboys running back DeMarco Murray to the Tennessee Titans. Especially if they are eyeing Ohio State running back Ezekiel Elliott.

Unfortunately, that limits Dallas to only three possible trade partners. Those being the Jacksonville Jaguars (5th overall), the Baltimore Ravens (6th overall) and the San Francisco 49ers (7th overall). The latter being the most likely candidate as they are in desperate need of a quarterback.

San Francisco likely covets California’s Jared Goff or North Dakota State’s Carson Wentz for that position. If the 49ers believe another franchise might leapfrog them in order to select either one of those quarterback prospects, then the Cowboys could make for perfect trade partners.

As for Dallas, there are several worthy candidates they could take with the fourth overall selection. But if the Cowboys feel they can still get the player they desire along with some extra draft picks by moving down, history tells us they will certainly do so.

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