Dear Dallas Cowboys: Enough is Enough.

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Dec 23, 2012; Arlington, TX, USA; New Orleans Saints cornerback Brandon Carr (39) reacts on the bench after an overtime loss against the Dallas Cowboys at Cowboys Stadium. The Saints beat the Cowboys 34-31 in overtime. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports


Let’s cut the crap. We’re fed up with these Dallas Cowboys. Every single one of us. This drought has gone on long enough. It’s gotten to the point that Cowboys’ Nation itself is divided on how to repair our beloved team. Some say the problem is Cowboys’ Owner/GM Jerry Jones. (Many) others point at our quarterback, Tony Romo. Then there’s the faction that says it’s the defense. Well, which is it?

I’ll tell you which one it is. It’s you. It’s me. It’s her and it’s him. It’s all of us. It’s every single Dallas Cowboys’ fan that has purchased any type of merchandise or watched a single game since our last Super Bowl victory (in the mid-1990s). Yes, it’s terribly easy to point the blame at others. Heck, there’s even a facet of truth in whichever of the aforementioned you choose to blame.

I’m starting to forget what winning feels like.-Upset Cowboys fan via Twitter

However, that being said, there’s also some truth in turning our proverbial fingers back around at ourselves. Never one to hide from introspection, I gave this some serious thought over the past few Dallas Cowboys’ seasons. I’ve pondered not the “why” (do I put up with such deep pain consecutive Decembers), but, rather the “what” (can I as a fan do about it)? The answer is an ugly one, so brace yourselves.

Stop supporting the Dallas Cowboys. You heard me. You wanted the truth, here it is. Sure, it’s about as gruesome as watching two camels kiss. I concede to that. It’s also about as likely as me getting my dog to drive me to work tomorrow. I get that. Allow me to expound a tad as to not let you stray from my point here. Stick with me kid, we’re going places.

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  • Alfredo

    Patrick walker you are not a true fan who bleeds blue and silver. I love my team for what it was, what it now is and for what it will be. The problem with the cowboys is all you fans that expect perfection on the field. IT DOES NOT EXIST! Ya’ll should be ashamed of yourself.

    • Patrik Walker

      Thanks for your read and your comment, Alfredo. This was/is more of a vent from a fan that doesn’t expect perfection, but, does expect progress. To admit I’ve not suffered frustration is not realistic. This article is a direct result of it.

      A Super Bowl every year? I don’t require nor expect it. I do expect a competitive team, though. I’m sure you do as well.

      Also, please note the humor that underlies the article (particularly in the final page). It’s more so a fan (me) poking fun at my own frustration and stating the obvious: money drives change.

      However, it also contains a staunch defense of how I will always support them regardless of their current state and how I expect others to do the same. I was here at 1-15 and I’m certainly not leaving at 8-8.

      My articles are actually the most optimistic of most Cowboys’ writers. I invite you to delve into the others as well. Hopefully, it’ll give you a more robust picture of my fandom.

      Thanks and go Cowboys.

      - Patrik

      • ✭ YoYo ✭

        If you are true fan , you expect more AND want more from your team each season!! We all get pissed and disappointed when our team doesn’t do well. We all threaten to be done. but, when your blood bleeds silver and blue.. the Cowboys will have your heart til the end. Great article !! From beginning to END!!


  • NYCowboysFan

    ANYONE who blames Romo is a complete idiot and is sadly deluded. He has been a top QB in this league for a long time. His TD/INT ratio over the past 3 seasons is 3rd among active QB’s…only Brady and Rogers are better. There is plenty of blame to go around to everyone, but Romo may be responsible for about 1-2% of it. Jerry Jones wants to win as much if not more than any other owner. He is just going about it the wrong way. But it looks like he is starting to change the way he does things. Since Garrett became head coach, Jerry has given him more of a voice than he has any other coach since Jimmy. Jason will have this team ready to go and will be very competitive this year because he finally has been able to draft some interior lineman that will help this team.

    • Patrik Walker

      Well said, sir. Well said.

      Feel free to read my Romo piece as well. It mirrors your sentiment wholeheartedly.

      Go Cowboys.


  • Ced/Big C

    If no 1 feels you….Rest assured I do *pause*….. i promise my Cowboys are purposely making sure I live a short life….least that’s how it feels at times….but I look 4 ward to the day when it’s all worth it….cuz I definitely ain’t going no where

    • Patrik Walker

      Me neither. For a zebra doesn’t choose nor can he change his stripes.

      Go Cowboys.


  • Bee™

    So not only does this article offer a quick class on economics but it also sheds light on the life of your average Dallas Cowboys fan. We want change! We know something must be done! We’ve considered the boycott route. But let’s be honest… the games draw us in. The merchandise is second to none. And it’s AMERICA’S TEAM! Through the good, the bad, and the 1-15 ugly, SOME of us are here for the long haul. I’ve got a feeling this season will be different from others. It’s time to break up the monotony. The front office knows there must be some shaking and shifting out at Valley Ranch. They can’t afford another 8-8 season. Patrik is right – it’s easy to place the blame on this one or that one. Everyone plays a part. Hopefully, we’ll see success this time around. HOW BOUT THEM COWBOYS?!

    • Patrik Walker

      The shake up has occurred and I believe the winds are a’changing. Even if they weren’t, I’d still be here. Thanks for doing the full read to get the full picture.

      Now let’s go shock the world.

      Go Cowboys.


  • Elaine Cortez

    Ok it’s like you’re in my head!! As I was reading, my questions pop in my head, then you answer them. I loved everything you said. Ugly but true. I also said I would not watch this season. Then was quickly drawn back by my hubby. Tasted ugly the second I said it. Win or lose The Dallas Cowboys are OUR BOYS.

    • Patrik Walker

      Much obliged madam for reading the entire piece to get the full thought process, frustration, and (most importantly) the laden fan-struggle humor.

      Go Cowboys.


  • cowboys1082288

    Well you can quite on the cowboys if you want, but as for me I’m buying stock in Jason Garrett.He finally has his own staff not Jerry’s he’s building the team right.Everybody can say what they want about our defense but I don’t put the blame on them as much as I do therunning game.When teams new we were gonna run they could stop the run unlike in the 90s.The main problem with the cowboys has been closing games and to do so they needeed to rebuild the o line wich they did now they need to hand the ball off to #29 just like they did to #22 .Go ahead and quite before it gets good that’s what all Fairweather do

    • Patrik Walker

      FYI: There’s a page 3 to this article. Thanks for reading it as well.


      Go Cowboys.


    • Greg Hill

      I well never quite on the cowboys becauze me not Fairweather. Wich is butter then bean a eagle plan?

  • Earl Robertson

    Good article and it is true I want to quit the Cowboys about the 2 nd week in Dec or the game they blow a huge lead in the 4th quarter but about mid March when they start talking about the draft I am everything Cowboys! I am tired of this 20 years of losing and I know Jerry is too blame for it from 1997 to 2003 then from 2007 to about 2011. However I think something has change, the organization has been making moves that you see the Steelers or Pats make. Positive things are happening just sad it took this long!!