Dec 1, 2013; Cleveland, OH, USA; Cleveland Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden (3) has the ball stripped by Jacksonville Jaguars defensive end Jason Babin (58) during the second quarter at FirstEnergy Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Dallas Cowboys Fans Can't Be Okay With Brandon Weeden

Being a sports fan means acting and thinking irrationally. After all, fan is short for “fanatic,” so thinking straight all of the time isn’t really in the description. Fans of the Dallas Cowboys, specifically, have had to talk themselves into a lot of crazy things for the past twenty years or so, trying to see a silver lining in the current state of the team and/or the direction that it’s headed. For the most part, I can accept this and I do it myself. But I draw the line at Brandon Weeden.

Given the recent injuries to Tony Romo and the odd status of Kyle Orton, Cowboys fans have crossed a line of delusionalism (which isn’t even a real word), trying to convince themselves that the Cowboys could be okay with Weeden at quarterback, if it came down to it, which is a level of insanity that is hard to comprehend.

Weeden, a former first-round pick, is already 30 years old, and was kicked to the curb by the Cleveland Browns after showing little to no promise as a starting NFL quarterback, despite being selected with the 22nd overall pick in 2012 after a great career at Oklahoma State University.

Have you ever had a friend that dated a really hot girl (or guy, I suppose) for a while, but quickly realized that she was actually crazy after getting to know her, and cut things off as quickly as possible? Then, have you ever tried to convince yourself that maybe your friend was wrong and you should give the girl a chance, too? How often does that scenario end well? That’s pretty much what Cowboys fans are trying to do with Weeden. Weeden was the hot girl when he was coming out of college, but once the Browns got to know him, they realized their mistake and dumped him. Now, it’s 1:30 in the morning, Cowboys fans are sitting alone at the backup quarterback bar, and trying to convince themselves that Weeden isn’t so bad.

Wrong. He is.

Brandon Weeden is not a starting quarterback in the NFL. He’s not the quarterback of the future in Dallas (an even more ridiculous thought) and he isn’t a guy who fans should feel comfortable with taking meaningful snaps for their team. I’m sure he’s a very nice guy (actually I’m not sure of that at all, but there’s no reason to think otherwise, that I’m aware of), but I’ll be terrified if he has to come into a game or, God forbid, start a game, and I think you should be too.

I understand that it’s scary to think about what might happen if Tony Romo goes down, but trying to convince yourself that things will be okay with Weeden isn’t the answer either, unless you’re hoping for a Top 5 draft pick in 2015, in which case Brandon Weeden should probably be your favorite player.

Being a fan is fun, and half of the fun is being a little crazy. Far be it from me to ever tell someone else how to be a fan, but for me, there needs to be a limit on that crazy, and I draw that line at pretending things will be okay with Brandon Weeden.

Author’s note: This article should be fun to revisit after Weeden has to start 4 games and goes 3-1, sparking a quarterback controversy, which is pretty much guaranteed to happen now that I’ve written this.

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  • SmartThinking

    Weeden is a joke. And the joke’s on The Cowboys. If he’s allowed through to the regular season to play for Dallas, he’s going to screw up and screw up big right when we need it the least. It’s his nature. There are much better QB’s who can back up Romo out there than Weeden or Hanie. The money can be worked out. Just because Weeden came cheap doesn’t mean he’s worth it.

    • David

      I dont know why you are getting all worked up. If Romo goes down and can not play this year there is no back up out there that will get this team even remotely near playoff contention. I dont even think as good as Romo is they will even be in the hunt. This team is a couple of years away of drafting heavy on defense and maybe a future QB before they will be in the hunt.

      • SmartThinking

        I get “worked up,” as you so bluntly label it because all this sturm un drang over bad players and returning ex cons could have, and more importantly, should have been avoided if this team had a competent management group instead of Slappy, Dopey, Humpy and Doc running the show.

        Weeden and Hanie never should have been added to this team even as camp arms for training camp. This team needs better players, not cheaper ones. The capability, or lack thereof, of these two guys is not going to make the Dallas offense better and more prepared to face the caliber of teams on the schedule this upcoming season.

        Should, strike that, when Romo goes down and a back up comes in to guide this team, I’d kinda like to see somebody do it who has the ability to win. Orton could do that. Weeden will make it worse.

        This franchise used to represent excellence. Maybe you’re too young to know that. It pains me greatly to see the continuing day to day floundering misguidance this team has come to accept as routine.

        I’ve got news for you, bub. Romo isn’t this team’s savior. When things count the most, he repeatedly fails to measure up. But, I’ll reluctantly admit Romo offers the best case scenario for keeping this team from finishing this next season at 3-13, which is quite possible anyway.

        • David

          So its been all Romo’s fault when things have counted the most huh. It hasnt been the defenses fault, or the coachings fault? Just all Romo huh. I dont mind hammering players when they are due but honestly Romo has been the least of the problem. This team has drafted poorly and coached poorly over the last 5 years. They have finally done some nice things in the draft like placing a premium on O-lineman in the 1st round which they had never done under JJ. But the bottom line is they have overall drafted poorly on defense and refuse to have a run game. If you look at the last 5 out of 7 SB winners they all had great defenses and very good to great run games. They all also mostly had great HC’s. So I would get off the QB positions nuts and worry about other main issues for this team. But thats just my humble opinion with whats really wrong with this team.

          • SmartThinking

            Romo’s health condition is on the table and deserves discussion. His back issues cost Dallas a division championship, intended or not. It’s on him more so than the dismal defense. They were bad. But Romo was hurting a few games before he went down. Hardly play at an elite level. His ego and hubris got in the way of his best interests for the team.

            That was last year. Big Jones should have placed much more emphasis on either replacing him or backing him up with a capable number two. Weeden is not the answer. There were and are several capable, competent quarterbacks out there who can back up Romo, and step in and win when Romo goes down again. Weeden or Hanie are not in that group.

            As for the rest of your response, I’ll reserve my replies for another day.

          • David

            Please tell me the several other competent back ups who would have this team even near 8-8 if Romo goes down. Im just curious because I see no one out there that can.

          • David

            Please tell me who the several competent QB’s that would have had this team near 8-8 if Romo had gone down. I would love to see who they were and are.

          • IBleedBlue

            So, you readily admit that Orton could get it done and in the same breath lay all the burden of the team’s recent woes at management’s feet? You do remember who it was that signed Orton, right? You do recall that when he was signed pretty much every analyst and critic alike agreed that signing him was a savvy move on behalf of the Dallas front office, right? And, last but not least, you are aware that Orton is indeed under contract and it is he alone that is refusing to show up and not management’s mishandling of anything regarding the player, right?

            Please, stop being a Dallas Cowboy fan. You make the rest of us that actually pay attention look foolish. LOL at your screen name.

  • Guy Smith

    Again, Another article blaming the bad Players we sign, and Not blaming the management , which of course is Jerrah Jones..