Dallas Cowboys’ HC Jason Garrett’s Seat Isn’t Even Lukewarm

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Dec 9, 2013; Chicago, IL, USA; Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett on the sidelines during the fourth quarter against the Chicago Bears at Soldier Field. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Loyalty. It’s what sports’ impotency is made of. It’s what keeps players on teams long after their talent has degraded. It’s what keeps coaches in their jobs when their system has gone stale or even when their potential has never been realized. How loyal are the Cowboys prepared to be to head coach Jason Garrett?

You have to let the past go. – HC Jason Garrett

Business and loyalty should never mix. Yet, they often do. It can pay off at times, but, seldom. It’s more likely to become the hand grenade with the pin pulled that you held for one second too long. Messy, to say the least.

I’ve been contemplating this all for awhile now. As one of Jason Garrett’s biggest detractors in the past, I never wanted him to have the interim tag removed in the first place. The more I watch him coach, though, the more I’m convinced that his mistakes are all based on inexperience. Not sure I can fault him for that.

“I look to the future with Jason and not just through his contract that we’re sitting here with right now,” Jones said. “But it is not what is implied when you say, `Well, this is an Armageddon year for him.’ It is not that with me.” says Owner/GM Jerry Jones. (via Fox Sports)

He wasn’t exactly surrounded with other coaches that had the ability and the will to speak up and challenge his bad play calling in critical moments. There was far too much “I just want to keep my job so I’ll shut up and play along” going on in Dallas. Much to the detriment of the team and us fans, Jason Garrett was pampered quite a bit.

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  • SmartThinking

    Excuses. More “what if’s,” and “if it had a been’s,” and “if only’s”.

    Garrett should never had been named HC for this Dallas team for one simple reason: he hasn’t paid his dues. There are far more capable and football management-savvy assistant coaches in this league who have been in their positions for longer than Garrett has been in coaching. His continued rookie mistakes have cost this team football games and, possibly, a division championship.

    Nothing I’ve seen or heard so far leads me to believe he’s learned anything from his elementary errors in judgment. In fact, Linehan was hired to be surgically attached to Garrett’s hip so he can keep him from making those same mistakes again. If big Jones had any sense at all, he’d move Garrett out or up. If not fire him outright, then move him into the front office and put him in charge of a department where he can’t damage the team on the field. Of course, Garrett is big Jones’ pet cat. He’s going nowhere, at least this year. Another losing season might force big Jones and his brain trust to make a different decision regarding Garrett’s future.

  • David

    If JG is so secure in Dallas then why does he not have a contract extension???

    • Old Frog

      I think there are two answers to this question. One is that Jerry wants to extend him but hasn’t decided on how long, ie, 2 years or 5 years. The second is Jason is being used as a role model for players who also have ambiguous contract situations eg., Smith and Bryant. If he can show up and coach without a contract extension, players can show up and play as well.

      • David

        Sorry but I do not think any of those are legit reasons. JG is basically a lame duck coach right now. JJ is showing little faith in him and the players will see that. His contract has nothing to do with Smith and Bryant.

        • Old Frog

          We’ll see. You are assuming that because he doesn’t have a contract in hand he is a lame duck and on his way out the door. I disagree with that assessment.

          • David

            Tell me one other coach that is in the last year of his contract. Also tell me a coach who coached under his last year contract and then got it renewed after the season.

          • Old Frog

            Another assumption that Jerry Jones does things like other GM’s when he has proven time and again he does not.

          • David

            Good god OK so when was the last time JJ had a coach at the end of his contract with no renewal..

          • Old Frog

            I get the impression you will be very disappointed if Jason gets a 5 year extension.

          • David

            Id be not happy if he got a year extension. I think his offenisve philosophy is beyond horrible…That does not even include game and clock mismanagement issues. About the only thing I think he has done well is the changing of the philosophy on drafting O-linemen in the 1st rounds..I mean other than that he has led an 8-8 team for three years straight and in two of those years he directly cost the team two division titles. So tell me why again JJ should keep him if they dont make a legit playoff run this year???

          • Old Frog

            Well, although the offense looks pretty solid this year, the defense is still very weak. The schedule is also harder than last year so I don’t expect a playoff run this year (but of course I would be happy if it happened). I think it will take another year or two. 2015 or 2016 is when it will all come together and I expect Jason to get at least a 2 year extension to give him a chance to see it through with both sides of the ball and the coaching staff built to his specifications. After that who knows. He could get fired or he could get another 5-10 years.

      • IBleedBlue

        I would tend to agree with this. JG has made plenty of mistakes to make Cowboys fans call for his head. But it seems to me Jerrah has pushed all in on him. These last few drafts have Garrett’s stamp all over them. You don’t let a guy draft his own (for the most part) players and then ship him out. I think Jerrah has finally figured out that consistency has to start at the top. He said as much when he said he shouldn’t have fired Chan Gailey as soon as he did. Not that I think Gailey would have been right for Dallas (I don’t, fwiw) but I do agree with the notion.

        If Garrett flounders this year I think he gets a 2yr deal at a nice average salary. The front office will then go into hide and seek mode as they look to who might be next in line for the job. That makes sense. But hanging a lame duck status on a coach that you’ve allowed to build his own roster basically from the ground up doesn’t do your franchise any good at all. Jerrah may be public enemy #1 for the less initiated Dallas fans but he ain’t no fool.

  • disqus_kLJwdEdnOL

    As noted by reading these and prior posts, there are a lot of fans who want Garrett fired. All I can say about that is “be careful what you wish for”. Garrett has been undermined by Jerry Jones less than any other head coach other than Jimmy Johnson and we all know what happened to him. Although Garrett has made some coaching mistakes I challenge fans to name one other head coach who hasn’t.

    • NYCowboysFan

      Amen Brother!

  • Juanito Juanito

    the real thing is, is easy for a head coach to have a gm that really know about football, garrett doesnt have one, maybe the next season will be the second season that the cowboys are garrett team, but to me he is doing the things right

  • Patrik Walker

    Great discussions.

    Simply put, I believe all Garrett has to do this year is stay out of his own way. With Linehan and Marinelli at the reigns, this is his opportunity to focus on the overall management of the team. If he can trust the (stellar) cooks in the kitchen and resist putting his own spoon in the soup, we may just shock the world this year.

    If that’s the case, I’d be full on for resigning him with the length of the new contract in direct correlation with the level of success in 2014. If not, well then, the writing is on the wall. Question is will Jerruh read it?