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Dallas Cowboys ‘What Ifs’ Are Tiring

As Dallas Cowboy fans, we constantly are asking ourselves what if owner/general manger Jerry Jones and former head coach Jimmy Johnson could have set aside their massive egos and co-existed.  How many Super Bowl trophies could they have collected in the 1990s?  With the way Jimmy acquired talent, I firmly believe they could have won a couple of more during the prime years of The Triplets which included quarterback Troy Aikman, running back Emmitt Smith, and wide receiver Michael Irvin.  Even after twenty years, my blood boils when I start thinking about that time and my enragement for Jerry comes to a head for messing that holy matrimony up.

Fast forward to the current day Cowboys and I still find myself asking ‘what ifs’ with this franchise.  What if Jerry set his ego aside and found a way to keep former head coach Bill Parcells around a little longer or at least replaced him with a legitimate coach like a Sean Payton?  Instead, he replaced Parcells with two puppets in Wade Phillips and Jason Garrett. Serviceable coaches who more importantly would not cast a larger shadow over this franchise than the one set by Jerry.  I believe the Cowboys could have won at least one Super Bowl with this core group of players they have had over the last several years if they had the right coach leading them.  I disagree with all the critics who have been saying the last few years that this team just doesn’t have the talent that everyone thought they did.

How many teams in the NFL can claim to have two sure fire Hall of Famers on their roster?  The Cowboys certainly could have the last several years in defensive end DeMarcus Ware and tight end Jason Witten.  Add to that a top 10 quarterback in Tony Romo, a former wide receiver who probably should be in the Hall of Fame in Terrell Owens, a current wide receiver who is among the league’s best in Dez Bryant, and the premier left tackle in Tyron Smith.  The Cowboys have definitely had their share of talent.

That is only to name a few but I’m clearly excluding past and present talented players like DeMarco Murray, Jason Hatcher, Anthony Spencer, Bradie James, Andre Gurode, Jay Ratliff and the list goes on.  Never mind the players that have left and played well in the league for other teams. Do players like Martellus Bennett, Chris Canty, Stephen Bowen, and yes, even Terence Newman ring a bell?  All of those players have made significant contributions on their new teams after moving on from the Cowboys.

That just goes to show that the coaches on the Cowboys didn’t create the optimal environment for them to succeed.  Sure, they have had some holes on their roster over the years but every team nowadays does.  The Green Bay Packers won a Super Bowl with an average at best offensive line only a few years ago.

Who knows how many Super Bowls the Cowboys could have won in the 90s if Jimmy stayed around or if we had the right man to replace Parcells in 2007? We can only ask ‘what if’?

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  • true cowboys fan

    Its not “what ifs” its more like WHY WHY did i even waste my time reading this crap GO COWBOYS ! ! True Cowboys Fan for Life

    • LandryHat

      Please avoid these kinds of statements in the future. If you disagree with an article, and take the time to leave a comment about it, at least try to be part of the discussion and explain why you disagree with it. Calling an article crap isn’t participating in the conversation. It’s trolling.

  • NYCowboysFan

    Lost my respect as soon as you called Garrett a puppet. This team is on the right track with the last 3 year’s draft picks, and that is all Garrett. We are getting younger and better. It’s going take a lot to clean up the mess left by Wade and Jason is the guy to do it.

    • ctcowboy1968

      I wouldn’t put “this mess” on Wade. Not sure he was part of drafting or trading. The mess witch includes drafting, trading and cap mess is on JJ.
      I agree that this team is heading in the right direction.

  • Old Frog

    What if we had the right coach? What if we had a meaningful article to read first thing Saturday morning?

  • chesney

    Everyone says the same thing. We are rebuilding rubbish. What about JG’s record against winning teams? That is the mark of a good coach. Stop making excuses. It’s been 3.5 year already. Our patience have worn thin.

    • Old Frog

      The offense will be fine now and going forward. The defense is still pretty weak. Give it a couple more years. Parity and mismanaging the cap is hard to overcome.

    • NYCowboysFan

      We aren’t rebuilding…we are getting rid of the dead weight, drafting their replacements, and re-loading.

      • ctcowboy1968

        With all due respect, that’s rebuilding. It’s semantics. Reload. Rebuild. No difference.

    • ctcowboy1968

      What is his record against winning teams?

  • Kyle L.

    Are we sure The Landry Hat isn’t secretly a member of the Bleacher Report family? At the very least, Bleacher Report is where THL gets their inspiration from.

  • disqus_kLJwdEdnOL

    He could have summed this entire article up in about one sentence. What if Jerry Jones had not made so many management mistakes? What is unfortunate is that the jury is still out. I don’t believe for one second that the improved management will last as long as Jerry Jones is at the helm. Some day somebody will step on his toes and everything gained will go down the tube.

  • Greg Hill

    It is apparent that the majority of cowboy fans aren’t ready to hear the cold hard facts about what’s wrong with the team after over a decade of underachievement. Like an alcoholic who believes they can stop drinking. Loyalty is one thing but enough is enough.