Why The Dallas Cowboys Should Welcome Josh Brent Back

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Dec 2, 2012; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys nose tackle Josh Brent (92) on the sidelines against the Philadelphia Eagles at Cowboys Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Former Dallas Cowboys defensive tackle Josh Brent has been handed down a sentence of what amounts to 10 years probation as a result of one amazingly stupid decision. The 180 days he’ll spend in prison doesn’t appear to be a sentence that will prevent him from possibly playing football again as early as next season—or at least it would appear that way.

A maximum sentence of 20 years was on the table for Brent, a defendant that didn’t appear to have much in the way of any defense in this case. He also had a prior arrest for driving while intoxicated back in 2009 while attending University of Illinois.

No, this didn’t look good at all. Granted, intoxication manslaughter is a good ways off from first-degree murder. Yet I still never expected Brent to play professional football again, a distinct possibility depending on how the future unfolds for the three-year veteran.

Good for Brent.

Yes, you heard me right: Good for Brent.

Let me explain.

I know everything that you know about Brent, provided you have followed this story from start to finish. I was aware that Brent was a 2010 NFL Supplemental Draft choice of the Cowboys, although I didn’t know he had a prior DUI arrest when he was selected.

It’s clear to me that Brent had options, with respect to getting home, on the morning of this awful tragedy. I understand that it was also best friend and teammate Jerry Brown’s decision to get in the car with Brent, a mistake that had to be made for this incident to go as badly as it did in the first place. I know that Brent, by himself, is not responsible for Brown’s poor judgment, even despite the fact that the driver wasn’t sporting a lick of common sense on his own.

But I also know something else—and so do you, and I think that we should all applaud this outcome.

There is nobody on this Earth that hurts more than Stacey Jackson. She happens to be Brent’s mother and I think that nobody’s voice should be heard prior to hers—and that includes the legal system.

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