Dec 29, 2013; Arlington, TX, USA; Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Jason Avant (81) is tackled by Dallas Cowboys free safety Barry Church (42) in the second quarter at AT&T Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Can The Dallas Cowboys Beat The Eagles?

The Dallas Cowboys must beat the Philadelphia Eagles in 2014. I’m not just talking about in our two divisional games. I’m talking about in the fight for the NFC East title. When you break down the NFC East, Philadelphia is the team to beat. I doubt the Cowboys will do well enough to get a wildcard spot in the playoffs. So winning the NFC East is what they must focus on. To win the NFC East, the Cowboys need to beat the Eagles.

The most obvious step to winning the NFC East is to win divisional games. The Dallas Cowboys did a good job last year in the division, going 5-1. Unfortunately the one loss against the Eagles cost us a trip to the playoffs. The matches against the Eagles will be very important. At the very least, we need to split them 1-1. We will also need to do well against the Redskins and Giants. It’d be ideal to be at least 3-1 against them. In order for the Cowboys to have a chance, they need to at least have a 4-2 division record.

Of course, there are 10 other games outside of the division. We need to win those games as well. In order to do so, we need to have a defense. The defense doesn’t need to be good, but it needs to find ways to help us win. Last year, they were a huge liability. This year they probably won’t be much better. They will still give up a ton of yards, but there may still be other ways for them to contribute. Turnovers will be the key. Last year the Cowboys defense was able to turnover the ball and gave it back to the offense. This kept the Cowboys competitive. We don’t need our defense to be elite, but they need to be able to give us a fighting chance. By focusing on turnovers, we can stay in the game.

Lastly, we need our unknowns to overachieve. I’m looking at our defensive line of Tyrone Crawford, DeMarcus Lawrence, Henry Melton, and Jeremy Mincey to exceed expectations. No one is giving these guys a chance, but in reality they all have the potential to play at a high level. We need Anthony Hitchens, Morris Claiborne, Bruce Carter, DeVonte Holloman, and J.J. Wilcox to step up. These guys are young hungry defenders that are looking to redeem themselves from last year poor performance. On offense we need Murray to have a healthy season, Escobar to start producing, and Williams to ball across from Dez.

This is a talented team and they can match up against the Eagles and beat them for the NFC East crown. However, they need to put it all together. We need our young players to step up. We need our coaches to adjust. And we just need a bit of luck to go our way. The NFC East is up for grabs, but the battle won’t be easy. Will the Cowboys be able to step up and claim the title?


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  • Hipster Eagle

    As an Eagles fan, allow me to retort.

    1) Dallas has almost no chance to grab the East this year. Where the Eagles, Redskins, and Giants (to some degree) all improved their rosters, Dallas hemorrhaged talent on the defensive side of the ball, and did little to replace it. Their defense very may well be worse than last year.

    2) Dallas will be going through some growing pains this year with the new coordinators. With all of the staff/coaching changes, you have to worry about how well the team can transition.

    3) Chip F*cking Kelly. The second rookie head coach in history to take a team to the playoffs in his first year in the league, and the first to do it with a team that was a dumpster fire the year before. Year 2 in his scheme will only bring about improved results.

    4) And of course, the reason we all know: Dallas sucks.

    Fly Eagles Fly.

    • Jim

      To retort Dipster eagle:
      1- we are in second yr of new defense and Marinelli is at the helm
      2- no growing pains…just better coaches
      3 – if you use the second yr argument for Kelly, it works for our second yr in the new defense
      4- 5 Super Bowl victories! Most NFC championships. Only team with 20 straight wining seasons. Most SB appearances. Made playoffs 30 times in 53 years. Wealthiest team. Yeah, dallas doesn’t suck if you think about. Then again, you don’t have a brain

      • Cowboyssuck

        -Second year in the worst defense in football.
        -Past doesn’t mean anything, what have they done lately?

