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Cowboys Tony Romo Said What?

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo’s comments have stirred the media pot this week with his statement about former San Francisco quarterback Joe Montana winning two Super Bowls and legendary Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman also won a Super Bowl after having the same back surgery as Romo.    Romo is quoted as saying :

I’ll be able to play for a while,” Romo said during an NFL Network interview, via the Dallas Morning News. “There are way too many cases where you see people come back; Troy Aikman had it – they won a Super Bowl the same season. Joe Montana comes back and wins two Super Bowls. They had the same surgery.


A simple statement that has Dallas fans, the media and non fans alike misconstruing his statement as he is comparing himself to be as good as the great quarterbacks.  We won’t go quite that far but the funny thing about this is as it has been stated numerous times, Romo could potentially “run with the big dogs” and compete.  He owns many of the Dallas Cowboys records at the quarterback position but Romo hasn’t been given much to work with after current head coach Jason Garrett took over as play caller.   Now it seems all that is finally changing for Romo.  Word out of OTA’s and mini camps are that newly drafted wide receiver Devin Street and Cole Beasley are making people’s heads turn.  Beasley has pretty much been a solid starter even if there are some fans who still can’t forgive him for “quitting” during his rookie year.   Beasley is probably one of the better route running wide receivers on the squad and he has rarely disappointed the fans except for a drop ball in the Green Bay game last year.  Aside from that, he’s been there and has become an intricate part of the Dallas receiving corps.


Now as it has been in seasons past, this season will once again depend on the health, agility and leadership of Tony Romo.  Lots of questions will remain until the season starts as to whether Romo’s back will survive another season, if the Cowboys organization filled the remaining holes on the offensive line to give Romo time to find open receivers down field and most importantly whether or not the play callers will utilize the run game more often this season.  Every Dallas fan and most especially Romo fans will be holding their collective breath during pre-season (if Romo plays) and most importantly in the first game of the season.  As nice as it is to hear confidence from Romo and good reports coming out of Dallas, Cowboys fans are all about actions and no longer about words.  As it has been, the Cowboys will ride or die with Romo.


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  • Scott.

    Exactly, he was not comparing himself to Montana or Aikman, he obviously meant and stated that they had success after the surgery. I saw the interview on Nfln and it was obvious what he meant. Just the media hating again.

  • disqus_kLJwdEdnOL

    The media and politician type personalities love to spin anything they can. What they seem to not know is that it is disgusting and makes them look like they have no common sense.

  • Guy Smith

    Put Romo on a team like Seattle, and I Still believe he would find a way to choke again..Remember the Denver game when the final result was in his hands and what does he do INT

    • aprado

      Yes genius manning also had one pick and Romo had better stats that game. If you haven’t noticed allot of qbs do that just nobody gets the heat the way he does. Farve against the saints. Manning against the pats alot if times. Kap vs the hawks and so on.

    • DaBoys4life

      Romo threw for over 500 yards that game and lost Russell Wilson threw just over 200 and won. what do you think determined the outcome of those games? The DEFENSE not the interception!!

  • Adrian Meli

    Come on, cut the guy some slack!

  • Say What?

    “Word out of OTA’s and mini camps are that newly drafted wide receiver Devin Street and Cole Beasley are making people’s heads turn.”

    Really? Could you please be more specific? Perhaps you could actually reference where this “word” came from, or am I supposed to believe that you somehow have some personal, inside connection with the Cowboys, coaches, scouts, and staff?

    Could you be more specific when referencing people’s heads turning? Does that mean they have been
    running good routes, catching everything in sight, blowing by defenders, or are the heads turning because they are so awful?

    The reason I bring this up is because I follow the Cowboys everyday and read everything I can coming out of OTA’s and minicamp and I have never read this “word” you speak of about Street and Beasley making “heads turn.” I have read that Street made one good, diving catch and I have read about
    Beasley being moved outside some and he said that he is learning more of the route tree. That’s it. As far as “turning heads,” I haven’t read it. I also would think it odd that Beasley would all of sudden be
    “turning heads” after three years on the team now. The staff should already know what he is about, unless he suddenly grew a foot, added 50lbs, and developed elite speed in the offseason. That would certainly make “heads turn.”

