Jerry Jones Highly Detrimental To Dallas Cowboys

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Jun 17, 2014; Dallas, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones answers questions about Kyle Orton (not pictured) not being at minicamp at Cowboys headquarters at Valley Ranch. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Owner and general manger Jerry Jones continues to be arguably the greatest detriment to one of the league’s most popular franchises, the Dallas Cowboys.

Lately, it seems like we can’t make just few days without some kind of controversy surrounding an organization that’s without a doubt the most visible in the National Football League—and the issues discussed and publicized so widely throughout both social and mainstream media involve not just Dallas executives, but also players.

No, juicy stories involving inappropriate behavior are nothing new to the NFL, but for this particular franchise, the examples of poor judgment and questionable decision making are becoming a routine specialty for the Cowboys.

As of now, we’re less than a month away from a regular season in which Jones is trying, allegedly, to avoid his first five-year playoff drought since purchasing the Cowboys in the winter of 1989. You would think that his focus might be on greater things than running his mouth for hidden video cameras in bars and posing with women for photos in restaurant bathrooms, if this is indeed the entire story.

No, it doesn’t really matter when these charades took place as it’s believed that they are both years old.

However, for Jones to proclaim that the recently released photos of himself and two other women are misrepresented does nothing for his credibility as an NFL executive. Isn’t it crystal clear what the photos suggest when Jones is seen cupping the breasts of one woman and then standing while appearing to wink while another woman kneels with her face by his crotch?

C’mon Jerry.

This issue, coupled with Dallas’ lone playoff victory since January of 1997, leaves little to be discussed, right?

Nope. There’s more!

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