Sep 8, 2013; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys center Travis Frederick (72) and guard Mackenzy Bernadeau (73) blocks against New York Giants defensive tackle Mike Patterson (93) at AT&T Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports 2013 NFL Re-Draft: Cowboys Overreach For Travis Frederick Justified

Hindsight is 20/20. Our friends over at Sports Illustrated re-drafted the 2013 NFL Draft in January. Fans will remember the criticism the Dallas Cowboys took for their trade with the San Francisco 49ers with their first round pick and the subsequent overreach for Wisconsin center Travis Frederick at #31 overall. Although many agree a third round compensation pick for moving down 13 spots in the first is still seen as a mistake, just as many see the selection of Frederick as the right choice by Dallas. And this includes the good people over at

In their 2013 NFL Re-Draft, Frederick was selected at #20 overall by the Chicago Bears. Justifying his selection in the first round, the move has him taken 11 spots earlier and very close to the Cowboys’ original draft position at #18 overall. Here’s what Sports Illustrated’s Don Banks had to say about the Frederick pick:

“Though some considered him to have gone too high, Long proved to be a very solid choice for the Bears and helped improve their problematic offensive line. We could easily stand pat with him to Chicago at No. 20. But Frederick, taken 31st by Dallas, was an even better find, and premium centers seem more difficult to find these days than premium guards. The Cowboys earned quite a bit of derision when Frederick’s name was called on draft night, but the joke was on everybody but Dallas.”

Frederick was also been named to the Pro Football Writers Association’s All-Rookie team earlier this year. He played every snap for the Cowboys last season, committing only three penalties the entire time. His play and these recent accolades certainly prove that the Dallas Cowboys were justified in selecting Frederick in the first round.

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  • SmartThinking

    Who really knows how the draft coulda, shoulda, woulda gone? Frederick’s acquisition has gone a long way towards making the Dallas offensive line better. But they’re two to three guys away from even nearing ‘premier’ status.

    And I’ll say it again, ‘If this team continues its pass-happy offensive scheme, the Dallas offense will continue to sputter and die against much better pass protection defenses until the Cowboys get at least one big pulling guard to cement the right side.’

    There’s only so much a zone offense can do with mediocre guards. Those two positions are, quite literally, the key to mounting a protective screen that gives our aging, broken QB enough time to do his thing. And it just won’t be much better than what we’ve all seen and endlessly bitched about until somebody sees the lightbulb and invests in this team’s future.

    • Earl Robertson

      I still think at the time they could have gotten him in the 2nd round. But losing him would have been bad so in hindsight maybe it was a good thing they didn’t risk it. Dallas drafts have been better but a team like Seattle and their home field adv, will still be so much ahead of the Cowboys and even teams like the niners, saints, and probably the Rams if they use their drafts picks wisely. Seattle drafts in those first two years that Caroll became coach were amazing, because he was fresh out of college and knew the players. It was the same as Jimmy did. But I guess getting a coach from college isn’t always the best thing to do because you can look to the Bucs as an example of that

      • SmartThinking

        Who’s to say if Frederick would have been around later. I’m a proponent of building and maintaining a super strong offensive line and he’s a big part of it. When Smith, Frederick, Waters and Free were together, this team’s offense moved the ball down the field.

        The fact that Seattle beat the tar out of Denver will make lots of people and other team coaches model their defenses after it. I believe their team is young and was grown from within and that’s a large part of their success. It’s a fact that Dallas’ older players with gigantic contracts are quickly moving in the direction of the dinosaurs. Teams just can’t support them anymore, especially when there are so many really good players at every position who’ll play for less.

        We’re watching our favorite sport evolve before our eyes.

  • Scott.

    I’ve said it once and will say it again, had Jerry the genius went with best o lineman available with the 2nd round pick instead of Escobar, this conversation would be a non issue. Twelve catches for a second round te or a full years experience with smith,Frederick,free and 2nd round og. I know which one I would choose.