Dallas Cowboys' “Price Is Right”: Zach Minter Come On Down!

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Well, well, well. What do we have here? Lost in all of the news of Cowboys’ cornerback Orlando Scandrick‘s suspension was a signing that could possibly turn out to be a huge addition to the Dallas defense in 2014. Introducing (possibly) our newest defensive tackle, Zach Minter.

I did the same thing last year so I’m excited for him.-George Selvie

“Who the hell is Zach Minter?” That’s a valid question and prior to our signing of him on this past Thursday, he wasn’t even close to being on my radar. An undrafted free agent out of Montana State in 2013, Minter was picked up by the Chicago Bears and suited up for the Cincinnati Bengals for a short stint before being waived August 8th.

With Cowboys’ rookie defensive end Ben Gardner headed to IR with a shoulder injury that requires surgery, Dallas made the move to bring in Minter for a “look-see”. This is a similar move that brought defensive lineman George Selvie into our lives in 2013. It’s clear that Marinelli and Garrett are hoping lightning can and will strike twice.

“You think about a guy like Minter who just showed up, I don’t know how many plays he played, but I bet it was over 50 percent of the plays that he was in there, he had some kind of an impact on the football, whether it was a tackle for a loss or a sack. He just seemed to be all over the place, so he had a chance to show us what he can do in a short period of time, and he certainly flashed at us.”  - Jason Garrett via Associated Press

It’s much too soon to know if Minter will live up to what Selvie has been able to accomplish thus far, but, after seeing his performance in the second preseason game my eyebrow is certainly raised. More than a few times I channeled my inner Dwayne Johnson. I could almost smell what this guy was cooking.

Earlier in the 3rd quarter he showed he has mobility in that 6’1” 297 lb frame when a bubble screen went opposite his side and, once the play was over, you noticed he was 10 yards downfield as he never relented in his pursuit. Very impressive motor and a clear hunger to be involved in the play.

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