The Pro Bowl Is a Waste of Time for Dallas, NFL

Jan 22, 2014; Ko

Is it just me, or is the NFL trying too hard? The Pro Bowl has been suffering for at least the last five years, and maybe even longer. And now they’re trying to piggyback on the immense popularity of Fantasy Football when there is no real connection between the two. Trying to merge fantasy and reality is like trying to bring movie story-lines to life. Some things are just better left in the virtual space.

As many of you who follow the Dallas Cowboys and the NFL already know, the Pro Bowl fantasy voting just concluded. As expected, there are Cowboys players on both squads. This causes a real problem, not only for this year, but for the future of the all-star game. Players have already been dogging it on the field, and now teammates are going up against each other. Will this spike or kill what competitiveness remained? In my opinion it will be the latter. It will be easy for players to take it easy on one of their own. They don’t kill each other when they are hard at work during the season, preparing for the upcoming opponent. Are we to expect that they will go all out when they know one of their own guys might get the blunt of the pain and possibly suffer an injury?

Just in case you missed it, here’s a rundown of the teams Dallas’ Pro Bowlers were drafted by, so you can see what potential matchups might occur:

Team Rice

  • DeMarco Murray
  • Tyron Smith
  • Jason Hatcher

Team Sanders

  • Dez Bryant
  • Jason Witten

What can be done to fix the Pro Bowl, if anything? Should these multi-millionaires be offered more money to win? Should they move the game back to its original slot, the week following the Super Bowl? Or should they just ax it? I don’t think there is a fix. They can either continue to force this game down the players’ and fans’ throats, or cut their losses. All I know is this little experiment the NFL is trying this year is not the answer.

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  • Belay

    I’ve always thought that they should just bowl. No risk of injury and everyone has a good time.

  • Old Frog

    Yeah it’s pretty much a boondoggle at this point. Doubt I’ll watch it. While we’re at it, bring back horse collar tackles and the the ability to hit defenseless receivers on crossing patterns. Remember the days when Michael Irvin would say “I’ll trade a concussion for a reception…” Those were the days.

    • Earl Robertson

      Look at my post tell me what you think

      • Old Frog

        Well, I don’t play video games so I can’t really comment. I would like to see the Pro Bowl played, but real football, not “let’s all go easy on each other”, football.
        I mean who is the game for; the players or the fans? I can’t imaging spending the money necessary to fly over and watch that game live. Maybe if you have kids who love collecting autographs but even then, pretty expensive trip.

  • Somertime

    They should reward players that are voted to the Pro Bowl with a free trip to Hawaii and then have a golf, bowling, and beer pong tourney where each player gets to be on a team with 3 fans. So everyone wins. You have a drawing that selects roughly 300 fans and gives them all a free trip to Hawaii also.

    • Earl Robertson

      Look at my post and tell me what u think

  • Earl Robertson

    I have the perfect solution: draft the players like they did, then start a tourney with all the players and fans who won a chance to play with that year Madden. On Sunday have the final 4 play the games on TV for everyone to watch! Whoever wins gets the truck and prizes they have now for the MVP. How can I pitch this idea to the NFL? Forgot to say this the teams are made up of whoever got drafted. So Dez and Witten will be taking on Hatcher Murrary and Smith but no threat of injury since it is a video game!