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ESPN Analysts Claim Dallas Cowboys Are In Decline

Everyone just loves to compliment the Dallas Cowboys, don’t they?  This week ESPN analysts predicted that Dallas could not win more than six games this season, finishing with their worst record of the last few years.

Despite adding some much needed strength to the offensive line, many are still speculating that Dallas will finish under .500 this year starting a downward trend from what has already been a disappointing last few seasons.

The reasoning behind this is Dallas, already having the worst defense in the league, has lost some of what little talent they possessed.

I disagree.  Although I do have to admit that the loss of DeMarcus Ware hurts, I believe he is in decline and we were going to see that in the next few seasons.  That doesn’t mean I don’t wish we could have kept him for those seasons.

One of the reasons I disagree is because so many of our defensive players (including Ware) spent a good amount of last year injured.  How is someone going to say not having Ware is going to make our defense worse this season when we didn’t really have Ware last season?  With him being out or playing injured all of last year, how could there be that much of a drop off? 

There is also the somewhat recent loss of Ratliff, but he hasn’t played a down for the Cowboy’s in 2 years, so what difference does that make?  Especially when you consider that his actions clearly showed he did not want to be there.

I have a hard time understanding exactly what is going to make us so much worse.  In fact, the biggest loss to our defense has been the yearly injury of Sean Lee.  If he could remain healthy for the entire season, it would make a big difference to this team come December.

Not to mention, the large strides we have taken in improving our offensive line over the last two drafts is going to drastically change our offensive production.  If we can control the tempo of the game by passing and running at will, it will allow us to grind out the clock and close out games when we have a 3rd quarter lead, something we have struggled with in the past. 

The other obvious advantage to having a superior offensive line and the ability to control the clock and subsequently time of possession, is that you have to ability to limit the amount of time your defense is on the field.  Denver went to the Super Bowl last year with that very concept.

I understand that offense wins games and defense wins championships.  That’s why I’m not predicting a championship.  I’m predicting 10 wins provided we see some marked improvement in Morris Claiborne and a healthy Sean Lee for the duration of the season.  So, while ESPN seems to think the Cowboys can’t win more than six games, I believe we won’t lose more than 6.  Can’t wait to see whose right.

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  • truthbetold

    Romo is getting old, and the worst defense in football didn’t get any better. 6 wins sounds about right.

    • Jay Thompson

      If we allegedly have the worst then where are the 8 teams we beat ranked…ijs

      • truthbetold

        Um. When I said you guys had the worst defense, I was not giving my opinion dude. You guys had the worst statistical defense in the entire league. That’s proven fact, so there’s really nothing at all to argue on that front.

        • Jimmy DeMarco

          Actually, just to clear something up… Saying, they didn’t get any better, that’s an opinion, not a fact.
          No one has no idea how good or bad this defense will be until they are seen playing.

          • truthbetold

            The part where I said they were the worst last season is what I was referring to as absolute fact. As far as them getting better this season, I don’t think they have. Romo can’t carry them, so this defense simply has to step up.

          • Jimmy DeMarco

            Imo, ball control. Dallas has to run the ball more. Relying on Romo to win every game, they can’t continue to operate that way.
            And by running the ball, effectively of course, allows your defense to rest. And with the questions surrounding the defense, they have to work together in order to be better.

  • Scott.

    Like your optimism, but 10 games? They lose to 49ers, rams,saints and Seattle. What two team in the NFC east do they sweep? I hope I’m wrong but just don’t see better than 8-8 at best.

    • David

      They will lose to the Colts as well.

      • Mel

        I luv all you Cowboy haters! If you guys are so dam smart about the Cowboys future why you wasting your time on this blog ,you should be getting a job as GM or coach for Dallas. Because in the end it’s easy to get on here without any knowledge and spill the same crap you here on ESPN or the NFL Network, because you’re to stupid to have a thought of your own.

        • truthbetold

          *too stupid. Not, “to stupid”. To would imply going to a place. Learn the English language before you fly off the handle if you expect to be taken seriously. Second, since you think so independently, according to you, how about you enlighten us as to where you see this team going next year. Be specific, because I can’t wait to hear your answer.

          • Jay Thompson

            I see worst case scenario 6-10. But the D will be ranked much higher

          • truthbetold

            I have no idea what you base that statement on, other than just the fact that you like them. Based on them realistically, I think 6 wins is reality, and 8 will be the absolute best they can do. Maybe they will surprise the world. But i highly doubt it.

        • David

          Dont confuse being realistic and seeing Dallas for what they are as not a fan of them I have been a fan for 38 years but I will not be a blind homer like you and think Dallas will be SB contenders ever year.

        • Jimmy DeMarco

          So 3 people, discussing the Cowboys possible win-loss record, based on their opponents, means we all listen to ESPN and the NFL Network, and we’re haters?
          Please explain how that works Mel.
          I can’t WAIT to hear this.

      • Scott.

        They almost beat the AFC champs at home last year, with the worst defense in the nfl, would not be a stretch for them to beat Indy at home. What we do know about them they will win games they shouldn’t and lose games the should win.

