Dallas Cowboys Haunted By 8-8 Draft Curse

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Sep 9, 2012; Chicago, IL, USA; Chicago Bears defensive end Henry Melton (69) celebrates a sack during the second half against the Indianapolis Colts at Soldier Field. The Bears won 41-21. Mandatory Credit: Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports


Buffalo (6-10) and Dallas (8-8) are roughly 3 or 4 solid new starters away from making the playoffs the next season.  They both have a decent nucleus in place to build around, yet are a few key upgrades away from turning the corner.

Firmly attached to a handful of highly valued players with large contracts, the financial strain restricts them from multiple free agency quick fixes.

So far they have addressed team needs by adding one prize free agent to the starting lineup, and a few smaller role players.

Buffalo signed MLB Brandon Spikes to shore up their 28th ranked rush defense. The Cowboys landed DT Henry Melton to help resurrect the worst defense in team history.

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  • SmartThinking

    Nothing for you to worry about this upcoming season. One quick look at Dallas’ 2014 season schedule and 8-8 will be a pleasant memory. If The Cowboys win six games, it may be their “miracle season.”

    • disqus_kLJwdEdnOL

      I agree. Fans who think they will do better than 7-9 are only dreaming. I witnessed a time when the Cowboys won their division year after year and still stayed on top with good drafting and trades. Of course the times were different then but not that much. With Jones at the helm I don’t think a 2-14 record or worse this past year would likely result in a better draft this year.

  • PaulTX

    No one likes to see their team lose, but I think you have a point. Had we been 4-12, we might have had a chance to pick up an impact player. However, I think an 8-8 team is usually only 2 or 3 good players away from being an 11-5 team; whereas a 4-12 team may need 4 or 5 good players.

    The benefit of this draft is that the meat of the DE’s seem to be the late first round and second round. Also, a good class of OL’s that will allow us to pick up a G in the 2nd round or maybe even a replacement for Free in the first if Martin or Lewan slides. G is more of immediate need, but replacing Free means $7 million in cap space next season.

    Other concerning positions like LB, WR, or Safety, unfortunately, may not get addressed this draft. At least, we may not be able to draft an impact player. I think the key for this draft is OL and DL because this draft is deep in those spots. If we get an impact player in another position, we should consider it a gift. Still, I think this is a two year fix, and with the schedule being like it is 6-10 seems like a reality.

  • BradAustin

    Agreed. Wow, that thing is a monster. Let’s not forget, all NFC East teams play the SAME 14 games. Each team only plays 2 teams the others don’t. COWBOYS: (Saints, @Bears). EAGLES: (Panthers, @Packers). GIANTS: (Atlanta, @Detroit). REDSKINS: (Tampa Bay, @Minnesota).

    So once again a lot comes down to having the best division record. Do that and we’ll be in it til the last game like last 3 years.

    The Cowboys and Eagles have the same 16-game level of difficulty. Giants have it a tad better, but Detroit is very tough and Atlanta will get key players back healthy and contend again.

    The Skins probably are the only one with an advantage in the division, Tampa is a gift win. And Vikes are beatable though tough at home.

    So 2 big keys to winning the NFC East with this hard schedule. Have the best division record, and sweep the Skins. Those two achievements would help tremendously. Sure it’s hard, but not as hard as having to beat Seattle and San Fran. We can have a solid draft and be the best in the East. It’s still out there for Dallas.

  • Earl Robertson

    The sad thing is when they won only 5 games 3 years in a row nothing good came out of that

  • Greg Hill

    You can paint racing stripes on a turtle but it won’t make him run fast. Dallas will once again miss the playoffs because they keep repeating the same losing strategies every year and expect different results.

  • californy

    Jj lack a vision as this team GM, early this year he renegotiated Romo Contract, now he planning to draft a person who will accelerate Romo cap hit.

    JJ draft the same position every year because he misses on the pick.

    laurant Robinson would be a good pick up he just turn 30 this weekend, he still rin a 4.35 40. Signing him to a veteran min contract will save us money and a player in this year draft.

    Jason Shepler was the best blocking TE and FB. he had 64 pancake Blocks in 2012 College season. he is 6-2 and weights 292 lbs. He would be a good candidate to develop as a OG, the same way KC did with Brian Water