May 21, 2014; Berea, OH, USA; Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel (2) during organized team activities at Cleveland Browns practice facility. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Cowboys Got It Right With Manziel

Few teams in sports generate as much buzz as our beloved Dallas Cowboys.  So when they had the opportunity to draft a player who creates as much hype as anyone right now, many believed owner/general manager Jerry Jones could not resist the ‘forbidden apple’ dangling in front of him.  The allotted ten minutes the Cowboys had to make their first round draft choice was an electric, anxious filled, and exhilarating ten minutes for everyone waiting to hear their pick.

They ultimately passed on quarterback Johhny Manziel.  Although I never wanted them to draft Manziel, I remember the feeling of shock and excitement that he was still on the board when the Cowboys turn came up.  Wisely, the team opted to draft offensive lineman Zach Martin.

In the months since the draft Johnny Football has time and time again affirmed the Cowboys made the right decision.  When Manziel decided to go to Las Vegas on Memorial weekend, the media jumped all over him.  At the time I thought this was a blown out of proportion media story.  I will never begrudge any athlete that goes out and enjoys themselves in their downtime.  I am sure a large percentage of NFL players were in Vegas that weekend.

The difference with Manziel is he flaunts his status.  He has a smug, cocky way about him.  I realize most quarterbacks have a similar cockiness to them.  However, the way Johnny Heisman presents it is much different.  For all the criticism you can throw at quarterback Tony Romo, I can safely say I don’t think he would ever hold a brick of cash to his ear like it’s a phone and say he can’t hear you because he has too much money in his hand.

Many former NFL players chimed in on the subject and recommended Manziel to tone it down.  Even his boss and owner of the Cleveland Browns, Jimmy Haslam, has already come out and commented on him being careful.  Manziel, in typical Johnny Vegas fashion, said he won’t change for anyone and will continue to live his life his way.

He confirmed that sentiment only last weekend.  Again, Las Vegas was the venue for a holiday weekend.  This time a photo surfaced of Manziel rolling up a paper bill.  Although it cannot be assumed he was doing anything illegally, rolling up dollar bills undoubtedly can be viewed as suspicious.  Considering the microscope he is under, you would hope your future franchise quarterback would show better judgement.

Could you imagine the circus that would have been if this was happening while Manziel was a member of the Cowboys?  Johnny Football, Johnny Heisman, Johnny Vegas.  How about we add one more nickname.  Johnny Clown!

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  • No Clown, Clown

    I agree about the Cowboys not picking Manziel, barely. But I disagree with your criticism of Manziel’s personality. Many players past and present have behaved the same way, including some of the top Cowboys of all time (Irvin for one) and some great quarterbacks (Namath, Stabler). Wait till you see if he can walk the walk in the NFL before you trash a kid as a “clown”.
    Unless you can show the level of personal success he has already shown, your wisecrack makes you appear to be just an armchair critic in the stands, and makes you the one wearing the red nose.

    • Earl Robertson

      Nah I don’t think so! I think this writer got this one right

    • aerdna smailliw

      Quite the contrary , he nailed this one on the head.

    • disqus_kLJwdEdnOL

      In my opinion the writer definitely got it right. Act like a creep and most likely you are one. Having personal success doesn’t excuse him for acting that way. If all of the players who have had personal success acted that way I doubt seriously if the sport would be as popular as it is today. But who knows? Maybe there are enough fans who like to see clowns play that the stands would be filled anyway.

  • Samuel J Cavazos

    He will fail in the NFL.

  • Greg Hill

    I agree with the comments of No Clown. If Mansfield was black and had a nickname such as “Neon Deon” he would be treated completely different. Since the guy is white everybody wants to pile on. What is everybody afraid of? Everyone loves Deon Sanders and wanted him on their team even though he did whatever he could to draw attention to himself but he didn’t have the social media to exploit like Manziel does. Why the double standard?

    • Scott.

      Greg, I agree with a lot of you post. The difference is Johnny is the face of an organization. It’s that simple they expect the face of an organization to be in bilble school on their off time and not sin city. Neon demon was not the face of any team he played on. I hope Johnny plays to the super star level so he can ultimately throw the middle finger at everyone.

      • Greg Hill

        Who is they? Is Manziel the first NFL QB to party in Vegas during the off season? No. Michael Jordan went to a casino to gamble between playoff games one year and has been to Vegas multiple times. Charles Barkley too and there are many more examples. Was not MJ the face of the Bulls? The finger is already up and “they” don’t like it.

  • Howard C

    Manziel showed last season that he can’t take a hit so he can try the crap he was pulling in college but I get the feeling that he won’t last very long before he gets injured and is off the field. He is going to be like Vick where he only makes it through an entire season once in his career. I for one hope he gets that smug grin knocked off his face by the likes of T Sizzle, Geno Atkins, Robert Mathis, Polamalu, JJ Watt, Clowney, Mario Williams, and Greg Hardy. All of whom the Browns face this year. His arrogance urks the $#!+ out of me and I seriously hope he gets brought down a few notches.