The Confirmed Cowboys Signed Undrafted Free Agents List (Updated)

As soon as the 2014 NFL Draft concluded on Saturday afternoon, team officials across the league scrambled to sign the undrafted free agents without an NFL home. And the Dallas Cowboys were not different. Below, you’ll find the confirmed list of signed undrafted free agents coming to Dallas.

Confirmed Undrafted Free Agent Signings (via and

Kolton Browning, QB, Louisiana-Monroe
Davon Coleman, DT, Arizona State
J.C. Copeland, FB, LSU
Cody Mandell, P, Alabama
Glasco Martin, RB, Baylor
Ronald Patrick, OL, South Carolina
Jarrod Pughsley, OL, Akron
Ryan Smith, S, Auburn
Dustin Vaughan, QB, West Texas A&M
L’Damian Washington, WR, Missouri
Chris Whaley, DT, Texas
Chris Boyd, WR, Vanderbilt
Ben Malena, RB, Texas A&M
Jordan Najvar, TE, Baylor
Dontavis Sapp, LB, Tennessee
Evan Wilson, TE, Illinois
Joe Windsor, DE, Northern Illinois
Brian Clarke, OG, Bloomsburg
Josh Aladenoye, OT, Illinois State
Casey Kreiter, LS, Iowa
Keith Smith, ILB, San Jose State
Marvin Robinson, FS, Ferris State
Jocquel Skinner, CB, Bethel
Andre Cureton, OG, Cincinnati
Dashaun Phillips, CB, Tarleton State (ESPN)

The Cowboys are known for their successes in producing Pro Bowlers from undrafted free agents. The most recent examples are quarterback Tony Romo, kicker Dan Bailey and former C0wboy receiver Miles Austin.

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  • Michael Davis

    No Jackson Jeffcoat?

    • Jonthebomb

      I thought the same thing! Anyone know who got him and Mike Davis?
      1st time since 1937 that UT hasn’t had someone drafted. Incredible

      • bill

        Jeffcoat to seattle. idk about mike davis. malena tweeted he was signed

        • dallas4life65

          davis to oakland

  • guest

    Where is Rutgers WR(Coleman I believe), Mike Davis, Jeffcoat, Skov, Tiny Richardson?
    All good players all absent.

    I like Washington, Copeland and Davon Coleman from the singings. Whaley also but kind of disappointed.

  • PaulTX

    Washington is a steal. I had Copeland and Vaughan picked as well.

    • Old Frog

      I’ll take your word for that. I pretty much focused my attention on O line this year. Other than player statistics and highlight reels after the draft I don’t have much to go on at other positions and on that basis I can justify pretty much every pick we made. No doubt Washington is very fast.

      • David

        I was kind ot disappointed they did not draft Antonio Richardson from Tennessee in the 7th round. He must have some red flag issues because most people had a 3rd to 4th round grade on him I believe.

        • SK_Jersey13

          Richardson’s injuries are worried to be degenerative, threatening his durability. But this didn’t stop us form taking Leary as a UFA and I felt a guy who was at one time thought to be a 1st rounder was worth at least a 7th Rd pick.

          • David

            Yes thats what I was thinking.

  • David

    I was hoping they would sign Skov as we’ll.

    • PaulTX

      Doesn’t seem like we added any coverage help at LB or S. I have a feeling that it will hurt us, especially if Lee doesn’t stay on the field.

  • BradAustin

    Even more excited about seeing Copeland on this list than some of the 7th rounders we picked. Love that they added a big bruising FB. When he was playing at a fitter weight his Junior year, heck of a battle ram, especially on the goal line. Hope he’s gotten back in his best shape for this opportunity. I’ll go on record right now saying if Copeland comes in ready, he makes the team if not the gameday roster before season’s over.

    Also looks like they made an attempt to finally locate a pretty decent blocking TE in Evan Wilson. Guy gets after people at all levels of the field blocking. When he comes off low with good form he takes care of business getting forward push and continues blocking aggressively. Addressing blocking FB and blocking TE in these UFA’s was of real importance to further strengthening the power of our run game. Looks lie we made a real positive attempt to find exactly that. If those two pieces come together along with adding Martin…let’s just say Murray’s going to be a happy man.

  • BradAustin

    Also think Waley may be able to give us a little something in the DL rotation. Better player than several of the no-names we brought in last year for depth. Like the UFA haul and draft overall. Scouts and coaches called the shots in this one and it shows.

    • David

      I still think we need a FS and that better be a priority next year. I have no faith in the current group on the roster. And even a great D-line wont make them much better than average.

      • BradAustin

        Can’t say I disagree with you at all on the FS finger-crossing. Wilcox will have to make a big jump and I’m still not sure he has the ability to cover enough ground deep. I was hoping to get more from Jakar Hamilton who has the deep coverage ability but fell behind in off-season being sidelined and never was able to elevate his game. I still feel he may be of help once he gets seasoned some. Jeff Heath doesn’t have it plain and simple.

        So yes, with Wilcox and Johnson being counted on there’s definitely cause for great concern. Wouldn’t doubt if we added some vet help there if things are going well in August, and the new wave of vets start to get released in summer.

        I will say much more pressure from the DL does elevate play on the back end. It prevents as many deep opportunities and makes more throws rushed. Last year QB’s had all day to let routes develop at all depths of the secondary. However, one thing greater rush doesn’t do is cover up the fact that a player just isn’t good enough to be back there. Even with good coverage he likely will get outmaneuvered for the catch.

        • David

          More pressure will help but its not going to make them good or great. Eventually even the best D-lines get slowed down and have to cover and have the range to help over the top. I hope these UDFA’s and small school guys step up.

          • BradAustin

            It’s a shame all they left us to work with at FS is a lot of hoping. lol It’s an even more critical position in this pass heavy division. You’re right on the pressure comment, all the pressure in the world won’t help Heath or Webb competently defend the majority of the league’s starting WR’s.

          • David

            I really hated seeing them pass on Pryor even though I really like Martin. I think Pryor is going to be a stud..

  • Old Frog

    Oxnard will be fun this year. The cuts to the final 53 will require some tough decisions…nice problem to have.

    • baronmwd

      Yep, maybe I have to go check it out. I’m only about 4 hour drive from there.

  • 2012 tape

    Chris Boyd >Jordan Matthews