Nov 24, 2013; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning (10) is sacked by Dallas Cowboys defensive tackle Jason Hatcher (97) and defensive end George Selvie (99) during the third quarter of a game at MetLife Stadium. The Cowboys defeated the Giants 24-21. Mandatory Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Could This Be The Cowboys Best Off-Season In A Decade?

I catch a lot of grief from Cowboy Nation because I’m a fan of Jerry Jones. I haven’t always agreed with him, but I usually knew what to expect. If a player had a big game on Sunday, Jones would announce that the player was signed to a 10 year contract worth 5 trillion dollars on Monday. That’s Jerry being Jerry. I would’ve put $20 in the hat for Dwayne Harris and Cole Beasley after a few of their in-game performances.

If Cowboy Nation screamed, “We need a cornerback to get over the hump!”, Jones would bring in a free agent corner or move up in the draft to select one. While other teams have players that want to hold out of training camp or demand a trade, it would be business as usual in Valley Ranch. Players reported on time to the best facility, the best stadium, the best cafeteria, maybe not always to the best coaches but that’s changed with Linehan, Kiffin & Marinelli. One thing for sure, you can’t say Jerry Jones has been tight with the purse strings.

I wish we hadn’t released Terrell Owens. I know he was a toxic figure in and out of the locker room. Personally, I’m a megalomaniac that does sit-ups in my driveway and jogs in slow motion on the beach. When I go to the movies, you better believe they have my popcorn ready. Plus, I love me some me too! I even quote myself, like last week when I wrote – “Having an opportunity to wear “The Star” and play under coaches Marinelli and Monte Kiffin will be a factor for a lot of free agents.” I knew that Henry Melton would sign with the Cowboys.

I’ve changed for the better (a little), so has Jerry as a GM and definitely the Cowboys as a team. I have a feeling that this off-season will be remembered as a franchise changer. Only time will tell, but this is the first time Jones has shown the ability to prepare the team for success with players in the present and provide a sound financial future. He’s secured younger and experienced players at reasonable salaries this off-season. We’ve never been able to say that.

Some of you will always hate Jerry Jones, you’re mad that he fired Tom Landry, you’re mad Jimmy Johnson isn’t the coach, you’re mad Ware and Hatcher (and probably Spencer) will be playing elsewhere, you’re mad at Romo’s contract. If you’re mad all the time and the Cowboys can never do anything right, then perhaps the Cowboys aren’t for you. I’m just being honest.

For the rest of us, this is a time for optimism. Yes, I’m accused of being a pom-pom carrying cheerleader at times. Good fans should believe their team will win games. What’s wrong with that?

Currently, there are 32 teams trying to improve and that includes the defending Super Bowl Champions. This off-season has been great because it has been smart. I would go so far to say – “Addition by Subtraction”. Releasing our often injured and older players has improved the overall health of the team, similar to the releasing of Owens. (See how I tied that together?)

I’m looking forward to seeing Terrell McClain, Jeremy Mincey and Henry Melton get playing time on our defensive line. If we can have another solid draft, perhaps even the eternally negative among us can finally acknowledge that the Cowboys are doing the little things right.





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  • JL

    Love it.

    • Robert H. Carroll


  • Jerry

    I can see were Mr. Carroll is coming from. I even have to admit that Dallas is being smart about what they are doing this year. Don’t overpay for free agents, even your own, and always view the draft as the holy grail. Get a good core of players, and spend a little more money on your depth. This will make your depth better and continue to create competition.

    • Earl Robertson

      That’s right should have been done a long time ago

      • Robert H. Carroll

        True. Maybe Jerry’s swallowed his pride and decided that it’s time to win by trying something different.

        • JerryJonesSux

          Try something different?? Hell, he has no choice!!! The cowboys have no cap space to do anything but sign a never was quarterback, and d lineman.

    • Robert H. Carroll

      Glad you agree Jerry. We used to overpay our own free agents and give massive contract extensions anytime a player was shown on SportsCenter. I can’t wait for the draft.

  • Scott.

    I can and have a right to be mad at all you’ve mentioned. Over 40 years of supporting dallas by purchasing merchandise and going to games I have that right. I’ll say this Jerry wants to win and that I like about him as GM. The #1 issue I have with your BFF is he opens his mouth at spews unnecessary garbage that the coaches have to answer later. If he would take less of a role with impromptu interviews and let Garrett or head coach be the voice of the organization then that would do wonders in the locker room.

    • Earl Robertson


    • Robert H. Carroll

      That’s true.. and you can be mad, but at least you managed to find something good about Jerry. I know he wants to win too. I honestly believe that, but for years he tried to do it like the Yankees and Lakers. In this league, you can’t just throw money at the team anymore. As for the interviews, I feel your pain. Jerry reports on injuries like he’s the team doctor. However, if I had to be honest… I’d be the same way! I gotta big ego. I’d take a selfie and have it printed on the roof of the stadium.

