Nov 28, 2013; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant (88) spikes the ball after scoring a touchdown in the third quarter against the Oakland Raiders at AT&T Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Tap The Brakes On Dez Bryant’s Extension

At this moment, no new contract has been finalized for two of the Cowboys best players, left tackle Tyron Smith and receiver Dez Bryant. I know that the extension for Smith will come through and it is well deserved. Smith turned into one of the best tackles in the league and is still at such a young age. He can be trusted with the big-time money. Bryant on the other hand worries me a little if the Cowboys were to offer him a big time contract.

Yes, Bryant is one of the most gifted receivers in the league right now and his athleticism is just glorious. Standing at 6’2 and weighing 222 lbs, the guy is an absolute beast when it is time to play football. He can beat almost any corner in the league one on one, he has great speed and quickness, and he has the strength to outplay any defender. He has huge hands and a great vertical to help him catch any pass that is thrown his way. This is a guy that you want on your football team. Unfortunately, there are other things about Bryant that worry you as a fan.

Up until the 2012 season, Bryant was not performing at all neat the level he is at now. He would routinely take off plays and it was pretty obvious he didn’t understand most of the playbook. We would see dominant performances in the first half of games, followed by a complete disappearance in the second half. In fact, it was not until the second part of the 2012 season that Bryant broke out for a career year. This past season was great overall, but his impact was really felt in the first part of the season.

He is a polarizing player because you see the talent and potential to become one of the all-time great players, but he is wasting it away with his immaturity and laziness. Let Dez prove to the front-office that he can be fully committed to the Cowboys and show them some production this season.

Back in 2006, starting Cowboys quarterback, Tony Romo took over the reins of the offense and led the team on a magical playoff run. While at the time Romo-fever was high, the Cowboys waited until he proved himself the next season to award him an extension. It wasn’t until the first few games of the 2007 season that Romo finally inked a deal. This can work for Dez as well.

So let the season play out and see what Dez you will get. Then you will know if number 88 is truly worth the big bucks.

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  • Jay

    This guy’s dumb…Romo played only ten games in 06 and was an undrafted free agent….of course the cowboys would wait. Dez was a first round pick…who according to the expert here waited until 2012 to start making hay. Considering he was only drafted the previous year that would make sense. If I had any reservations about signing Bryant this season it would only be because his cap number is 1.8 million right now and that would certainly rise with a new deal. However to suggest he hasn’t proven to be worthy of a second contract is preposterous to say the least

    • Ehsan Azad

      Did I once say not too pay the man? I clearly throughout the article point out to simply wait and see how the season progressed. And I’m no expert. Thanks for reading sir.

      • Jay

        The only reason to wait on an extension is his cap friendly
        number which will absolutely rise with a new deal. There is nothing else left
        to prove. It’s not as if he’s a quarterback and has to prove he can win games.
        As an avid follower of the Cowboys I can tell you there is no question about
        his work ethic. Character questions are mostly media driven (he was asked to
        pull his pants up and this became a story. How many of us at 22 made way worse
        decisions?). What else does he need to do? Have a 110 catch 1500yd 15TD season
        while being a Saint? He’s 26 entering the prime of his career coming off 2 very
        productive season’s. That’s with all the “flaws” that you stated. Man if he get’s
        those corrected look out. If this article were more based on $$$ and cents
        instead of production, development, and work ethic it might have been a better

        • Jake

          Dude you are living in 2012, Bryant has had back to back breakrhthrough performances

          This feels like a troll it’s so ignorant

          • Ehsan Azad

            Lol, I clearly said that since midway through the 2012 season, he has been doing well. All I was saying was too wait and see how 2014 goes and then go ahead and sign him. There is no need to get a deal out so quickly.

        • Ehsan Azad

          All I was saying was that because of how thrifty the Cowboys have become all of a sudden, to automatically try to extend Dez would be a mistake. Take your time and see what he can do for you in 2014, and sigh him mid-season. There is no rush to sigh him. That is my argument, I am not denying he isn’t an elite talent.

  • Old Frog

    Other than the statement that he’s lazy, I pretty much agree wih the sentiments expressed here. Be patient and see what his production is like this year before signing an extension with big bucks and guarantees.

    • Jay

      Caveat….Price goes up with a big year….

      • Old Frog

        And maybe down with a so-so one not to mention he might get injured. After Lee, Austin, Spencer, Ratliff, Ware and even Romo, I hesitate to give any player a long term contract with big guarantees, I don’t care who he is or how great people think he plays. The risk to the team is too great…IMHO. I hope Jerry and Stephen have come to realize that patience is a virtue and keep their fingers off the trigger..

        • Jay

          I agree to an extent. Someone like Dez is truly Elite…while
          some of the other guy’s were older, good but not great, or paid based on past
          success. A franchise should only be paying their truly elite players big money.
          Anyone else is expendable including someone like Sean Lee. As much as I love
          that guy I need players who can play…doesn’t matter how productive you are when
          you’re on the field if you’re not on the field often enough to help your team
          win. Hopefully Lee is young enough to make me eat my words. Go

          • Old Frog

            This is the last year on his rookie contract so we should get the best he’s got. Let’s wait and see exactly what that is before we mortgage the team’s future any more than we have to.

          • Jay


          • bigcee23

            When he has that great yr this season and another team decides he’s worth giving up their 1&3 Rd pick then cowboy nation can’t say anything about it…. pay the man the money he deserves.why was this article even written? “Dez Bryant has a work ethic that I’ve only seen once before and that player was Michael Irvin”.He must have a really lazy work ethic and take numerous plays off for his head coach to compare him to someone like that.WOW
            COWBOYS 4 LIFE!!!

  • Juanito Juanito

    10 mill a year for bryant, becouse cowboys also need to sign smith and carter, cowboys need a home descout from is players, becouse the money is short

  • mike

    You know for the past few weeks now ive been reading nothing but great things about how Dez Bryant has improved his game and maturity on and off the field.. And how he deserves a new big contract extension which in my opinion definitely deserves. Until now,…. I got to say that I’m not surprised that someone feels like they have to say something negative about this topic ( Mr. Azad) . Everyone has a right to their opinion but to say that the cowboys should hold off on signing Dez to a long term contract because he’s lazy and immature is ridiculous and absurd. Need I remind you that we haven’t had a elite and all around wideout since Michael Irvin. He’s on the verge of having an incredible season in 2014 and I know that Jerry is not going to let that slip out of his hands this time ex.( Randy moss). But where there is greatness theres always someone there to try to bring you down… ..GOOD LUCK DEZ!!.whatever you get on your contract extension you deserve every penny. And Cowboys Nation Got Your Back. Bring the Lombardi Home..

  • Dana Wilson

    Right! The writer of this article is so two years ago!! Yea Dez has showed his a**. Even then he was still the best wideout we had. Now he may be one of the best in the league!! Yes, he can be trusted with a second contract.

  • Timothy

    This writer is absurd . Dez is one of the best in the game and he needs to get paid . He has matured right in front of your eyes . Trust me if he goes on the open market , which he says he wants to be a cowboy for life , someone will pay him and will not hesitate .

    • Ehsan Azad

      I guess no one read the actual article, all I was saying was to wait untill the season to see if he continues his great work. If so, pay the man, I am not saying not too pay the guy at all. Just wait a bit, there is no rush.