Cowboys Look Smart In McClain Trade

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Aug. 17, 2012; Glendale, AZ, USA; Oakland Raiders linebacker (55) Rolando McClain against the Arizona Cardinals during a preseason game at University of Phoenix Stadium. The Cardinals defeated the Raiders 31-27. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

As the sports world was dealing with the United States men’s soccer team being ousted from the 2014 FIFA World Cup, the Dallas Cowboys pulled off one of the greatest trades in franchise history. Ok, I was joking about the greatest trade part, but the Cowboys did pull a smart move by trading with the Baltimore Ravens to get linebacker Rolando McClain.

The move has been mocked by some media outlets and some have used the word “desperate” to describe the actions by the Cowboys front office. I can see why they would think that, especially since the Cowboys put linebacker Sean Lee on injured reserve on the same day. Yet, there is a bit of genius to this move that shows me this team is heading in the right direction.

In McClain, you have a young player who has clearly not adjusted well to life in the NFL. He was a standout at Alabama, which helped him become a top-10 pick in 2010 when the Oakland Raiders drafted him. Early on, he showed promise on the football field, especially in 2011 when he registered 99 combined tackles, five sacks and 14 pass deflections. Yet getting three arrests in an 11-month span and being suspended two games because of fighting with the head coach is an easy way to get kicked off a team. The Ravens tried to kick the tires on him, but he retired twice and never played for the Ravens. So why waste draft picks and time on a player like this?

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  • Earl Robertson

    You have to worry what kind of message it sends to the locker room where Garrett has been preaching Character is important but then they get a guy who has shown zero in that area. Other then that I like the move

    • ctcowboy1968

      You think anyone cared about the locker room when Michael Irvin was around? They won three SBs. Winning is what matters. I am not saying create a team of murders, but choir boys have gotten us no where and never will.

  • truthbetold

    This was a really dumb move. The guy has proven to be lazy and unwilling to work. He’s a twice retired bust, and this was a very desperate move by the cowboys.

    • Juanito Juanito

      your name should be, dumbbetold, look if this guy doesnt work the cowboys could cut him and doesnt lose nothng, no money guarantied, and ravens will not recive the 6th pick, the cowboys could only win if this guy work, you know something new today

      • truthbetold

        Of course you think I’m dumb. You’re a cowboys fan, so you’re delusional. Lol why do you think you guys are the joke of the NFL? It makes zero sense to waste time on a player who doesn’t want to play. He’s not physically flawed, the guy has literally stated that he DOES NOT WANT TO PLAY FOOTBALL. if he can’t be inspired by winners like the ravens, why would he be inspired to lose all the time as a cowboy? It doesn’t surprise me that you don’t get that.

        • ronin220

          Low risk ,high reward… for me

        • aprado

          What surprises me is that your not a cowboy fan and your on this page. If you haven’t noticed this is something teams do during OTA’s. However this is something you fail to understand. Oh and by the way a change of scenery and coaching has helped a lot of players in recent history but I’m sure you aware of that.

        • Howard C

          Dude, you are a complete jackass. You probably jumped on the Saints bandwagon in 2006 because there definitely wasn’t a reason to cheer for them before then. The Saints were the Joke of the NFL for 30+ years. Please take your BS somewhere else.

          • truthbetold

            Unlike your team, they aren’t now, so blah blah.

          • Howard C

            We shall see this season I believe that the cowboys play the saints again. It won’t be a repeat of last season.

          • truthbetold

            Hahaha you better hope it isn’t. Even I felt bad for you guys after that destruction.

        • Sensi Star

          I’m a Cowboys fan and it’s a desperate move.

          The dumb move was drafting players who were hurt when you drafted them in back to back years in the second round.

          Yet never prepare for them to be hurt.

          When they are always hurt,

          What was even dumber was extending Lee. The guy has missed more games than he has played. Yet you pay him. Just another brick in the wall.

