Dallas Cowboys Should Trade WR Dez Bryant

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Nov 3, 2013; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant (88) on the field before the game against the Minnesota Vikings at AT&T Stadium. The Cowboys beat the Vikings 27-23. Mandatory Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

This idea has been mentioned somewhere before. I’m just not that original, however I can definitely see the merits of an idea that seems suicidal to many fans of the Dallas Cowboys while also making a ton of sense to the remaining chunk of the fan base.

It’s simple—trade wide receiver Dez Bryant.

If there’s a strong deal in place for this volatile pass-catcher who’s heading into his fifth year in the NFL, owner and general manager Jerry Jones would go a long ways towards changing his inept reputation by jumping all over it.

There’s some realities concerning America’s Team that are going to require wholesale changes and unexpected moves if the franchise is to remove itself from what’s turning into more of an era of mediocrity than it is just a couple of bad seasons.

Don’t get me wrong—I like Bryant as a player as much as anybody and I loved it when Dallas made him a first-round selection in 2010. The issue here has more to do with the position Bryant plays then it does Bryant as a person or single player.

We have to keep in mind the current shape of the Dallas roster.

In short, the Cowboys are gutted where the salary cap is concerned and they have also been awful at drafting for close to 20 years now. Forget solid first rounders like Bryant, left tackle Tyron Smith, center Travis Frederick and even outside linebacker / defensive end DeMarcus Ware, if you want to go back that far.

The double first-round whiff in 2008 (backup-running back Felix Jones and cornerback Mike Jenkins) combined with a nice goose-egg in the opening round of the 2009 player selection meeting pretty much set the tone for the second decade of the new millennium. The first round of the 2012 NFL Draft brought yet another cornerback (Morris Claiborne) that not only cost the franchise a second-round pick but also brought in a player that can’t seem to stay healthy or keep his starting job.

I’ll spare you my thoughts on the first-round choice in 2006—remember Bobby Carpenter?

Probably not, because there’s nothing to remember there.

The second round has been even worse, the Cowboys pretty much sticking to linebackers with injury history while in college, tight ends, in addition to Pro Bowl veteran Jason Witten, who either didn’t or haven’t shown anything or nobody at all thanks to other poor decisions.

On top of these issues, Dallas has also over-paid aging players that completely failed to deliver while also trading premium draft picks for other players in the same category. The name Roy Williams should still ring a bell, but obviously not the strong safety of the same name. How about Joey Galloway?

Yes, the Cowboys have inadvertently left gaping holes in a roster that seems to be fading each year, even despite that repeated .500 record since 2011.

No, Jones won’t be able to repair years worth of damage over the course of this offseason even if he lands starters with his first four selections in the coming draft—anyone believe that this will happen?

At some point, Dallas needs to get above water concerning the salary cap. It also needs more in the way of young talent, much like it had as the 1990s began—much like the defending Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks have right now.

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  • Old Frog

    In a minority but totally agree. If we had traded Ware, Austin, Spencer, Ratliff, and even Witten and/or Romo before last year’s draft the Cowboys would be a much better team today with plenty of cap space.

    • Christian Blood

      Frog I like your thinking but Bryant is the only guy with a long-term future (probably, considering his emerging back issues) and a manageable contract requirement that would be worth any kind of trade of value.

      I don’t think those other guys would fetch much, if anything, given their respective circumstances; age, injuries, salary.

      • Old Frog

        Totally agree. Notice I said before last year’s draft. I was advocating that back then before Romo’s contract and franchising Spencer again, and as would be expected, was routinely slammed on the boards for suggesting such heresy. In hindsight (which is always 20/20) I think I was right. Unfortunately that window is closed and all we would get at this point is cap relief. Going forward Bryant is all we got except for Smith and I would never trade an O lineman of his caliber. His shelf life is much longer and his contribution more critical. Just my 2 cents.

