Prediction: The 2014 NFL MVP Plays For the Dallas Cowboys

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Your face contorted. That’s strange. It indicates that you think it’s a total and utter impossibility that the 2014 NFL MVP honors could go to a Dallas Cowboys’ player. Based on our current offensive roster, that wouldn’t make you a pessimist. It would effectively make you a naysayer. Thin line, I suppose. Wafer thin.

Before you round up your posse to run me out of town, hear me out. Let’s look at this objectively (for once). To that end, let’s go ahead and intelligently eliminate the entire defense from even qualifying for the award. Like I said, this is based on our current “offensive” roster and since we’re debating likelihoods that alone eliminates them, unfortunately.

The Dallas Cowboys’ could be significantly better this year. – Bleacher Report

As far as the offense goes, though, it’s been a nightmare to opposing defensive coordinators (sans clock management). Now let’s go a step further and filter this down to a few players that actually stand a chance at winning NFL MVP this year. The strongest Dallas Cowboys’ candidates for the award this year would most likely be narrowed to the following players: QB Tony Romo, WR Dez Bryant, TE Jason Witten, or RB DeMarco Murray. Now let’s take a look at each.

QB Tony Romo: Set the stigma (and your unbridled disdain) aside, please. This guy is money. I’m talking US Treasury. We all know where we’d be without Romo at the helm. We’d still be in QB purgatory riding the same carousel of impotence that teams like the Washington Redskins or the Cleveland Browns have been on for years. An undrafted free agent that outperforms first round QB picks, Tony Romo lights up scoreboards. So many records he owns, so little time. So instead I’ll leave you with a career QB rating of 95.8, 20 fourth quarter comebacks, and 23 game-winning drives (sometimes while injured). He’s the reason we haven’t been 1-15 the past three seasons. A playoff run this year puts Romo in the MVP conversation.

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