Cowboys Draft History: Five Best Moves by Jerry Jones

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Aug 4, 2013; Canton, OH, USA; Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones reacts during the 2013 Hall of Fame Game against the Miami Dolphins at Fawcett Stadium. The Cowboys defeated the Dolphins 24-20. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

On Sunday, as part of a build up to the draft, I examined the ten worst moves in Cowboys draft history made by Jerry Jones.  If you happened to have missed it, you can review that article right here.

Today, we’ll review Jerry the GM’s five best moves.  Why only five and not ten?  Well, unfortunately, there is not ten to choose from for one.  I suppose it might be possible but honestly, it would be extremely weak in that eight to ten range.  That’s just how bad things have been during this crucial part of the year whenever Jerry didn’t have a true football mind running the draft.  Even Jerry is capable of the occasional rabbit out of his hat, however as you will soon see.

As a reminder, if the draft move occurred during the Jimmy Johnson era (1989-1993) or the Bill Parcells era (2003-2006), it does not count.  Obviously, individual player performance matters but so too does whoever was passed up in order to choose the player.  Lastly, value is also a factor, so obtaining a solid starter in a late round helps greatly.

Before I reveal my selections for the top five, I want to reiterate something I mentioned in Sunday’s post.  Greg Ellis (1998) and Roy Williams (2002) were really good players for the Cowboys but they will not make this list.  The reason?  The players that should have been drafted instead.  It may not be fair to Ellis and Williams, but I cannot in good conscience, say they were great picks when the two players that should have been Cowboys were Randy Moss and Ed Reed.  Missing on two first ballot Hall of Fame players is something that is too hard for me to overlook.

On to the countdown…

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