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Who's Pulling the 'Trigger' for the Dallas Cowboys?

If you haven’t realized it yet, the Cowboys are in remodeling mode.  Not rebuilding mode because well the foundation is there, however, they are remodeling and trying to fit pieces together within the allotted cap space and build a team.  Now we as fans have been through a rollercoaster ride of emotions this past week.  A beloved player was cut after 10-years and a player most fans could agree upon was cut two years too late.   The biggest question to ask is exactly who is pulling the trigger on these moves because this is not typical Jerry Jones.

A few ideas come forward as to who is really responsible for all of these moves.  First off, there is the head coach, Jason Garrett.  As much as I am not a fan of Garrett as a head coach, it’s hard to argue that Garrett has a hand in getting younger players, having better drafts and getting rid of the benchwarmers on the team.  Since Garrett took over as head coach he has revamped the players from the Wade Phillips era and assisted in bringing in his own core players.

Then there’s the new voice of reason, the new defensive coordinator, Rod Marinelli.  While Marinelli was associated with the team last season, he has a little more pull being the defensive coordinator now.  Since Marinelli is the new kid on the block, one must ponder if he is the reason key defensive players have been let go.  Whether he believes they aren’t a good fit for his 4-3 defense or some other unknown reason.  Marinelli may not be the sole suspect but I believe he has a bigger hand in it than we think.

Another new face is Will McClay who is the new assistant director of player personnel.  This would be another good guess on who within the Cowboys organization is really pulling the trigger on the personnel moves so far in the free agency frenzy.  He’s a new face to the organization with a strong football background.  McClay has been described as someone who has a keen understanding of match ups in the league.  It has also been said of McClay that he is an old school believer in quickness and toughness and believes in taking baby steps with a team and start small by making a goal of winning the division and move on from there.

Truth be told, it could be any one of these people or even Jerry himself that is making smarter decisions within the organization, even if the fans don’t like it.  The point of the matter is for years, Cowboy fans have been disgruntled because the organization as a whole tends to hold onto players longer than they should and over pay them at the same time.  This year, finally, Dallas releases players smartly and gets under the salary cap and fans are still disgruntled.  Which ever one of these people within the organization is the one responsible for these decisions has been a huge asset already, however the best bet is that it is a group decision not solely one person.

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  • FranklySpeaking15

    I listen to a lot of Chicago radio and this week a common comment from disgruntled Bears fans, show hosts, and football “experts” is “Well, at least we’re not Dallas or Washington!” Can we please lose the “America’s Team” moniker now, it’s embarrassing to cling to a handle like that when the rest of America is laughing at you.

    • DerekM88

      You know, you could always be a Seahawks or Broncos fan and that way you won’t be embarrassed.

      • FranklySpeaking15

        You assume I’m a Cowboys fan…I’m not, but you’re not embarrassed, if you’re a boys fan, by their continued use of a nickname that one time, a long, long time ago, represented organizational excellence? This organization, not the players or the fans, has become a laughingstock, and clinging to long past glory is more evidence of their organizational dysfunction.

        • johnnydalas

          Get off this site if you dont like OUR AMERICAS TEAM NAME!! LOOK AT THE RATINGS joker!

        • iPlay4keeps

          Cowboys will always be America’s team. You either love us or hate us. As a Cowboys fan the last 25 year’s I can say I will never change squads. Everyone talks Shit but every year we have gone 8-8 we’ve had a chance. If your not a Seahawks fan you didn’t do Shit last year. Loyalty is why America hates us. You CLOSET fans can keep jumping teams but with Dallas wins their 6th your more than welcome to jump on the bus.

  • SmartThinking

    Who’s pulling the trigger, you ask? That’s easy. As usual, it’s a circular firing squad!

  • Earl Robertson

    I commented in another article a couple of days ago that I think this Scout is the ones calling the shots and Jerry gets the credit for it. I don’t care as long as they keep making good moves but if this scout is as good as people are saying then he will be a GM soon and that is going to be a bad deal for us fans

  • Guy Smith

    Cowboys NATION?? With Jerry Jones, you’re a Third World Nation Wrahahahaaa