Ten Cowboys Players Possibly On The Draft Day Trading Block

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Apr 27, 2012; Valley Ranch, TX, USA; From left Dallas Cowboys vice president Stephen Jones , head coach Jason Garrett , first round draft pick Morris Claiborne and owner Jerry Jones pose with a jersey at a press conference at Dallas Cowboys Headquarters. Mandatory Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Although trades for picks during the NFL Draft are not uncommon, trades involving current players are. Last offseason, only 10 players switched uniforms in exchange for draft picks from late February up until the end of the 2013 NFL Draft. For the Dallas Cowboys, pre-draft or draft day trades of existing players is even more uncommon.

In fact, since 2002, I only found four incidences where the Cowboys made pre-draft trades. And only three of them involved draft selections.

  • March, 2003 – The Dallas Cowboys acquired wide receiver Terry Glenn from the Green Bay Packers for a sixth-round pick in the 2004 draft.
  • April, 2003 – The Dallas Cowboys acquired running back Aveion Cason from the Detroit Lions for a seventh-round pick in the 2003 draft.
  • March, 2004 – The Dallas Cowboys acquired the rights to quarterback Drew Henson from the Houston Texans for a 2005 third-round draft pick.
  • February, 2009 – The Dallas Cowboys acquired quarterback Jon Kitna from the Detroit Lions for cornerback Anthony Henry.

But this offseason, there are a number of possible pre-draft and/or draft day trade candidates on the Cowboys current roster. And with next month’s draft sporting the largest underclassman prospect group in NFL history, many teams will be looking to acquire as many extra selections as possible. In the following pages, we’ll go over the Cowboys most likely candidates and the reasons why they may be on Dallas’ trading block.

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  • PaulTX

    I doubt any of those guys will be traded. They are all key starters or backups on a team that already has a lot of holes. What you may have highlighted is positions that Dallas will not be drafting for.

    • maniac

      which is why they will stay 8-8 or worse. You pick people because they will best help your team improve, not because they cost you a lot of money. Take your lumps and move on – don’t lose more games the next season. Hope is not a very good strategy.

      • PaulTX

        You lost me.

  • Old Frog

    Wait a minute. The Cowboys didn’t know Escobar had no blocking skills until after they drafted him. Makes that pick even more ludicrous.

    • LandryHat

      More than likely they knew, but they probably hoped he’d develop quicker during the offseason than he did. With new tight end coach Mike Pope in town, I’m sure they’ll get him straightened out.

    • Maniac

      exactly – most of these problem moves would be strengths if this front office would have had talent at their position – talent evaluation and draft management. Giving up Brockers and Wagner for one overrated CB – that would have been the difference for a playoff spot last year. Escobar instead of Warford in last yr’s second – Warford with Fredbeard on the same line would be dominating strength.

      now hearing rumors our attention hungry GM could move up again for a DE that has never played the position and we will be looking at another step backward. This GM wasn’t even around the day before the draft because he had to rub shoulders with politicians – that explains the lack of communication. Come on, man!

  • David

    The only guys I can really see maybe getting traded is Carter or Hannah.

  • aerdna smailliw

    Hanna seems to have a higher ceiling than Escobar. Escobar’s only contribution is receiving. Hanna is a huge presence on special teams and he’s shown very good speed when he’s utilized.

  • SmartThinking

    I wish you’d name the team who would take Bernadeau as a straight up trade or wrapped up in a trade package. I’d make that trade this afternoon and pay for his airline tickets.

    Bernadeau is, easily, the worst player on this Dallas team’s offense followed closely by Leary. Between them, they’ve kept this offense from moving the ball forward on the ground or from opening more holes for Murray. Their pass blocking is, in my opinion, the main reason Romo hurries his throws and makes bad decisions just before getting crushed. Time and time again.

    Fixing the guard position on both sides of Frederick should be this team’s number one concern this upcoming draft day.

    • Guy Smith

      Looking at these players scares me when I think we Picked them in the Draft.. Man do we need a football man in here that can evaluate and develop talent. Mark my words, for the rest of this decade, we fans will be looking at those 8-8 seasons as our Glory Days.

      • Scott.

        They didn’t select either of these guys in the draft. Leary was an un drafted free agent that had a 3rd round grade but fell because of knee issues and Bordeaux was a free agent signing. If I’m not mistaken I think Carolina drafted him. The other son list mainly Claiborne should be traded if we can get any value..

      • SmartThinking

        It’s interesting you mention our last three 8-8 seasons as our glory days. Earlier this year when the teams Dallas will play in this upcoming 2014 season were announced, all it took was a quick glance at the competition for me to speculate that this Dallas team may go 5-11 or 6-10 against them. If it’s a stretch, Dallas may get to 8-8, which, as you noted, might be termed a glorious victory for this stunningly mediocre team.

  • Guy Smith

    I would Love to package either or Both Claiborne, Hannah or Escpbar for more picks, we would have to draft a corner later, but if we can get a first or a second and third (at least) think what we could do in this deep draft.

    • Scott.

      Agree with Claiborne, he’s had enough time to prove himself. Escobar, I think needs the benefit of doubt. He is stuck behing a hall of famer…