Sep 23, 2012; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones on the field prior to the game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Cowboys Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

In Defense Of Jerry Jones

I know many of you cannot stand Jerry Jones. You say he’s senile, stupid, and football-challenged. He has ruined the Cowboys. He’s the Devil incarnate. “If only Jerry were out of the way, this team would be great again” you all say.

Well, I don’t care. I like the guy.

Yes, he has done a lousy job of being a GM for a long time. One only needs to look at the Cowboys’ current cap situation to see that. The NFL these days is just as much about money management as it is about game management, and the Cowboys were severely lacking in that regard when Jerry was flying solo for a few years (the Wade Era) and made genius moves like giving WR Roy Williams a 5-year, $45 million deal. And I’ll never forget the Campo years and three straight 5-11 seasons.

But dwelling on Jerry’s past failures does no good. Just like many disregard the fact that the man has three Super Bowls to his name as an owner, I have no issue forgetting his recent struggles. Life, and football, move on.

What I care about when it comes to Jerry Jones is how he is running this team now. And that is where I see hope.

He has developed patience. Old Jerry would’ve had Jason Garrett gone after three 8-8 season, maybe even two. Instead, he is giving a young coach with promise the chance to implement a system that he (Garrett) believes in. It’s taking time, but the great things in life usually do.

He has also developed some humility. When asked this week about the Cowboys’ lack of Super Bowl titles (or playoff wins) since the 90s, Jerry had this to say:

We should have been knocking on the door and we haven’t and I have no excuses, it starts here…Now for us not to having got it done during those years is a mess up…You got to get it when you’re high like that. When you’re high up on it. You can’t miss your bus when you got your quarterback and you got good talent around him and if you miss that bus in the NFL…All of that boils down to management of a cap, management of certainly having players that deserve to get the money that you got…When I look back on it, we probably paid some people that we probably would have been better off not paying.

What more can you ask for? He admits he screwed up.

This is why I like Jerry Jones. I can forgive someone as long as they have the willingness to admit their shortcomings and try to improve themselves. Which is exactly what he has done.

I also believe no owner in the NFL cares more about winning a Super Bowl than Jerry. Sure, it means he has an enhanced media presence that can be a distraction, but if that is a side effect of the man at the top actually caring about winning games I can live with it.

And if you don’t like Jones? Well, I’m sorry.

He’s not selling this team and he’s not going to give up being GM. You can scream on message boards all you want, you can yell at your TV, and you can walk around with jerseys that say FIRE JERRY on the back.

Jones still owns this team.

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  • SmartThinking

    You’ve been mesmerized by Jones’ smoke and mirrors humility act. He hasn’t changed one iota in twenty-five years.

    Do you seriously think he’s suddenly, out of the blue, come face to face with his own mismanagement and inept handling of this organization and now he’s so overwhelmed with his incompetence he’s gonna spill his guts to the world in hopes everyone will forgive him?

    Jones is a wildcatter and a showman. When they’re up, they’re brash, flashy gamblers willing to take a chance on anything. When they’re down, they’re broke, they mope and try to get you to feel sorry for them because they talk low and flutter a dash of honesty.

    In any other world but professional sports, this type of individual would be classified as an Obsessive/Compulsive. Think about it.

    • John

      That’s not what wildcatters are like! They’re up no matter what – when they miss, they shrug it off and fully expect to hit the next one. You never see a wildcatter moping and seeking pity. Wildcatters are optimistic right up to the point of being delusional. They believe when no one else does. Kenny Spotz – wildcatter. Get some, man!

      • SmartThinking

        In an interview just yesterday, Jones was quoted as saying that he’s only cried after a game loss three times. And during one of those crying spells of his, he said he cried as hard as he did the last time he drilled up a dry hole. So, I guess wildcatters do cry.

  • GoalLineStan

    You gotta be kidding me, man. Jones has done more, since he’s owned this team, to ruin it in every way. Bad drafts. Overpaid players. Loser Free Agents. Making the Cap impossible to work with. Not dumping playeers way past their prime. Himself as GM over so many losing seasons he’d have fired himself several times if it were anybody else.
    I don’t feel sorry for Jones one bit. He’s said again and again that he’s responsible. I agree. You know who I feel sorry for? All of us Cowboys fans who’ve suffered at his boneheaded stubbornness for twenty-five years now without a winner or even a contender in the last fifteen.

  • Old Frog

    They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks but hopefully he’s learned a few and the next 18 years won’t be like the last. Parity would dictate he’s still got 14 more years to win a Super Bowl before he’s statistically below average.

  • Scott.

    All I can add is I disagree with Jerry changing one bit. I could rant about Jerry miserable failures and one playoff win in the last 18 or so years but it won’t matter. Some author will try to outthink themselves and write a pro Jerry article trying to persuade us otherwise. The bait is not that appealing.

  • Chesney Blair

    Thanks for the good news big fella. Any other things that you might want to tell us we already didn’t know?

    Now explain me this, if this kind of nonsense happened anywhere else in the world be it with Man U, Real Madrid, or any other team like the Yankees, anywhere where there is a big dog in the particular sport not having any kind of success for nearly two decades do you think the fans wouldn’t be more outraged?

    Stop being a bloody sheep, do something. Start a Facebook group, protest during the games, do something. Jerry has been the devil for sure, but the Cowboy fans have watched the kick in the arse in a placid fashion.

    Do you want examples in recent home games, the Packer fans, and the year before the Steelers and Bears fans were in abundance in our stadium.

    The whole thing has become a joke!


  • Chesney Blair

    He is a senile wanker! Ask every other team’s fan and they will smile. All you need to know.

    By the way just because he owns the team doesn’t mean he owns the fan base. Have some respect!

  • LG

    Common Kenny, your stating the obvious. You want the fan base to be ok with mediocrity? Sorry, not guna happen. Your right, he still owns the team and will still be GM but I don’t have to accept his absolute distruction of the football operations side. So he admits his mistakes, we should just put with his insanity. I think not. Jerry is just an ego maniac!

    • Chesney Blair

      Exactly this type of behaviour needs revolution. We are the Yankees, Lakers, Man U, we shouldn’t have to tolerate two decades of this nonsense. Why are fans so calm and easy about it? Why do we have tobe caged into Jerry’s thinking of what is good for the team. I don’t give a toss about his billion dollar stadium. My favoutie team is not winning and is a joke.

      I can’t believe this guy who wrote the article justifies JJ’s actions. Can you believe him? He is basically telling you and me to stop moaning and take the horrible records as they come because this idiot owns the team? So why are we a fan then? We shouldn’t push for our team to improve? Just move on? We would love to move on but the mistakes keep happening? You thing two decades is not enough for us to ask for a change?

  • Pete Vieira

    Man oh man , I guess you’re just wanted to see the reaction to your bonehead comments, you I like Jerry because he’ll admit his mistakes ..REALLY MAN ! .Its been an 18 yr drought Johnboy, just say goodnight and shutup.

  • Pete Vieira

    Excuse me I thought it was John that wrote this stupidity, Kenny just shutup! its morons like you that embolden this arrogant billionaire.