        • Jim

          They rebuilt their offensive line for Romo, who has the highest passing % in NFL history. Defense will be better then last yr with Marinelli, plus it won’t matter with Romo to Dez all day long. this offense is goin to rock when Romo has all day to pass. sprinkle in the fact that they plan to run he ball more which will open up the pass.

        • Hipster Eagle

          Yeah, the 90′s were great for Dallas. Unfortunately, its 2014, the Boys are coming off their third consecutive 8-8 season, and they’ve lost a sizeable amount of their impact players.

          Luckily you still have Jerry Jones :)

      • Hipster Eagle

        Wealthiest team? Where was all that wealth when you lost Ware and Hatcher to free agency? I don’t have the numbers on me right now, but I’m actually quite sure Dallas is in the bottom 10 of NFL wealth.

        And not this “oh, my franchise is worth 100 billion” talk. You do not own the team. The amount of money its worth is irrelevant.

        • Cowboysfan

          Firstly, It’s called cap room. And the Cowboys are worth more than any other NFL team and only few other sports teams are worth more (Yankees, Real Madrid, etc.)

      • Fire Jerry

        Hate to say this, bro, but our team has sucked ever since Parcells left town. Why did he leave? In my opinion, Parcells will never call out Jerry publicly. Nonetheless, I told all my Cowboys friends and fans that Parcells was gone at the end of the year the day they announced that Jerry signed the media nightmare/headcase T.O. A media circus (which Dallas epitomizes) will always result in organizational failure regarding long-term performance.

    • Michael Jordan

      I’ll also retort. Hipster eagle says the eagles had a dumpster roster and a new coach at the helm while trying to solidify a point that the Cowboys have no chance this year because of a dumpsters roster and new coaches… Can you smell the contradiction? When trying to bash the cowboys chances because they have a depleted roster and new coaching you don’t mention the success you’re team had with a “Dumpster roster” and rookie coach “Chip Kelly”. That took the wind out of you’re argument, as you reminded everyone that teams can prevail against the odds like you’re eagles did… Although… the eagles got smashed and dragged and demoralized all over their home field by the Cowboys before half the team was out with injury, and when the Cowboys were benched and the ones that were not were limping, the Eagles still barely won the last game. Chip Kelly was out coached and the Cowboys had the game in their hands until the interception, yes the eagles won, but Chip Kelly, Nick Files, have nothing to do with that victory as they both failed to show up… You can thank your DB what’s his face who stole the game… The truth in the matter… If it takes a DB to stretch out and steal a game to grasp a win, you’re team is not contender material as the chances of that happening every game are slim to none. Point being, it ta

      • Hipster Eagle

        There is a major difference between a head coach change and a DC change. Also, Philly didn’t go 4-12 in 2012 due to lack of talent. The blame rested in Coach Reid’s hands (and to injuries as well). But please, talk to me about Dallas’ deep pools of talent. Maybe we can discuss your GM and Sean Lee’s health too.

    • aaron

      Did u not see the feagles best offensive weapon behind lesean left to go to Washington. Chip suck Kelly never won anything in college but had all the talent in the world. There defense sucks an Orton a play away from beating them last yr an he is a back up w a bunch of know names on Dallas defense. Cowboys for life Dallas will b fine theyhave tthe 2nd youngest roster overhaul in the d good o line an young best wr in the game at least top 5 a good Rb an elite qb at 34 an some dam good new coordinators gonna b a good yr in big D

      • Hipster Eagle

        I would have so much to say about this, if only I could understand what it was you wrote.


    • Beagle Fan

      You forgot to mention the biggest reason why Dallas won’t win~~ JJ

  • Manny B.

    The Cowboys got worse this offseason. Romo is 34 with back issues and 1 playoff win. The Eagles will win the division easily next year. They’re the only team in the division that can actually compete with the other power teams in the NFC. Cowboys need to rebuild

    • Jim

      He had surgery to fix the back problem. No more back issue.

      • Beagles fan

        What about his “HEAD” issues?????

