Free Red Zone Channel from DirecTv

Earlier today I contacted DirecTv and discussed how I could switch providers and receive the Red Zone Channel (RZC) for around $7 per month.  For those who do not know, the RZC broadcasts the best part of live games.  When teams cross over into the 30 yard line and are close to scoring, the game switches over.  If there’s another game with an amazing highlight, they switch over immediately and show you the highlight while the offense huddles up.  It’s football concentrate injected directly into your soul.  Back to my discussion: over a 4 month football season, I’d spend approximately $28 versus $319.95 for the NFL Sunday Ticket which is bundled with the Superfan package and has the RZC therein.

I was provided with some good news.  As of 3 days ago, if as a customer you meet three criteria, DirecTv will offer you the RZC for free.  That’s right, gratis!  In my excitement, I neglected to ask what the criteria was.  I can guess, however.  You have to be out of contract, looking to switch providers, have been a customer for longer than 2 years, and have not already signed up for the Sunday Ticket.  Those are guesses and completely unfounded, but I do encourage yall to contact DirecTv (1-800-Directv) to see if you are indeed eligible to receive the RZC for less than a cup of coffee.