Dallas Cowboys Complete Seven Round Mock Draft

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Apr 26, 2013; New York, NY, USA; NFL commissioner Roger Goodell speaks before the second round of the 2013 NFL Draft at Radio City Music Hall. Mandatory Credit: Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

Yes, it’s time.

Dallas Cowboys fans all over the world have already turned their attention to the offseason and its numerous predraft activities and evaluations. After all, this is the time when all NFL teams—takeaway the two Super Bowl participants—start looking to the future in hopes that next year will yield that which last year did not.

For Dallas, almost all of that hope rests in the upcoming NFL Draft in May.

What can Cowboys fans expect during the annual player selection meeting in New York City? Well, something similar to the following pages would offer major rays of hope for a franchise mired in mediocrity like never before—ever.

This mock intentionally avoids underclassmen, most of which have already declared their professional intentions for ’14 NFL regular season. I generally wait until after February’s NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis before including the rest of the crop of draft-eligible candidates.

I take owner and general manager Jerry Jones at his word, very cautiously I’ll add, that Dallas will not select the eventual replacement for starting quarterback Tony Romo. This could certainly happen but until we’re further down the road this offseason, this is how I’ll play it. I’m also steering clear of any speculation regarding the winner of the coin flip with the Baltimore Ravens, which will determine who picks at the 16th and 17th spots, respectively. Dallas could also end up with numerous compensatory selections since it stands to lose a few free agents, but I’ll hold off on projections there as well.

Finally, this mock represents obvious needs that the Cowboys have, by position. It doesn’t necessarily reflect best players available or trades and you won’t see much in the way of any skill position players this time around. For those eager to see an early safety, running back or more cornerbacks added to the roster, this may not be your favorite mock draft.

However, if Dallas follows a path similar to this one, its chances of landing in the NFL playoffs next year, even without any proposed expansion, will definitely go up.

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  • Old Frog

    Happy to see an OG early. Could do without a single receiver of any kind this year though.

  • SmartThinking

    If defense is the direction this team goes in the first round, Hageman would be my choice as well. I’ve read where he might fall to the 2nd round, however. Since Dallas drafts 48th, Hageman might not be there. He’s the perfect fit for this team and he has the mean spirit this Dallas team desperately needs to jump start it back into contention in the division.

    Since the Cowboys probably won’t draft an OG in round one, your attention to fixing the position with Jackson makes sense. If he’s as big as your info indicates, he just might be the spark the offensive line needs to push people around the field again, like in the good old days.

    • Christian Blood

      I see a few different measurements for Jackson but they’re all quite similar. Either way, he’s a big boy and I’m glad you recognize the importance of strength and mass up on the line. That formula has never failed Dallas … ever.

  • BradAustin

    We differ only very slightly (who doesn’t with drafts? lol) on what exact guys to address the needs with and where. Which is no knock on what you did at all. So many choices and ways to approach it. But knowing what to attack and where is what separates the men from boys. The positions you paid close attention to and the rounds you addressed them in were rock solid. For the record, I’d have zero complaints about any of those player choices.

    DL twice in top 2 rounds…check. DL again and deep safety, both before the 4th round…check. 5th through 7th is always so hard to nail. You wanna give us a space-eating “1 technique”…sign me up. If going WR, speed guy is exactly the way to go late. OLB could use some help, along with that guy being a tough special teams contributor. I like it.

    Rarely in several years, if ever, have I come across a Cowboy’s mock draft and agreed the entire class selected would strongly help our immediate needs. I might alternate a player in here or there, but wouldn’t be much difference in caliber of guys when it all shook out. Either way, I’d be all smiles if the Cowboys got every one of your guys or the alternate version. Great job, CB.

    • Christian Blood

      Thank you much Brad. It might look good on paper but we both know that things will hardly turn out the way they should.

      In other words, a first-round safety or wide receiver wouldn’t shock me in the slightest.

  • BradAustin

    This draft is also shaping up to be an ideal one for JJ to trade back like last year. He could likely still get a top DL, then trade up higher in 2nd for either another solid DL or a top OG. Depends on how it goes but wouldn’t bother me a bit to get a later 1 (if the DL options are there), then trade up for a higher 2..

    • MercWithaMouth

      From most reports JJ didn’t want the pick to be Escobar, that was all Garrett… Now it would be hard to know the real truth on what happened but it doesn’t surprise me one bit… That said, JJ still wouldn’t have drafted Warford he would have likely picked up an injured LB

      • Old Frog

        Really? I wish one of the staff writers would confirm that. It would be good to know who was responsible for that fiasco. We all roast Jerry over it but if that was Garrett’s doing he should be getting the heat. Maybe a question to the mailbag would get a response although those guys probably like their jobs too much to go there.

        • Christian Blood

          I do remember this, although I can’t confirm anything: Garrett was reportedly ecstatic, according to numerous media outlets (namely DMN) immediately following the Escobar selection; this after having been reported to appear unenthusiastic about the Frederick selection once it was finally made.

          Who’s responsible doesn’t really matter. Jones, the GM, should have known better, period. I don’t really care what Garrett thinks about anything, to be completely honest. I realize he’s comfortable with tossing the ball 50-plus times per game and that’s pretty much all I need to know about his “genius”.

    • Old Frog

      Totally agree. I was salivating at the prospect of having both Frederick and Warford in the first two rounds and was nonplussed to the point of apoplexy when they announced Escobar’s name. I may never get over that pick. Maybe that’s why JJ is bringing in a new TE coach – draft didn’t work so let’s throw more resources in to prop up a bad decision.