    • David

      LOL..Thats why they got bounced at home in the1st round by one of the worst road playoff teams. The iggles lose in Dallas if Romo plays at the end of the year. Tell me how many playoff teams did Foles beat last year. One, the Packers playing without Rodgers. So please spare me on how much better the iggles are in a weak division because they are not.

      • Manny B.

        The Eagles beat the cardinals, lions, packers, all teams the cowboys lost to also matt Flynn lit the cowboys up and megatron and the bears receivers had record numbers on the defense. The Eagles are superior at every position. Nick Foles – 27 TDs 2 INT, 24 years old no surgeries. Romo – 2 back surgeries in 1 year, 3 consecutive 8-8 seasons, 34 years old, 1 playoff win, not clutch, and has the worst contract in the NFL. Please the cowboys will have a top 5 pick in next years draft.(:

        • David

          And yet they barely beat a team without Romo. Did you miss the part where I said the division is weak. And are you really going to tout beating the Cardinals, Lions and Packers. The Cardinals was about the only impressive win that you mentioned. The Packers win was without Rodgers so please dont try and tout that win. Take your homer glasses off. There is no team in the East that is even close to competing for the NFC crown. Not even your beloved iggles…But its nice you come in to a Cowboys blog and post your homerism…Its good comical stuff..

          • Manny B.

            No need to get salty. The Eagles beat some quality teams. If Nick Foles would’ve started the whole season, the team would’ve won at least 11 games (should’ve beat the chargers) but I consider myself a knowledgeable fan of football so I come on here to debate, no need to get your feathers ruffled, just wanna see peoples opinions and thoughts and express my own.

          • David

            I am not getting my feathers ruffled at all. But when you come in here and say the Cowboys got worse in the offseason shows your ignorance to the Cowboys. If you think they got worse because they let Ware and Hatcher walk well then you are misguided. Melton is replacing Hatcher and will be as good or better. Ware’s health is in decline and the Cowboys will save 25 mil over the next two years by his release. He will be good for the Broncos because he is going back to his natural position of OLB. In the draft Dallas got the best guard and their O-line should be one of the best in the NFC. Now I do think Dallas defense will still be beyond bad and unless JG runs the fn ball they will not finish better than 8-8 again. But again my point is that no team in the East is even close to the top NFC teams and the Iggles better hope that Foles is the real deal after teams have had an off season to study tape on him. The best way to protect him is keep running Shady…

  • David

    There is no one in this weak division that is so supreme. Not even the iggles. I for one am not sold on Foles and he could easily be just an average qb this year. Its not like he beat a bunch of quality teams last year. If the Iggles run game is good as usual and thier defense is improved I dont see a team that will beat them for the East crown. But its not like they are a legit NFC Champ threat.

  • rwangen

    Eagle fans must be forgetting the beat down the Cowboys laid on them last year in Philly and the fact that they barely beat a completely crippled Dallas team with a backup QB in the final game of the season. Oh yes, one more important note, the Eagles lost their game breaking WR D. Jackson.

    • Hipster Eagle

      “Game breaking”

      An excellent joke, sir.

  • Fire Jerry

    It’s not rocket science. We’ll only be able to claim anything if Jerry keeps the team and himself as far away from the media as possible. However, we all know that isn’t happening. Jerry’s only concern has always been about marketing and cash flow. Any fool can see that the only teams that win are the ones who have a concerted effort to keep distractors to a minimum, and the Jerry philosophy has always been back asswards regarding this!

  • Cowboysfan

    Everybody seems to forget that Dallas came very close to winning 11 games. Last minute interceptions lost us the Broncos and Eagles games, and the Packers game was sealed away at half time but the offense didn’t run out the clock and the defense couldn’t stop the Packers.

  • Victor Bracamontez

    This post is a joke. Dallas’ defensive line has 19 different starters last year due to injury, had the 32nd ranked defense in the league and they STILL owned the east. You eagle fans crack me up. Of course your qb and offensive scheme worked; no one had any game film to prepare for them. New year though kids. Oh, did I mention Dallas has a revamped offensive line and running back options. Keep LeSean. When he gets hurt because of his heavy work load, don’t come crying.