Jimmy Garoppolo: The Chosen One? A Successor to Cowboys Tony Romo

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Aug 25, 2012; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo (9) throws in the pocket against the St Louis Rams at Cowboys Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Tony Romo is coming off a major back surgery (herniated disc in the lower back). Romo, once again, played through the pain in week 15 against the Washington Redskins.

He can’t do that forever.

The Cowboys aren’t even sure he can do it for another five seasons. Nobody is. Including Tony Romo himself.

The Dallas Cowboys cannot address the future soon. The future must be addressed now.

Proper Introductions

Taking a page from the 2003 NFL Draft, the Cowboys may consider pulling a Sean Payton/Bill Parcells moment and dive back into the Eastern Illinois pool.

Tony Romo, out of Eastern Illinois, meet Jimmy Garoppolo, also from Eastern Illinois.

A bridge made in heaven? Some think so. It’s hard not to like the link between the two.

Like Tony Romo, Jimmy Garoppolo is not known for his elite arm or physical arm strength. He relies on smart decisions, his above average arm strength, and his fast reads and releases.

In his final season at Eastern Illinois, Garoppolo went on to pass many of Tony Romo’s passing records, and his breakout senior season landed him the 2013 Walter Payton Award.

Tony Romo received the same award in 2002.

In his senior year alone, Jimmy Garoppolo tossed 53 touchdowns along with 5,050 passing yards, and only 9 interceptions. That is not a typo.

His overall college career includes 13,156 passing yards, and 118 touchdown passes.

Why You Should Be Worried

Jimmy Garoppolo posted video game numbers at lower division level. His above average arm strength translated well at the NCAA Division I-AA level, but how about the NFL?

His success at the pro level could go either way. Garoppolo will need time to adjust. His success may depend on time, and what he can do with it as he develops and adjusts to the NFL. A mentor might be required for Garoppolo.

Why You Should Not Be Worried

Jimmy Garoppolo, if drafted by the Cowboys, will have Wade Wilson, Jason Garrett, and Tony Romo watching over him.

Garoppolo has good size at 6-3, 225 pounds. He is known for making exact, quick throws. Like Tony Romo, Jimmy Garoppolo has a quick throwing motion.

He is coming from a pass happy offense, which should entice new offensive coordinator Scott Linehan.

Compare the Quarterbacks…

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  • Sandy Faulkner

    While I don’t disagree that we need to draft a QB this year as a fan, the probably is that we will not be in the warroom. I seriously doubt Dallas will draft a QB at all but if they do, I would think with what is needed on the DL, still on the OL, and depth at WR, CB, S, and LB will out-weigh taking one before 5th round. We might have extreme reservations about Weeden but that is not the perception that is apparent with Wilson or Garrett. There were a number of QBs that we could have signed in free agency that the fans believed were better but yet Dallas signed Weeden partily because they liked him coming out of college. We better set our sights on 2015 and hope we get a shot at someone then in the 1st or 2nd round, say Brett Hundley. It just isn’t happening this year, or if so is the greatest smoke screen that Jerry has ever accomphlished.

  • BradAustin

    Big fan of Grop. I love his poise and command of the offense. He’s an aggressive, firm QB as the leader. Both in body motion and verbally. I’ve never felt Tony has that field general quality where he firmly demands his troops to produce or do things exactly right. Romo’s too passive with the way he commands and doesn’t wield a firm hand. Used to love the way Aikman was such a perfectionist. Drop the ball and he wasn’t throwing to you again for a long while. Run the wrong route and he was ripping a new one in you back at the huddle. His WR’s played precise football because he forced them to. Wish we had that now.

    I believe Grop will turn out to be one of the two best pro QB’s of this entire class. On tape he’s just one of those rare guys you enjoy watching play QB. Many impressive small virtues to go with the more noticeable big ones. Unfortunately I have a sneaking suspicion another team above us will be targeting him in the 2nd. Maybe even the Texans with their 33rd, or if they pick up extra 2′s in a trade down.

    While I’d really love to get this guy in the 2nd, I don’t think this is the draft we can afford to do that in. We absolutely will find a really good immediate starter in the 2nd round of this draft. Grooming Grop for a few years down the road isn’t worth losing an immediate really talented starter…likely on defense. If he’s there in the 3rd for us, it’d be really hard to overlook him though.

    • David


      I agree with you. He would be a luxury pick the Cowboys just cant afford. They have to many needs at several other positions. If they did draft a qb this year I think they can maybe trade into the 6th round and go after a guy like Fales or Boyd. I think after a major run of qb’s in the 1st and 2nd rounds things will die down a bit. If they got one of those guys in the 6th round I think there would be huge value there..Now if lets say Mettenberger happened to be there in the 4th round that would be very tempting..

  • Artie C

    I could read stuff like this all day long. Eastern Illinois is on the NFL radar now because of Romo. I liked it better when only Coaches Mike Shanahan and Sean Payton knew about EIU because that’s their Alma mater. (Shanahan also tried to get Romo for Denver). The secret’s out and thats one reason (not only one) Garoppolo is projected to go in 2nd round, Meaning Cowboys may not get an opportunity. We can hope tho!
    Great article as always, but Michael, your not helping keep the secret.

  • trinity

    Hopefully they draft a quarterback with more mental toughness than Tony Romo. And maybe someone who could actually win something for a change.

    • Joshua Gellerstedt

      Your a moron, Romo has put up amazing numbers in his career, he has never once had a solid defense, oh ya we have had a few good defensive players but that only 2 players out of 11…… If Dallas had a defense any better than 32nd in the NFL, we would have gone pretty far in the playoffs for sure, so Im so fucking sick of everyone bashing Romo, he was un fucking drafted, and no other unfrafted QB in history besides Kurt Warner, has put up numbers like him, sorry he has no defense

      • trinity

        Tony Romo is a loser. It’s as simple as that. Nobody said it was all his fault. Nobody said he didn’t have talent. Nobody can deny his talent, just like nobody can deny his epic failures. What you have is a quarterback with a ton of talent, with no mental toughness to speak of. Because for all those great numbers, has it ever translated into playoff victories? No, and it never will. No it’s not all on Romo, but you are delusional if you think he hasn’t played a big part in it. Tony Romo is just a loser. A loser with talent, but still nothing but a loser. Have fun watching his late game interceptions again this year lol.

        • Joshua Gellerstedt

          Ok buddy, we will see….. Im not playing into your “I know everything” attitude, cause you really don’t, so I say good day to you

          • trinity

            Yep, you’ll see :). Hahaha