      • Christian Blood

        And it’s not the first time Dallas has tried that maneuver either …

    • Christian Blood

      That’s extremely well put Brad. The Escobar pick sent me into a brief state of shock and horrific deja vu … much like the Martellus Bennett selection did.

      Choosing Escobar essentially guaranteed that Dallas would not have a starting-caliber player in the second round for the second straight season.

      you just can’t do that crap … and no, Escobar was neither “need” or “best available”.

      Warford was the choice to make, and that’s not “Monday Morning Quarterbacking” either. Jones already knew that Livings and Bernadeau weren’t the answer and Livings offered little more than hope at that point in time.

  • MercWithaMouth

    Only change i would make is Gallon, another 5’8″ receiver doesn’t even need to be on the Boys list when Beasley is so under utilized… At that point in the draft i would make an attempt at the best Lineman on either side of the ball or another bigger receiver to put on the outside with Dez and TWill

    • Christian Blood

      Beasley is nowhere in the same class as Gallon, period. Beasley will never be anything more than he is now, a fourth WR at best … even lower if a corps of Bryant, Williams, Harris and possibly Gallon are on the roster and healthy.

      I was mildly impressed by Beasley last season but the ceiling is just too low to expect him to ever put too much fear in the minds of opposing defenses. Gallon can do everything Beasley can do offensively, plus become a potential weapon on special teams.

      • MercWithaMouth

        And, so could Dunbar if they would use him… Beasley is a chain mover, is he a big play maker? No, but he is reliable, finds ways to get open, and catches almost everything that comes his way.I think Dunbar is superior to Beasley speed and athleticism wise, not to mention he can be a handful running the ball, and on ST, but of course he too is very seldom used. Beasley is going no where because of his consistency and Dunbar is hopefully on the upswing in the coaches eyes. I just don’t see a need for another short receiver when Garrett and Co. cant use the ones they have, they may as well take another TE.

  • GoalLineStan

    The chances of Dallas making the playoffs next season, even with two or three rookies who succeed, are worse than this past season. A quick glance at the schedule should make the point clear.

    • Chesney Blair

      Yes and don’t forget it won’t be so easy to beat on the NFC East foes next year. I see a 6-10 record with JG getting the axe. Hopefully I will be pleasantly surprised.

      Secondly Aaron Donald anyone?

      • Christian Blood

        Donald looks awfully short and light. Gonna watch him closely throughout the offseason but I’m leaning towards a different class of athlete.

        I feel that Donald is either going to be really, really good or a guy that could have a hard time finding a position. The Cowboys have had too many years of being too small on the defensive line.

        • Chesney Blair

          I understand that but I rather have a guy who is a bit small but has a big heart rather than go for someone with right measurements and wrong football acumen(Shariff Floyd?). I wouldn’t mind if we pick up two dts anyways. Jeffcoat Jr would do well here as well.

          • Christian Blood

            I hear you on Donald.

            Randy White was drafted to play linebacker for Dallas and obviously ended up not only playing a most unexpected position, but became a legend.

            Like you said, the Cowboys really need to stock up on ends and tackles. They just can’t have too many of those, period. The NY Giants follow that philosophy and have earned two totally average Super Bowl championship teams in the last seven or eight years.

    • Christian Blood

      I’m with you Stan, I can’t see Dallas making the playoffs next season unless this is one hell of a draft come May … even then, the Cowboys would be awfully young at numerous positions and I doubt that the aging, existing corps of veterans is strong enough anymore to hold off either the NY Giants or Philly.

      2014 schedule is actually brutal, unless there’s lots of adversity for numerous teams on the schedule.

  • Jerry’s Replacement

    Hageman is a bust waiting to happen. He can’t even dominate in the Senior Bowl, so how is he going to make a difference in the NFL. Ra Shede can’ t hold Aaron Donald’s jock. He’s a big, slow twitch space eater. You have to draft playmakers on the defensive line. Players that disrupt, sack the QB, have tackles for loss. The NFL has made it to where DB’s can’t play defense anymore,so sacks and TFL’s are the only way for a defense to stop an offense anymore! You have to have quick penetrating pressure for DB’s to have a chance to make a play. Hageman will not provide that!!! Why waist a first rounder on a big run stopping space eater? Stupid! I would take Donald, Will Sutton, Anthony Johnson, Tim Jernigan, and Caraun Reid before I took Hageman. Watch some tape people.

  • Jerry’s Replacement

    Dallas trades 16 to the 49er’s for 30,62, and 126. The 49er’s move up to get Mike Evans. they have plenty of ammo to move up seeing that they have 13 picks in this years draft. This is how Dallas should proceed:

    30. Aaron Donald – DT Pitt 6’1″ 288lbs
    47. Xavier Su’a-Filo – OG UCLA 6’3″ 305lbs
    62. Yawin Smallwood – LB Conn
    78. Jeremiah Attouchu – LB, DE Georgia Tech
    110. Ed Reynolds – FS Stanford
    126. Caraun Reid – DT Syracuse
    146. Brandon Coleman – WR Rutgers 6’6″ 225lbs
    206. Dri Archer – offensive weapon – Kent State
    209. Ethan Westbrooks
    215. Larry Webster

    Now that’s a real draft!

  • Jose

    I like some of this picks, however, I will be very disappointed if they draft anything other than the best available defensive line and one guard. On last years draft I was happy with it, we needed more lineman but the escobar pick will be great in a few years. Safety wise we are fine, not great. some of this young guys need a little more time to develop.