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Is Dallas Setting Jason Garrett up for Failure?



The off-season gives us bloggers a time and chance to think of difference scenarios that may or may not come true.  It gives us time to play arm-chair general manager and predict draft picks and for people like me, it gives us time to do a little over-thinking when it comes to the Dallas Cowboys organization.


As the savviest fans know, head coach Jason Garrett’s contract ends at the end of the 2014 season.  It is probably a good reason why, much to the disappointment of quite a few fans, owner and general manager Jerry Jones has not made any head coaching changes for the 2014/15 season.  Let’s try to think outside the box for a moment and humor me with your thoughts on this as well.


With the off-season for the Dallas Cowboys in its early stages, no major coaching changes have taken place.  The same core group of defensive coordinator, offensive coordinator and head coach are still there.  This is the same core group of coaches who are to blame for the major failures in the 2013/14 season.  Throw out everything we know about Jerry Jones and his love of Garrett as the head coach of Dallas.  Let’s throw out the basis that Jones was premature in hiring Garrett as head coach, when obviously Garrett isn’t ready for that kind of responsibility, especially with a team like Dallas.  Let’s focus on this, nothing has changed and from the looks of it, nothing will change for the next season with the exception of new faces from the draft and probably some beloved player gone due to the salary cap.  Regardless, you as a Cowboys fan should know that the same group of core players like Tony Romo, Jason Witten, DeMarcus Ware and DeMarco Murray will still be wearing a star come next September.  So therefore, you still have the same group of “core’ mediocre players with the same group of less than average coordinator and a fairly average head coach.


Now we all know that Jason Garrett is average, his record states that.   8-8 you cannot become more average than that.  What if, with no changes and the same personnel, Garrett is being set up for failure so that Jerry Jones doesn’t have to “fire” his beloved redhead but more of a it didn’t work out for your contract we’ll let you go now, type deal?   If you think about it, it’s easier to keep the same coaches for the last year of a head coaches contract than it is to fire a bunch of coordinators and then turn around and have to do the same thing next year.  It’s actually quite logical!  So if Garrett fails once more get his team over the playoff drought then it would only be logical that Jones won’t extend or welcome him back.


So the real question is, has Dallas set Jason Garrett up for failure? The obvious answer is probably.  Or to take it a step a further is this just another year Jason Garrett will have a scapegoat to seal his long term fate with the Dallas Cowboys?

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  • SmartThinking

    Garrett was dealt a bum hand what with Jones’ micromanagement of the team. But, let’s face it, he’s doing a lot of the ‘setting up’ all on his own.

  • ctcowboy1968

    JJ needs to throw JG and the coordinators all out. Don’t waste another year! JG has never been any good, even as an OC. The worst part of JG’s learning on the job experience, is that he is so stupid that he never learns. He costs this team 2 wins a year. Those 2 wins would put us in the playoffs every year.
    I disagree that the name players are average. Dez, Tyron Smith and Bailey are great. Fred, Murray (given the ball more), Witten, Harris are all way better than average. Not mentioning really good players that can’t stay on the field. Then there’s TWill and Beasley who are going to be much better than average.

    • Earl Robertson

      I want to like Garrett but I can’t disagree that he has cost cowboys 2 games per season. The worse one was his first year as coach and he didn’t call timeout when Dez caught it on the 30 yard line with 26 secs left and for some reason I can never understand he doesn’t call timeout when he had 2 timeouts left. They rush on the field and he calls timeout as Bailey kicks what would have been the game winner!! They lose to cards and he has mismanage the game like you said about 2 per season. I would thought he would be so much better but even though he improve on it this season it still wasn’t very good. Also he needs to learn when you win the toss always kick the ball especially when you are playing on the road.

  • CraigK

    JJ is obviously a great business man when it comes to numbers. Where he is lost is when it comes to people. And unfortunately for him people play football. JJ needs to stick to selling tickets and jerseys and let knowledgeable football people run that side of the operations. His ego won’t allow him to do that.