Realisitic Ways Cowboys Draft Johnny Manziel

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Dec 31, 2013; Atlanta, GA, USA; Texas A&M Aggies quarterback Johnny Manziel (2) reacts to the sideline against the Duke Blue Devils during the second quarter in the 2013 Chick-fil-a Bowl at the Georgia Dome. Mandatory Credit: Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Recently national media outlets have declared Jerry Jones desperately wants to draft Johnny Manziel as the Dallas Cowboys’ QB of the future.  It’s time to clear the smoke and reveal the truth behind the likelihood of this lightning rod pairing.

To a certain extent this not-so-bold proclamation is true, within reasonable limits.  The main guideline being the cost must not vastly exceed team draft goals.

What is being disregarded is the fact Mr. Jones likely has just as much desire to add phenom DE Jadeveon Clowney or electric WR Sammy Watkins.

If any of the 3 landed in the Cowboys’ 16th spot, Jerry might have a heart attack.  All are viewed as game-changers by a wide selection of NFL scouts.  Clowney and Watkins are the 2 expected to wreak havoc right out the gates.

Dallas would love to replace departed DE DeMarcus Ware with Clowney, or WR Miles Austin with Watkins.  Either would be a dream scenario for them.  Since both will likely be top-5 picks, the fantasy dies there.

Manziel is the only of the 3 who may slide beyond the 7th pick.  At, 8 of 8 mock drafts have Clowney and Watkins going top-5.  While 3 of 8 mocks have Johnny going off the board at the 8th selection or later.

I agree with the 5 analysts who forecast the flashy talent of Johnny Football won’t make it past the QB graveyard teams of Jacksonville (3), Cleveland (4), and Oakland (5).

NFL teams are highly unpredictable on draft day.  For Dallas, there are only a few scenarios that would allow the media’s dream marriage between the brash Cowboys owner and the fiery Aggie QB.

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  • will hall

    One easy way to get people to read your blog, write dumb a article like this.

  • PaulTX

    Nice write up Brad. No position comes close to QB in affecting a team’s success. We shouldn’t wait until Romo is gone to find a replacement, but like you, I don’t see Johnny getting past the Vikings.

  • K. Bowen

    The secret here is the 7th round picks. I would say that the Cowboys could potentially package those to work in an extra mid-round pick that makes up some of the lost value. If we could switch firsts plus a 2 and a 4 to move up however many spots, then you could possibly get an extra five or even four by creatively bundling 7ths and other high picks.

  • BradAustin

    Thanks guys. The only problem with the three 7′s (that we are allowed to trade) is their value is so low. The values are 9, 8.2, and 5.4. All combined our 7′s are worth 22.6 points. Just for comparison, that’s the exact amount of the 12th pick in the 6th round. Our 4th round pick is worth 70 points, so you can see the gap in value. If we start using the 7′s in trades it probably has to be when we’re just a hair off of matching the value with other picks…or we’re already equal in value in a trade and just giving incentives for a team to accept the higher picks we have in the offer.

    Personally I see us using them to climb higher in rounds moreso than as trade bait. Unless we were trying to package them to get back into the 6th. But using them as climbers is a great option. A perfect example of this…in the 4th round we could trade all our 7′s to move up from our 16th pick to 8th. If we are targeting a certain person in the 4th, would be an ideal way to guaranteed getting him if he’s still on the board 8 spots above. Same with the 3rd round. Our 3 7′s could help us jump from our 16th slot to the 12th.

    Bundling those late picks will have proven very helpful to us when it’s all said and done. But I see us using them as a way to get back into the 6th since we don’t have a draft pick in that round. Or helping us climb a few spots in the same round to snag a specific target we fear may be chosen just above us.

  • David

    The only realsitic way they should draft him is if Romo gets hit by a bus and his career is done.

  • Steve Mumford

    Dallas needs D in a bad way, it would make no sense to draft a QB in rd 1 to just sit for 2 years. Dallas should draft nothing but defensive players next weekend.