Who Needs Megatron? The Dallas Cowboys Have Optimus Prime

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Aug 24, 2013; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant (88) celebrates his second quarter touchdown against the Cincinnati Bengals at AT&T Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Desmond Demond Bryant. Does that name ring a bell? It should. But, to assist you in the matter we’ll refer to him by his more common moniker, Dez. If you’re still a little hazy on who I’m referring to, let’s do a small exercise.

Raise both of your arms in the air. Now while slightly bending at each elbow, bring your arms together until your forearms meet and cross. That symbol that you’re forming there is the official stamp of greatness. It is the letter “X” and is known worldwide as the celebratory motion given by Dallas Cowboys’ wide receiver Dez Bryant.

If you’re a fan of a rival NFL team and just performed this exercise, you’re welcome. Thank me later for that feeling of eliteness that just rushed from your toes and injected itself into your heart and soul. Now, run along. We’re busy here. Or stick around, you might learn something. Ok, not might. Will.

Where was I? Oh, yes. Cowboys’ WR Dez Bryant. The highly volatile player that rivals only Dallas Cowboys’ quarterback Tony Romo as media villain. The player that gets vilified for his every action even when the intent behind it is purely positive. I guess the saying holds true. The road to Hell is paved with, well, you know the rest. And it isn’t yellow bricks.

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  • Skip

    Excellent, excellent article. It’s nice to see a positive piece in the sea of Doom and Gloom Cowboys coverage. I’m very excited for Dez and his growth so far, as well as his potential for the future. People are so quick to judge and always seem to know it all, when in fact they know next to nothing. We’ve all made mistakes, time to move on and support this guy.

    • Scott.

      Very good article and living in galveston county I did not know he was born here. Knew he went to lurking high but didn’t know he was from around here. Anyway the title is what I will comment on since he’s being compared to megaton. Last game the two played the stats were not comparable. Now I know our secondary is horrible but he still outplayed dez. But then again dez gave him some bulletin board material to inspire him. I love dez and what he does but at this point in their careers I’d take megaton all day. Sorry if I’m classified as a hater, just trying the be impartial.

      • Scott.

        Sorry skip that was supposed to go to general board must of accidentally hit reply instead of like.

        • Skip

          No problem Scott. Also, I wouldn’t argue that Dez is better than Megatron, Calvin is clearly the best receiver in the game right now. I think too many people knocked Dez for saying he can do what Calvin can, I just saw that as Dez having confidence in himself, but of course it had to be blown out of proportion for the sake of headlines/drama. Lastly, I think Megatron makes Stafford seem better than he actually is (thought he’s finally getting criticized), whereas both Romo and Dez mutually benefit from each other’s abilities.

          • Scott.

            I agree it got blown out of proportion with his statement but part of the maturation process is understanding that his words and statements will be blown out of proportion. Although in his defense when you have an owner that has never saw a microphone that he didn’t like you can’t hardly blame him.

  • stylz1996

    I agree this young man is about to destroy corners on a regular basis. Just stay healthy and keep your nose clean and his sky Is the limit.

  • Ced/Big C

    I look forward to watching Dez do work….Lotta haters…and I’m grateful…b/c they give him all the motivation he needs ….GR8 read

  • Earl Robertson

    Run the ball and then do play action and hit Bryant if cowboys can do that they will score a ton of points

  • californy

    Dez was the 13 rated WR in yardage last year, there no comparison to megaton.

  • californy

    Of the game Dez had over 110 yards last year, we lost them all.. We won more game where he didn’t get 100 yards.

  • californy

    Passing yards dont win many games. In 2012, there was 4 teams in the top 10 who didn’t make the play off, at Dallas, Detroit, Oakland and NO.. The top passing team got skunk in the SB, they only got that give me TD to show for.