Meet The Cowboys: NFL's Dysfunctional Family

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Oct 21, 2012; Charlotte, NC, USA; Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones point to the fans prior to the game against the Carolina Panthers at Bank of America Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

On Tuesday night the Dallas Cowboys announced major changes to the organization of their coaching staff.  After reading their release on new responsibilities, my conclusion is Jerry Jones has created an even more confusing web of incompetence.

First let me clarify, this is in no way a knock on Scott Linehan and his abilities to call plays in Dallas.  I’m all for bringing in someone with true football knowledge to help. Jerry and Jason have teamed up to become the Ren and Stimpy of the NFL.

If the U.S. military chain of command was this disorganized and muddled, we’d be the laughing stock of the military world.  Regardless of having impressive weapons at our fingertips, we’d be soaked in incompetence.

A fighting force with uncertain leadership is simply ineffective against an equal force with clear chains of command.  The same goes in a battle of two similarly talented football teams.  Better teams almost always have well defined roles of authority.

Well Cowboys we heard your new structure.  Now would you mind removing the smoke and mirrors and tell us who is really in charge of what behind the scenes???

One coach is the boss except in this role, but not in that role, blah blah blah.  So the plan is to compete for a championship while operating with confusion, contradiction, demoted leaders, and uncertain authority?  Welcome to Jerry World.

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  • SmartThinking

    My sense is that Garrett, to maintain any sense of relevancy, has to very carefully maneuver in, around and through Jones’s monumental ego and poor management skills. As anyone knows who’s ever worked for someone who considers themselves to be ‘The World’s Greatest Authority,’ it ain’t easy and requires great diplomatic skill. It also probably requires Garrett to pick his battles.

    Something as important as calling plays for The Dallas Cowboys appears, on the surface at least, to be a pretty good time to fight it out with the boss.

    What shakes me as a fan, though, is Jones taking the blame for elevating Callahan to Chief Play Caller in Charge in the first place. What we don’t know is if or how hard Garrett fought the boss to keep play calling duties for himself in the first place.

    If Garrett wimped out and let Jones have his way, then he’s still head coach out of Jones’ pity.

    If, however, he fought for his position and lost, and Jones put Callahan in place as play caller, with the disastrous results we all know occurred, then Garrett has a great ‘I told you so’ opportunity to blame last season all on Jones’ decision making and better cement his own future. If that’s the way it went, then Garrett’s head coach for another year, annnnnnd with more power to go up against Jones and his boneheaded management style in future decision making. All Garret will have to do is say to Jones, ” Yeah, and remember when you moved Callahan to play caller, ” and Jones will give him anything he wants to forget it was he, the master strategist, who pulled that dumb mistake.

    The Linehan acquisition may be Jones covering his bases or Garrett exercising his newfound power. What puzzles me though is why Jones kept Callahan, who had a chance to flee the madhouse, even if it was to lowly Cleveland, while promoting (semantics for moving him off the organizational chart) Kiffin to Senior Plubah in Charge of Defense But Not Really.

    I suppose that’s where, in this family at least, the real dysfunction begins. Either Jones doesn’t want Callahan and Kiffin landing somewhere and telling stories or, he’s really as crazy as we’ve all been led to believe and is keeping them from leaving because he somehow expects to squeeze an extra drop of value from their cold, dead carcasses.

    Lots to mull over. And, it’s never dull in Dallas.

    • GoalLineStan

      I can’t envision a scenario where Garrett has that much stroke. But, stranger things have surely happened.

  • disqus_kLJwdEdnOL

    To Jerry Jones: Please get out of the way. If you do and the Cowboys are successful, we will give you all the credit for that success.That would be a trade off we all would be willing to give at this point. After all, isn’t that why you continue managing the team and keep all of your personnel on a puppet string?

  • Jack Farguson

    I guess your part of the dysfunctional family of fans. I see you were formerly a CFO. I think I see what happened. You know, Comments like this are better kept to yourself, at least until you know for sure. These moves might be just what the doctor ordered. I’ve always heard that a good leader surrounds himself with people smarter than himself!