Dallas Cowboys' QB Tony Romo Wins a Super Bowl If...

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Tony Romo Can Win It All

Dec 8, 2013; Landover, MD, USA; Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo (9) scrambles against the Washington Redskins during the second half at FedEx Field. Mandatory Credit: Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Most will read this a saying no one else besides Tony Romo does their job. False. We all know who excels for the Dallas Cowboys. Wide receiver Dez Bryant, tight end Jason Witten, runningback DeMarco Murray, center Travis Frederick to name a few (note no defensive names). I find it difficult to consistently point a finger at any player on offense. Mistakes are made and balls are dropped and fumbled, sure. That’s called football, though.

Romo catches more undeserved abuse than any other player.- Jimmy Johnson

I really can’t help but to look in two directions when determining what needs to happen for Romo to get the Lebron James’ sized monkey off of his back. Cowboys’ head coach Jason Garrett and our defense. Let’s be clear, I expect perfection from no one and neither should you. Neither…should…you (hint).

What is expected is elite play from every player and elite coaching to boot. Super Bowl winners don’t win because they played perfect all year. They win because they learn from the mistakes which is something we’ve severely lacked a franchise for some time now. From the field to the front office.

“You’ve got to win the ring to get it done. I think Romo can get it done. I love Tony Romo. . . . I believe it’s going to happen. I do.” – Former SB Winning HC Jimmy Johnson via NBC Sports

You’ll never convince me that the player who tossed only 3 interceptions in 8 losses is the reason we broke even. Regardless of what his name is. Wins trump stats is what some of you will say. To that I reply, thanks for making my point. Other elite QB’s have thrown more INTs yet won more games. QB Brett Favre won a ring despite his gross errors (far more than Romo), for example. But how?

It’s because this a team sport. One hand washes the other despite what your cute little memes read. The human body is more than a heart for a reason. Every organ depends on the other organs to survive and live well. And if the Dallas Cowboys’ want to win another SB ring (and with Romo), it’s time the franchise’s brain and lungs started chipping in.

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