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Dallas Cowboys: America’s Most Love to Hate Team?

So reaching back into the sands of time, an article came out in January of 2014 stating that the Dallas Cowboys were American’s most hated team.  Now mind you, this poll was conducted by The Public Policy Polling and only 741 “registered” voters were asked.  Interestingly enough, in this said poll, the Denver Bronco’s were considered “America’s Team”.  This poll really started tickling in the back of my mind as we are awaiting the draft and just finishing up on NFL Network’s Dallas Cowboys Dynasty Week that the Dallas Cowboys really are the team America loves to hate.   I even heard long time Cowboys fan Dan Rogers state if he wasn’t a Cowboys fan, he’d hate us too.  So why does everyone hate the Dallas Cowboys? This isn’t necessarily due to Jerry Jones and his circus the last few years.

It started back in 1978 with the entire “America’s Team” name.  Contrary to what other team’s fans try to pull off, the Dallas Cowboys did not choose America’s Team it was given to the organization by NFL Films because the Cowboys were recognized by people or “as familiar as movie stars”.  This nickname given to the Cowboys is a big reason why people continue to hate us because it’s used over and over again and as the Cowboys haven’t done anything significant in almost 20-years people are feeling like they are undeserving of this.

The history of success is a big reason why the Cowboys are so hated.  If you look at recent years people love to hate on the New York Giants, the Patriots and the Steelers because all of these organizations tie into succeeding.  There is minimal hate for teams like Cleveland, Jacksonville, and Miami because all of those teams have not been so successful with winning championships.  With success comes a great burden of having to deal with hatred for being able to successfully at some point and time

Finally, Cowboy fans everywhere can thank the sports media community for being the most hated team.  If the Cowboys are doing well they are talked about on ESPN, NFL Network and other media sights.  If the Cowboys aren’t doing well, they are still talked about even more so by these same media groups.  That old saying of “haters make you famous” holds very true.

Back to this poll, the interesting thing is only 741 people were polled.  As a person who loves numbers I’d be interested to see what would happen if more people from different areas were polled.  Regardless of what this poll states, the Cowboys are still the most talked about team and I could bet you anything that given a poll to a broader group of people asking who their favorite team is, the Dallas Cowboys would top that list too.

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