Super Bowl For The Dallas Cowboys In 2014: Easy As 1-2-3?

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So far, so good. Or rather, so far so “Huh? Is this really the Dallas Cowboys?”. I agree. It’s been a long time since we’ve had the pleasure of being pleased. It’s been ages since we’ve had the satisfaction of being satisfied. Yet, here we are. Nearing June with a mostly collective facial expression that, admittedly, we had forgotten could adorn our faces. Wait….is this…a smile? Awkward.

By Job, it is. Whether it be one of pessimistic optimism or optimistic pessimism, it’s still a smile. And it feels damn good. Let’s take a quick look at what it is that’s stretching the corners of our mouths to our ears. Sorry Cowboys’ haters, but, this Bud isn’t for you. I’m sure you’ll stick around and keep reading, though. I mean we are your life, after all. And that’s just awesome. High five!

It’s about the process. – Tight End Jason Witten

Where was I? Oh yes. The new and improved Dallas Cowboys. Although most hate to admit it, Cowboy’s Owner/General Manager Jerry Jones has been correct over the past few years. Every single time he uttered the phrase “we’re just one or two pieces away”, he was absolutely accurate. We were. Most of us were just also tired of hearing him admit it and do nothing intelligent about it. Until now, that is.

When asked by CBS DFW if the Cowboys are better after this off-season and draft, Jerry replied:

“Yes, we are better,” Jones said. “There’s no question about that. Relative to where we played last year, we’ve had a very impactful draft. We actually have had an impactful off-season, relative to the way we play. We’re better.”

You don’t rebuild a team that went 8-8. Even one that consistently goes 8-8. Would you rebuild the entire engine in your car when really all you need are new spark plug wires? If you answered yes, you have deeper problems than the Dallas Cowboys. Much deeper. Please, let that hurt go.

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