Cowboys Paying Spencer, Fans Waiting To Collect

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Let’s make this very clear Anthony Spencer, no true Cowboys fan has forgotten the recent theft and treason of defector DT Jay Ratliff. Pro Bowl seasons already forgotten, he deceived the team and betrayed our star. That’s his final legacy here.

Spencer might want to show respect to the team and fans who put up with his $11 mil waste in 2013, for only a handful of plays. Even after his anomaly 2012 season (11 sacks), many fans still disagreed he was worth $10.6 mil to retain. For my investment, I’d demand a little more return than a single sack for every $1 mil paid.

Not to mention, 2012 was the 1st and only time in his 7 year career to eclipse 6 sacks. $11 mil Franchise Tags only suit defensive ends who apply heavy QB pressure on a yearly basis. That’s not remotely Spencer’s past.

To be fair, going into the 2014 off-season both sides should be even. Dallas franchised Spencer in 2013 and denied his guaranteed securing of a lengthy, lucrative contract. In return he collected a fat $10.6 mil lump sum for injured reserve.

I’d say that cleans the slate for a fresh start.  They restrict you, you burn them, even. Both parties have agreed to a 2014 contract and joined forces again.

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