          JJ, his born on third and think he hit a triple son and Garrett have basically been running things since Parcel’s left.

          At what point do you realize they have no F’n clue on how to build a championship team.

          If they had any clue they would have moved on from the whole team except the players they drafted from 2010-2013. This actually should have been done before last year. Romo should have never been resigned and Garrett should be coaching someone’s QB somewhere else.

          • truthbetold

            You are one of the few rational cowboys fans in existence, definitely. What’s happened to this team is on JJ, and it’s nice to see a fan who admits that instead of claiming this is some great franchise when it’s not.

          • ctcowboy1968

            This team is finally moving in the right direction. Yes, JJ screwed this team up, but he in no longer running the show. More prudent football people are. I can’t disagree with the Lee and Carter picks, but Lee’s new contract is heavily incentive based. Smart move.
            You can’t just toss out everyone and field a decent team. They have been rebuilding this team the right way. Thru the draft. The OL should be one of the best in the league and make this O high powered.
            Your comments are 5 – 10 years out of date.

          • Old Frog

            Agree except I don’t believe Lee’s contract is as incentive based as you might think. If memory serves he still gets $5 million/year instead of 6 even though he’s hurt and out for the entire season. I’d rather it be half of that. Feel free to correct me if I am wrong.

          • Sensi Star

            What prudent football people are you talking about. So they aren’t taking risks in the draft anymore.

            What football person decided to make this the third year in a row someone is calling the offense.

            What football person decided to resign Romo and Lee. Who’s decision was it make Brandon Carr one of the highest paid CB’s.

            If my comments are 5-10 years out of date will you please explain these football moves that were made by these prudent football people all within the last 5 years who are supposedly running this team now.

            If we are truly moving in the right direction why is Garrett on the sidelines with even less power. Why is he even here if his greatest asset is calling plays. Which he’s not responsible for anymore.

            Please explain how these prudent football people fielded the 3rd worst defense in NFL history. Have you read the article we are commenting on.

            “Cowboys sign LB who has retired multiple times.”

            Prudent football people wouldn’t put themselves in a position where they need this guy.

            I’m not the one 5-10 years out of date. You are. Just like most Cowboy fans who have been saying the same thing your saying for the last 10-15 years.

        • ctcowboy1968

          The Ravens are not as good as your think. Yes, they had one good run to the SB. Beyond that they haven’t done much.

          • truthbetold

            The ravens are a respected organization and they’re always in the mix. They struggled last season, but they are not a train wreck like the cowboys.

  • BradAustin

    Sometimes you just gotta find the right fit at the right time in someone’s life and miracles do happen. An Alabama guy will certainly relate to the southern Texas environment in that aspect. Not many defensive players wouldn’t love to play for Rod Marinelli…the players love the guy. And there’s a slight chance the guy has finaly reached the place in his life where he’s matured some. We so quickly forget most of these young NFL guys are still kids basically. Mid-20′s doesn’t always relate to being responsible in the least.

    Anyway, point is Dallas is getting a free look to see if all those stars align and a beneficial union takes place. And if not, oh well, didn’t hurt to look. I’d rather have McClain who has talent pushing offensive guys to work harder than some camp body would. If that’s the only purpose he serves is to be a talented camp body then is cut…great, He helped our practices be tougher.

    Any benefit he can produce in any way is a win for Dallas. And if none is given, there is zero harm done and we part ways. Where’s the desperation in that? People will always hate on the Cowboys for anything…even taking a free look at a talented ballplayer who once produced in the right situation. This is how teams find diamonds in the rough. They take free looks each and every year in hopes the stars align for a guy…most don’t, but every now and then…

    • RC

      Excellent critique Brad!!! I agree with everything you said… I also think having Will McClay aboard is/are going to pay enormous dividends for us in the long run…

  • mitch Monteith

    Nice to find an article that says what I have been thinking. Sometimes the media can be a little Cowboy hater.