        • Christian Blood

          Frog I hear what you’re saying with that. Smith needs to be a Cowboys for sure …

  • sed335i

    so then we trot out Terrance Williams and Dwayne Harris as our top 2 WR’s?? Because even if Austin isn’t cut (which he will be, too much $$$), he’s ALWAYS hurt. This is a silly proposal and something that would never happen. Dez isn’t going anywhere…mainly, out of necessity.

    • Christian Blood

      No, he’s probably not going anywhere, however given Dallas’ cascade of holes, many of which can’t be filled this offseason and others that will emerge in the future as players like Romo, Witten and Ware (scheduled for another surgery now) begin to decline, Bryant is the best bargaining tool in which to gain more young and less expensive talent for the future.



      Do the math here. Wide receiver don’t create contenders.

      • Sherif Al-Qaabil

        Using that same logic why would another team give up much for a Wide receiver? I don’t think trading Dez just for the sake of couple picks makes the Cowboys any better. The Cowboys have a plethora of issues and trading Dez won’t fix them. especially considering how this team has used draft picks there is no guarantee they would be able to replace him. They would be better off cutting ties with some older players who eat up a lot of cap space.

  • cowboys

    Dez, are you a fucking idiot

  • cowboys


  • nick

    Bumped his head some where

    • Christian Blood

      Right, bumped it hard enough to realize the obvious, which is pretty much what this piece is all about.

      Thanks for reading.

  • Fred Samford

    Lets do this right. Not only should the Cowboys trade Bryant, but also Jason Witten, and DeWare. This all have nothing to do with proformance more to do with the cap and more important draft picks. If I couple get a three or 4 number 1 draft picks for these guys I think I could rebuild a team much like Jimmy Johnson did with walker.

    • Christian Blood

      I don’t think Dallas gets any No. 1s for anybody on their roster at this time … Bryant being a slim possibility. However, getting numerous 2s, 3s or 4s would give bargaining chips with which to possibly end up with two second rounders … or maybe, ultimately, a couple of first rounders.

      Yes, the fat needs to be trimmed because this team isn’t even competitive with the NFL’s elite teams right now.

  • Falconer

    Take the tin foil hat off , insane idea as Jerry would settle for mediocre players in any trade with half of them named Jones he is no Jimmy Johnson! Joey Galloway was injured on the first play after being acquired , and Dez is the only bright spot to watch he will be one of the greatest in the Linehan offense . I would franchise tag him after the year .

    • Christian Blood

      Why would you franchise a guy who you plan to keep for the long haul?

      That makes absolutely no sense at all.

      And forget the Linehan offense making any difference whatsoever unless Dallas gets a running game that aspires for more than about 20 carries per game.

      Oh, and Joey Galloway was not injured on the first play … he made it well into the fourth quarter actually and also scored a touchdown. Let me grab my tin foil hat now …

  • ste7en22

    So you want to trade one of the only successful draft picks Jones and his shoddy drafting history has had for more picks? And a lower pick than he hit on at that. Let’s trade dez for a chance at drafting a second round bust. Doesn’t make sense

    • Old Frog

      If after 3 years Bryant isn’t worth a first round pick in a trade that says something about his value to begin with.

    • Christian Blood

      Listen, trading Bryant simply gives the Cowboys additional shots to get younger and better.

      you actually make the argument here: Jones doesn’t draft well, so he needs as many selections as he can possibly get.

      This team is old, expensive and corp players are dwindling in talent. The Cowboys aren’t even close to the top 10 teams in the NFL … I don’t care how potentially volatile the offense can be against the lower tier of NFL clubs.

      The window has shut, period.

  • Og1969

    Trade Dez to fill a hole. Then a wide receiver hole opens up. How does this make sense to you?

    • Christian Blood

      No, you trade Dez to fill numerous holes.

      Exactly why it makes sense LOL

      • aaron p

        Because we have such a great track record of drafting. Trading a superstar for what we assume to be contributors is moronic. I wonder if they forgot, written is aging, Murray is injury prone and our defense is horrible, yeah disseminating or offense is a great idea.

