Without Moving Carter Inside, Cowboys Will Suffer

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May 21, 2013; Irving, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys linebacker Sean Lee (50) takes a break during organized team activities at Dallas Cowboys Headquarters. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

With Sean Lee’s season ending ACL injury suffocating the collective breath of Cowboys Nation, a feeling of doom and gloom has overwhelmed OTA’s.

Lets make no bones about it, the MLB spot is a crucial driving force in the center of the 4-3 defense.  He patrols the run game like no other defender, and prohibits short passing targets from exploiting the shallow middle.  It’s simply not good enough to field an adequate MLB in Dallas’ 4-3 defense to be very effective.

With an overwhelmingly dominant front 4 DL, the inside spot can be masked as his line provides clearer and uncontested attack lanes.  The overpowering DL disrupts and slows the ground attack for the second level MLB to clean it up.

The early 90’s Cowboys and the 2000’s Giants were examples of teams who could get by and compete at a high level with a merely adequate MLB.  The front defenders were explosive and the depth rotation was relentless.

The current Cowboys are sadly not near that level of destruction and consistency up front.  Without a top 10 DL, you must field a fast, strong, intuitively attacking presence in the middle.  That player just devastatingly left the building for Dallas.

The large majority of Cowboys fans continue hanging their heads with one question still unanswered…do we still have a chance to be a solid defense without Sean Lee?

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