Dallas Cowboys' HC Jason Garrett: You're On the Clock

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Dec 22, 2013; Landover, MD, USA; Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett on the field before the game against the Washington Redskins at FedEx Field. Mandatory Credit: Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

It’s time. “Time for what?”, you ask. Well, it’s time for Dallas Cowboys’ head coach Jason Garrett to take the next step. The next four steps, actually. It’s time the Dallas Cowboys started playing up to the their fans’ expectations. Some would argue it’s beyond time. Hello, there. My name is “Some”. Nice to meet you.

Let’s go ahead and state the obvious: players play the games. That truth can not be understated. It’s the players that suit up every week and hit the football field to produce results. It’s the players that are throwing, running, catching, and defending (or lack thereof in 2013). Now let’s remember that football at it’s most basic level, as with all sports, is a coin with two sides. The other side being coaching.

The importance of the “right” head coach is paramount to winning. A team in any sport can have all the talent in the world, however, without the right coach the chances of them succeeding are slim to nil. After all, what’s a body with a mind? It’s The Walking Dead. That’s what it is.  Zombie apocalypses be damned.

To that end, it’s high time we start applying the blame evenly here. There’s no better place to begin than with the Cowboys’ HC Jason Garrett. Now, this isn’t to say that Garrett isn’t without due praise because he is. Let’s develop this, though.

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