        • Christian Blood

          Precisely the reason that Dallas needs more draft picks. Yes? Murray will be gone next year anyway … better start arming for the future.

          You can’t just not draft because of a track record. You FA is going to fix anything? That avenue is actually worse …

  • AJ Urban

    You can’t deny the chemistry that these offensive weapons have together. Witten Dez and Romo is the best TE/QB/WR combo in the league. Think about how long it would take to create the chemistry between another e players. 5 maybe 6 years? Absolutely not. And you take risks in drafting players. Some college stars don’t make it in the NFL (see Tim Tebow). So why take the chance when you have an offense that is top 10 in the league? Ib believe in dropping Austin. I have been in favor of that since 2 years ago. Use him as trade bait.

    • Christian Blood

      Use who as trade bait?


      He’s not worth the cleats he warms up in, unfortunately.

      Dallas has huge issues on defense and right now it looks like they need no less than three starting-caliber DTs or DEs in the draft. You’re right, some guys don’t make it in the NFL coming from college … so trade Bryant and get lots of picks.

      Remember that Dallas doesn’t have a 6th Round pick this year … hmmm.

  • NYCowboysFan

    Want to do it right, let Ware, Witten, Austin, Claiborne go. They either can’t play anymore or they are always injured. Suck it up, take the hit, and start over with young guys.

    • Christian Blood

      NY, I think you’re right. Unfortunately the cap hit would just torpedo this year and next … but you’ve got to start somewhere.

      Bryant certainly won’t get traded … I think Ware could get released and I fully expect Austin to go.

      Hey, it’s a start.

  • Jack Farguson

    You had me thinking that your not nuts until you brought up the second , third, or fourth round trade. Bryant would have to have substantial value to trade him. He is a proven first rounder! Bryant hasn’t taken Dallas anywhere, but he has done his part. Bryant isn’t the team just like Romo isn’t! Until they get the defense shored up and lose the injury bug, no one member of the team is going to help. I could see a trade for the right amount of return, but only for the right amount of return. We might lose him to FA. anyway.

    • Christian Blood

      Right Jack, we might lose him to FA … so trade him now before the leverage goes away. Teams won’t offer anything as long as they know they can just open up their pocketbook to win a bidding war that Jones can’t match.

      Look at what Anquan Boldin was traded to SF for after last season. Wasn’t exactly a first round pick.

      Bryant is a minimal character risk who also has some developing back issues that everybody is aware of. This could explain why he has disappeared during stretches of numerous games.

      Either way, Bryant would never fetch a first round pick unless it was a franchise that already has multiple first round selections that feels that they’re very close to contention. I would easily take a second round pick for Bryant and run … then turn that extra second into another late first if possible.

  • Chuck DeLeal

    Hey Buckwheat, don’t quit your day job. Why are you clowns allowed to put this mindless crap in front of the public unless it is just to stir up the masses. Christ, I’m about to turn off this idiotic crap and start watching the Olympics. Putting up with Bob Costas might be better than reading this drivel.

  • Parker Dixon

    I think trading Dez Bryant is only logical. He’s a free agent after the 2014 season. The Cowboys are in cap hell. They have more holes than a Swiss Cheese donut.

    This team, as currently constructed, doesn’t appear to be in a position to win now. Trading Bryant is a move for the future. After the season, the Cowboys will either have to tag him or extend him. Both of which will cost the Cowboys too much money and more talent to create cap space.

    I understand the discontent it would cause trading an elite talent like Bryant but what other feasible option do the Cowboys have to get out of mediocrity? Paying a WR $12.5-$16 million a season only adds to the problem.

    What if the Cowboys get two 1sts or a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd or more? The Rams, once again, look like ideal partners for a trade. The Rams have the #2, #13, #44 picks in this years draft.

    Same goes for Murray. They should see what he would bring in return.

    Bryant and Murray for #2, #13, and #44 (more or less?).