Grading the Dallas Cowboys Special Teams & Brass

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Dan BaileyThe last article on grading the Dallas Cowboys is going to be about the Special Teams and the Management. Okay, as I begin the grading of the Special Teams I must tell you something. I really hate Kickers. I have always hated Kickers. Do you remember when Peyton Manning dissed Mike Vanderjagt and called him “our drunken kicker?” The truth is most players don’t much like Kickers.

My dislike started at a football camp in Texas. While the rest of the players were sweating out collective buns off the Kickers had it easy. One time as we were running laps I saw a Kicker warming up and he had a water bottle in his hand as he was practicing kicks. Another time I saw one smoking as he practiced his kicks.

These feelings boiled over one time as the team I was playing on ground out a drive into field goal range only to see our kicker flub it badly and we lost. That is only slightly worse than grinding it out, him making the kick and getting all the glory for winning the game. No one ever mentions the guys who killed themselves to get him the field position for the kick in the first place.

If ever I was going to like a kicker it would probably be someone like Dan Bailey. He just may be the best kicker Dallas has ever had. The fact is his next field goal made will put him ahead of Michael Irvin for 5th place all time on the Cowboys scoring list. If he gets near his average of 130 points he will move within striking distance of Tony Dorsett for 3rd place on the Cowboys all time list.

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