Scandrick On 'First Take': "We're Going To Be Better"

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Aug 17, 2013; Phoenix, AZ, USA; Dallas Cowboys cornerback Orlando Scandrick (32) stretches during warm ups before the first quarter against the Arizona Cardinals at University of Phoenix Stadium. The Cardinals defeated the Cowboys 12-7. Mandatory Credit: Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

This one is for CB Orlando Scandrick and Dallas fans needing more reasons to appreciate the versatile corner.  Wednesday morning on ESPN’s ‘First Take’ he publicly showed nothing but class representing his Cowboys.

The show is known for its hosts and featured athletes acting out, cutting up, and significant trash talk.  The loose format attempts to prod and unleash the individual personality of the athlete when confronted with raw opinions.

Co-hosts Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless are nothing short of loudly opinionated, argumentative egomaniacs.  They purposely play ‘good cop, bad cop’ on most topics.

Even with the wildcard elements, Orlando Scandrick showed up all business and all class.  Tastefully dressed in slacks, dress shirt, tie, and vest, Scandrick looked the part.  Respectful, composed, all smiles, and holding his responses until directly asked.

Stephen A. Smith has a long history of constantly bashing the Cowboys and began his foolish tirade…

  • 1)  Dallas will fail because of Tony Romo‘s buddy connection with Jason Witten.  Their security blanket relationship removes finding the best options.

Simply looking at the stats proves that’s nonsense.  Witten’s 73 receptions accounted for 21% of total completions, and his 851 yards was 22% of total receiving yards.

I’d hardly say that’s consuming or dominating the passing offense.  Only a naive, uninformed analyst would spotlight a major team strength (even NFL luxury), and label it detrimental to success.

  • 2)  New OC Scott Linehan won’t make a difference.  He can’t override Jerry Jones and Tony Romo sabotaging the offense.

The owner who has zero control over the gameplan and play-calling is ruining the offense?  Another baseless, ignorant comment just to hear his own voice.

Like clockwork, anytime a sworn Cowboys basher lacks logical criticism, Jones or Romo becomes the default scapegoat.  In this case it was both.

All the while Scandrick sat in the middle of the two puppets and smiled.  Shaking his head graciously, not dignifying the ridiculous, badgering comments.  Playing it cool and calm just like he covers the slot on gameday.

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