    So, please reference your “newsworthy claims” with a link or at least a reference to who made the claim and what the actual claim was, rather than a vague comment like, “making heads turn.” Otherwise, I am left scratching my head as to whether this claim is actually grounded in reality or if it is just something
    dreamed up by an overzealous writer?

    I guess what I’m saying is that there is no substance to this article. The title is “Cowboys Tony Romo Said What?” And you answered that question with the quote that I have already read over the past few days. However, the title implies that what he said was something crazy and what he said was very matter of fact and factual. So, are you trying to create drama out of nothing? If so, I hear ESPN is hiring. Then, the rest of the article basically adds nothing except to say that the “word” is players are making “heads turn” and that, “it has been stated numerous times, Romo could potentially ‘run with the big dogs’ and compete.” First of all, I have no idea what that even means and, once again, there is no reference as to who has stated this “numerous times.” Romo competes every time he is on the field and who are these “big dogs” and how do you run with them?

    I’m tired of wasting my time reading articles about my Cowboys that have no substance, that make wild claims, that have incorrect facts, and that show me that the author doesn’t truly know the Cowboys and is just spitting out a piece of “journalism” so they can see their name on the internet and they can tell people they are a sports journalist. If this was the first time I have seen an example of this on this site and others, I would not have wasted my time writing this, but I have had enough.

    • Truf

      Yeah, what he said!

    • Bradley Boosh

      Wow, way to write a book over you getting butt hurt and upset over nothing.

    • Bradley Boosh

      Your worse than a whiney little girl. This book you wrote as a comment is nothing but nonsense. Really looks like you have no life.

  • Malcolm Currie

    Lol, Beasley one of the best route runners on the team? He only runs two routes, a square in and square out!!!

  • NYCowboysFan

    Romo has better stats than Montana AND Aikman. It takes more than 1 guy to win a Super Bowl. If Tony and Troy changed places in their careers, Tony would have won more Super Bowls. Anyone who disagrees is an idiot and complete moron.

    • VadaPinson

      Thanks Internet Fascist who knows that Stats are the only thing that matters in regards to how good a QB is!
      SO you can for sure claim that if Romo and his mistake prone ways…..even with all his great stats…..Playing in an era where the passing rules have been liberated even more to the point that even mediocre QB’s can throw for 300 yards….. but he for sure would have won more SB’s than Montana and Aikman.

      Everyone tells us that the Cowboys have some of the best talent in the NFL for the last 5 years YET know you are saying he does not have the talent around him to succeed?
      Defense was terrible last year but prior to that it was enough to have a bunch of Pro Bowlers.
      The offense ….are you going to say is not talented enough?

      Have you checked Montana’s playoff stats…..especially with the 1981 49′ers or 1993 Chiefs?
      Check out how talent those teams had.

      I doubt you have since you are NOT an Idiot or a Moron and you do not need to fact check anything to know you are right.

      1981 SF had Ricky Patton with 542 yards as their leading rusher. This is when teams still ran the ball almost as much as they threw it, especially when you were winning, which that year they were when they went 13-3. Earl Cooper was next with 330 yards. AND people complain that Romo does not have help in the running game?
      Dwight Clark was their WR threat and Freddie Solomon was their only deep threat. Wealth of talent all over on offense huh?

      In regards to Aikman…… the guy had help…obviously….but when he was called upon he did not make the constant mistakes that Romo does. BUT sure…. Romo is clearly better in your eyes and Aikman was just lucky enough to be along for the ride….like Ringo was for the Beatles or John Paul Jones for Led Zeppelin.

      Thanks Internet Cool Shades Guy for letting me know.

      • Mike Dougherty

        Well, you finally get it. Great analogy with Ringo and JPJ. GO COWBOYS .

        • VadaPinson

          Every Super Bowl winner has a 3rd wheel that is over valued and then given more credit than he probably deserved.
          Russell Wilson, who I like as a QB and person, would probably be that one player at this time.
          You are welcome. Thanks for leading me out of the darkness.