Cowboys Add Pieces To Fuel Power Run

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The benefits of a strong power run game go above and beyond being more effective on the offensive side of the ball.  Sure, it helps churn out that few extra yards on 3rd and 2 to keep the drive alive.

No doubt it is a huge factor in raising the TD percentage rate when hammering away at the goal line.  Nothing more frustrating than exposing a defense up and down the field for the first 30 minutes, only to convert 3 FG’s and trail 10-9 at half.

Aside from the offensive benefits added through a power run game, it also helps the defense out tremendously.  By extending time of possession during a game through converting more  first downs, the defense gets longer stretches of rest.

In today’s NFL, the many quick pace, dink and dunk pass offenses are excellent at gaining a strong advantage through defender fatigue.  The strategy increases short to medium pass gains, reduces time in between snaps, and extends drives.  Slow death from 1,000 cuts.

If the Dallas offense stays on the field longer with each possession, the competitor’s offensive advantage is highly reduced.  The best way to defend stars like Peyton Manning and Drew Brees is simply keep them off the field.

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