        • David

          The Colts were an 11 win team last year and have improved every year under Luck. I would not be surprised if they go to the SB this year. And Denver was probably the 3rd best team in the league behind the Seahawks and Niners. Also Denver had key injuries on defense that game. But the bottom line is how much will Dallas defense be improved this year? I think the best case scenario is they are about middle of the pack in defense and they win 8 games. If all the stars align and their defense goes to top 15 I think they can make the playoffs. But I do not see them being one of the top teams in the NFC. There are to many teams far ahead of them in all around talent.

          • Scott.

            Ok so we agree they almost beat the AFC champs at home. I agree Denver was 3rd best out of the teams you’ve mentioned. I also agree with the rest of your assessment. Never did I say anywhere that I thought they were a top team in the NFC, actually I asked the author which teams will they sweep in their division, because I don’t see them sweeping two division teams in which for his 11 wins would be a must. For the most part I think we’re on same page. They’re an average team.

          • David

            Yes it seems like we agree on most things. I mean I hope they have a great year next year but I just dont see them making a jump past the Niners, Seahawks, Saints or even the Cardinals.

          • Scott.

            Agree 100 percent. Never said they would.

    • Jimmy DeMarco

      So you think Dallas will lose to the Rams, but beat Arizona, Chicago and Indy, seriously?

      • Scott.

        The bears will be a loss but cardinals and Indy are at home. Nit sure losses. IMO, touh games but not sure losses.

        • Jimmy DeMarco

          Okay, I can understand that. And if their defense is improved, they definitely can win those games.

  • Dana

    The whole NFL Network are Cowboy’s hatets!! Can’t wait for the season to start. Prove them all wrong

  • David

    Ill say this again. The Cowboys need Romo to play at a high level for three ore years and heve two more good defensive drafts. If the next HC commits to the run and a great defense the Cowboys can win a SB in three years. That needs to be their plan.

  • Levoy Hemphill

    They have been qq

  • Dennis Welch

    F k espn

  • Cleve Chesson

    I believe the cowboys have improved,even if we just got younger. I believe the cowboys have shown they can score points,now if our defense can stay healty which has been.a huge problemand they can get pressure on the qb….we dont need a double.digit sack man only sacks by committee and i can see 10 wins

    • David

      Health was only part of the problem. Their LB’s other than Lee were average to terrible. Their secondary was the same, average to terrible. Those are bigger hurdles than just inuries.

  • Juanito Juanito

    cowboys only need to be healthy, cowboys are no too bad team against the rest in the division, and if they lost in the last game of the regular season had be because of injuries not because the other team was better

  • Malcolm Currie

    I give them 6-10 with that defense and that schedule. Interesting how everyone dismisses Ware after he misses the first 3 games of his career but still hold out hope for a player(Lee) who can’t stay on the field even if his life depended on it. Has anyone even considered the reason Ware has been banged up? Could it be because he was the only one on that line that consistently went out and gave his all? Man, times have sure changed! We would’ve never given up on Hall of Fame players back in the day!!! And we all know that Lee want get there, not because he’s not good but he can’t stay on the field!

  • Sergio Surroco

    They dont know jack…

  • orren

    I think dallas will be improved. Yes if Claiborne plays like he should, Sean lee is healthy, and our defensive line rotation works out well be ok. People hate right now about Dwarf and hatcher being gone, but when we have the cap room over the next couple of years to keep our good young players and shop in free agency, they will forget all about them.

  • Black Irish

    The defense wasn’t horrible in the red zone last year and they forced turnovers. So there is SOMETHING to work with on that side of the ball. Also, Demarcus Lawrence will surprise a lot of those “analysts” on ESPN.

  • Greg Hill

    Mel, what do you know that the experts on ESPN and NFL network don’t? 2ndly, I didn’t know the cowboys had a GM opening. If so, they fired the old one and there is still hope for the playoffs!

  • Jonathan Jones

    three pro bowl caliber offensive lineman. one hall of fame tight end. pro bowl running back. pro bowl receiver. pro bowl qb. one of the best kick/punt returners. And talented second stringers… on offense. defense is a bunch of guys off the street. most lopsided team in history.

    • Jimmy DeMarco

      Lol. Good point!

  • Bill Conoly

    Ludicrous, absolutely ludicrous! In case you missed it all of the teams were in a state of flux and scrambling to draft defensive help.
    Dallas has spared no expense in assembling a formidable draft team with a combined 135 years of experience!
    Filtering stats and film while compiling a good as it gets draft board. They exercised prudence and fiscal brilliance in garnering the best bang for our buck so unless you have better qualifications than the above mentioned then shut the kcuf up! You’re idiots forming opinions without credible intel….

  • Bill Smith

    8=8, Now that would be great..
    6-10..Again and again.

  • SmartThinking

    A lot is going to be determined by how Dallas finishes this upcoming 2014 season. If they reach or rise above 8-8, then, they’re at least as good as in the past or better. If they fall below 8-8 for the season, then, yes, they’re in decline.

  • texasaaa

    So with Lees injury… Wanna rewrite that???