2014 NFL First Round Mock Draft: The Cowboys Get Their Man

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With the draft less than two weeks away, we are starting to zero in on the most probable players each team has their eyes on going into next month’s event. The monkey-wrench in this year’s predictions is the amount of quality depth available in the later rounds of this draft. Sporting the largest underclassman group in NFL history, teams have more options in terms of flexibility when it comes to their first round pick.

For example, the Cleveland Browns are in need of a quarterback. But there are so many perceived high-value quarterbacks available in the first three rounds of this draft that they may decide to address different positions with both of their two first round selections. So, in some ways, making this draft tougher to predict than most.

Still, here are my selections based upon rumor, team needs, prospect talent and pure gut feeling. As always, the Cowboys pick is explained in detail. And the top ten picks also include a quick analysis. Enjoy!

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