Four Final Points Before Cowboys Head To Camp

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Oct 1, 2012; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys running back DeMarco Murray (29) is pursued by Chicago Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher (54) during the first quarter at Cowboys Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports


Sean Lee is out for the year with a torn ACL.  In other news, water is wet and nachos taste good.  In what has become the annual frustrating game of “insert blank injury” which causes Lee to miss “insert various timeframe,” Dallas is down their best linebacker and best overall defender in a position that lacks both depth and ability.  With only one other player on the roster that has more five years of experience, it is natural to wonder about the possibilities of bringing in a veteran.  One name has seemed to surface more than any other.  That belonging to eight time Pro Bowler and four-time All-Pro Brian Urlacher… and if it was eight years ago or even four, that would be a great consideration.

Unfortunately, Urlacher is now 36 years old.  He did not play in all of 2013 and his 2012 campaign did not exactly light the world on fire.  Less than 70 tackles and only two forced fumbles and one interception would not be worth the progress stoppage his presence would bring.  This is a situation that the Cowboys seem to be playing well.  Let the young guys play and see what happens.  Nobody in free agency is going to come in and make any kind of significant difference.  What Dallas really needs is for Bruce Carter to finally become worthy of his second round draft status.  What will be ultimately the best thing for guys like Kyle Wilber, Anthony Hitchens and DeVonte Holloman is to get tons of playing time and learn through the inevitable mistakes.  Hopefully they become quality depth options at minimum as Dallas tries to improve this unit through high draft picks and/or premiere free agent moves going forward.  For 2014 though, the Cowboys should go with what they have.

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  • SmartThinking

    You raise an alarmingly real argument that there are so many question marks on both sides of the Dallas ball, that no one really knows what’s in store for this team. It’s a Jekyll and Hyde scenario.

    On one hand the glass-half-fuller’s say this team is better equipped to face the much-deeper, much-better teams on this year’s schedule.

    The other hand says, OMG!!!! We’re all gonna die!!!

    I’m a pragmatist. Every time I think this team has reached rock bottom and is ready to make its move back up, somebody opens a trap door. Exhibit A of that scenario is the Sean Lee matter.

    Then, you have to pay attention to the schedule … one of the toughest this team has faced in years.

    I’m not sure training camp is going to resolve that question. There are so many new faces and fewer weeks to find a place for the winners, I think most of training camp will be about who beats out who for the positions available. All the other winner teams with solid players in place will be spending their time cementing their game plans during this same critical period.

    I’ll consider another 8-8 year and a run for the division championship as a winning season for this team. But I can’t help feeling that, at any time, Mr. Hyde could raise his ugly face and the whole thing could turn out even worse than last year.