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Go ahead Dallas Cowboys, draft Manziel

You have to feel at least a little bad for Tony Romo right?

As the draft nears closer and closer the newest trend on the rumor mill is the Johnny Manziel to the Dallas Cowboys pick. Everyone knows that Jerry Jones is all about publicity, but is this a legitimate possibility?

We all know by now that when it comes to Jones anything is possible, but would the Cowboys use their first rounder on a project quarterback, when it isn’t a position of need whether you think so or not, when you already have a quarterback in Tony Romo making upwards of $20 million per year, Kyle Orton, and then newly signed quarterbacks Brandon Weeden and Caleb Hanie?

I wonder if Tony Romo will ever get the monkey off of his back. The recent surgery might be a cause for concern, but surely we all remember when the injury actually happened and Romo was still able to lead his team to victory and keep them in playoff contention.

Maybe Jerry Jones did what we should all do and had faith in the guy when he paid him. I remember all the chatter about how the contract was undeserved even from the likes of Donovan McNabb who mentioned how ridiculous Romo’s contract was despite only one playoff victory. Sorry Donovan, no matter how many playoff games you won the only thing we’ll remember is that you never got that ring.

My contention is this, we are angry because Romo has not won a Super Bowl, not because he hasn’t won more playoff games. Losing in an NFC Championship game is as good as not making the playoffs, nobody will ever remember that team.

We criticize him for being at Duke or Mavericks basketball games, or playing golf, and blame those losses on him as well.

Truthfully, we are a bitter fan base and Romo is an easy scapegoat.

We beg for the drafting of Manziel when we clearly know our needs are on defense. We blame Romo for losses in games similar to that of the Green Bay Packers when we all know coaching was our kryptonite in that game.

We want the days of old, but aren’t willing to admit that we aren’t just a miracle working quarterback away.

I’ll leave you with this, find me another team with one of the statistically worst defenses in NFL history who was still playing for a playoff spot in the final game. My guess is that you can’t.

Go ahead, draft Manziel and will keep this merry-go-round spinning.

Like I said, you have to feel at least a little bad for Romo.

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  • disqus_kLJwdEdnOL

    The best article I have read in a long time. Why some writers want Dallas to use a first round pick on an unproven quarterback is beyond understanding. I note that several of them are the same writers who criticize Jerry Jones for his poor management. Then they write about how they want Dallas to draft Manziel in lieu of defensive help?

    • Tom Dobbins

      I was thinking the same thing.

    • Old Frog

      So they can fabricate more drama to write about. If Dallas drafts “safe” and has no off field issues to deal with they will be lost.

  • Steve Mumford

    Dallas should draft ONLY defensive players in this draft. I personally think Manziel will be a NFL bust. He was a great college player but I don’t think what he does as a player will work against NFL defenses. You also have to question his judgement for the dumb things he did on & off the field last season.

  • Earl Robertson

    Not sure if I understood you right did you say Romo lost an NFC championship game ?

  • Krh

    Romo never played in an NFC championship game bud. I remember a couple Saints teams that had a horrid defense and a great offense. Same with some Peyton Manning teams. Yeah, Dallas needs defense, but you build your team around a QB. Drafting Manziel would probably be good for them, or just a QB in general, there are a good few to choose from. Ultimately, Dallas needs a new GM because he doesn’t know how to run a team.

  • bill

    i really hope you meant nfc east championship. the cowboys haven’t gone past the divisionals since the 90s. if you think they made it to the nfc championship before that, please stop writing for us.

    • Tom Dobbins

      He was talking about McNabb making it to five NFC Championship games losing four and winning the last only to lose in the Super Bowl.

  • Juanito Juanito

    Bad time for cowboys to try select manziel, they just sign romo a season ago, so romo haters stop dreaming, it will not happen

  • Rich

    Romo is a guy that finds a way to lose. Often in spectacular fashion.

  • SmartThinking

    Big Jones loves his offenses because they’re spectacle. He’s put most of his money into this team’s so-called skill players on offense to the detriment of the rest of the team’s continued development. With the exception of Romo and a couple of linemen, most of the offense are first, second and third round draftees. The defense, on the other hand has fifth and sixth and seventh rounders, with a few exceptions.

    So what do I make of this? It puts Romo in a really bad spot if Big Jones does, indeed, draft Manziel as his next big spectacle. Big money investment or not, the way this team sputters and spurts along year after year with Romo under center, all it’ll take is another Kansas City game like this past year and fans around the world will be calling for Romo’s head on a platter and Manziel at the helm.

    Drafting Manziel will not only eat up a number one pick, or more, that is sorely needed this year on the O line or anywhere on the Defense, it will also add a lot more turmoil and chaos to this team’s infrastructure at a time when everyone, from the owner to the waterboys, needs to be pulling for Romo and his eleven new draft choices to work together, not try to tear this team further apart by introducing someone new just to deflect the criticism away from big Jones’s many, many mistakes.

  • billy

    there may be a faction of fans who want to replace romo with jff. im not in that group. i like romo and want him to lead the team for the next two or three years . i want jff for post romo. i dont want to go through looking for the next qb and not finding him like we did after troy and before romo. those years were a very bad time in cowboy history and not ones to be repeated. i want jff because i think without a doubt he will be a good qb for the team, and can step right in after romo is finished. i also like it because jff causes a stir in the fandom and causes debate and passions to rise when he is mentioned. i like for the team to be noticed nationally about as much as jerry does.

  • Ronnie Briscoe

    He was referring to mcnab

  • Tom Dobbins

    Great article! I could not agree more.