  • Albert Smith

    I am in complete agreement with you Rob , my thing has never to demean anyone because we all make mistakes, & nobody’s perfect but I have & will continue to be cautiously optimistic about my Dallas Cowboys until I see vast improvement though with a little time im sure they’ll get things straight.

    • Robert H. Carroll

      Cautiously optimistic.. I like that, but I don’t think we need “vast” improvement. We did go 5 – 1 in the division and scored 51 touchdowns. I hate saying “IF”, but had they finished against the AFC West (Broncos, Chargers, Chiefs) or defeated the Packers. Sigh. Look how many losses were by 3 points or less (5 games). With some defensive help, we could’ve been 13 – 3. I believe we’re closer than you may think.

      • Albert Smith

        I again agree with you, but we have to develop a true identity & show on a consistent basis proper execution on the field. Those are the most critical keys to the success of the Cowboys, we’ve seen it each season one game they’re going hard & it seems like all is well until something dumb happens from the coach or a player that drives me & true fans alike to say the dreaded I knew this would happen! I just don’t want to be over confident with my approach to the Cowboys, so staying patient is key as Jason Garrett says it’s a process & it won’t happen overnight #MicrowaveSociety though the clock is ticking loudly.

  • disqus_kLJwdEdnOL

    It is hard to believe JJ is making these decisions. They just make too much sense for me to associate them with a man who for the past 17 plus years has done nothing but make mistake after mistake. I suspect the decision to waste resources on acquiring the worst quarterback in the league was probably JJ’s decision. After all, he had to show his ugly head somewhere. I am glad to hear though hat JJ has at least one fan. Maybe if the Cowboys go better than 8 & 8 he will gain another fan and double his fan base.

    • Robert H. Carroll

      Not exactly the worst move ever.. Weeden is slightly familiar with our offense because he worked with Norv Turner in Cleveland. Weeden played at Oklahoma State where the Cowboys located Dez Bryant (WR), Dan Bailey (K), Joseph Randle (RB), and Orie Lemon (LB). I think they scout heavy there and know what they are getting. After all, he may not touch the field. I can’t say we’ve been imperfect. We haven’t gone 0 – 16 and unlike Washington, our Super Bowl highlights aren’t on Betamax video tapes. In the end though, it’s not like Jerry has dropped a touchdown pass. How much blame can he get?

  • deanhighlife

    Just win and we the haters shut up.

    • Robert H. Carroll

      Nope, haters will always say something like “Oh, you only won the Super Bowl by 5 points.”

  • Guy Smith

    I have to admit total Disgust with this article and the Delusionalists that agree with it..How much farther down do you want Jones to take this team before you ask, beg and demand he hire a real football man to run things in Dallas?/ Simply stated, You guys deserve what’s coming.

    • Robert H. Carroll

      How far down are we? The Cowboys went 8-8, but so were 5 other teams and 13 teams were worse than 8 – 8. I don’t include Garrett, but I do feel that Jerry is listening to Kiffin, Marinelli and now Linehan. This group scored 51 touchdowns, 6th most in the league. The Cowboys are going to be dangerous.

    • aprado0811

      I would usually reason, then offer a counter argument but I’m not. Teams go through tough times and if you can’t handle it then jump ship. Sink or swim ill be optimistic and support this team.

  • MisterBeasley

    This could be. The defense is in a rebuilding phase. Offense went through the past 3 years. Tyron Smith, Dez Bryant, Demarco Murray, Terrance Williams, and Travis Frederick. The production from the younger guys on offense led to the 5th ranked offensive onslaught this past season. The defense gave up 415 yards per game last year, so if we can continue to add younger/fresh guys to the defense we can eliminate some error.

    • Robert H. Carroll

      Good points and remember that we still went 5 – 1 in the division. I see us having a more attacking defense with Marinelli in charge. Kiffin’s defense is more like – “Let them catch it, but make sure you tackle them afterwards.”

      • MisterBeasley

        We did go 5-1, however all the victories were won by close margins. Outside of the division the only game we dominated was the St. Louis game. Part of the reason for the defense’s lack of production was switchin from the 3-4 to the 4-3 Tampa 2. You are totally right that method was crap because our front four could not put pressure on the QB. Broncos and Lions tape show that the Tampa 2 is beyond obsolete.

  • [email protected]

    I think Dallas has made the right moves this off season by signing a starter and backup defensive linemen thus for. I’m glad to see Jerry Jones finally being a GM and not over paying older players like he did in the past. It was hard seeing D Ware and Hatcher leaving. I know Allen is older but he is still a beast and would be a good signing a contract like Melton signed.

  • ctcowboy1968

    “Best coaches… Linehan, Kiffin and Marinelli. Marinelli – Yes! Linehan – we’ll see. Kiffin – wtf, this dude is awful and has been for a long time.