Five Reasons Why The Cowboys Should Draft Johnny Manziel

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Dec 15, 2013; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo (9) reacts after getting sacked in the fourth quarter against the Green Bay Packers at AT&T Stadium. All Rights reserve USA Today Sports Images.

4. Tony Romo’s Back Injury

The way Romo plays at times, holding the ball too long and scrambling to extend plays, makes it surprising that he hasn’t missed more games due to injuries. But it appears those plays are now catching up to him as Romo had his second back surgery of 2013 in December. No one knows how this latest surgery will affect his future play, but most expect him to be the same player he was. But who knows for sure?

Romo’s age combined with these latest back issues are a red flag about his future. It would make sense for the Cowboys to start looking for a successor now especially considering their past history. Dallas struggled for years after the retirement of former Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman. They were ill-prepared to lose the Hall of Famer in 2001 and never groomed a proper replacement. Instead, they toiled in mediocrity for five years until undrafted free agent quarterback Romo got his first start in 2006.

Although drafting Manziel would certainly solve your future quarterback problem, the demand for him to play immediately would mean Romo would have to be traded. But the move could help Dallas on defense if a viable trade partner could be found. Imagine the Cowboys trading Romo for a player like Houston’s J.J. Watt or St. Louis Robert Quinn? Yes, it’s a bit of a pipe dream but at least we can admit that there would be opportunities to improve our team in exchange for Romo.

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  • SmartThinking

    Your five reasons don’t even come close to explaining away just how fundamentally bad a decision to even consider Manziel for this Dallas team can be. For once in the past seventeen or so drafts, let’s hope and pray Mr. Jones has the presence of mind to remain on course and draft linemen and safeties.

    Orton is more than capable of guiding this team if Romo can’t. Everything about Manziel’s style make him an even worse decision for this team than, say, acquiring Tebow for the position. Or drafting Quincy Carter as your savior quarterback.

    If Romo can’t compete, and waiting on getting another QB makes sense, in this scenario, there’ll be plenty of time and prototypical players available next year. Besides, Manziel’s ego, and asking price place him way outside the scope of what Dallas can offer via the cap. Unless, of course, Jones want to mortgage this tem even further into a financial morass to get they guy. And that thought just make me shudder to think about.

  • Chesney Blair

    I think if Manziel there where you are drafting or there is a minimum price to pay to move up he would be a valuable addition to the team. I find it funny people think Orton is more than capable of leading this team, yet he has only played in one game in two years. You need to find an eventual replacement for Romo, as you don’t know how long he will be healthy for as he has had recurring back problems and seems to be on the decline. I am for the idea of drafting Murray or Metternberger at later rounds also.

    • SmartThinking

      I’m a guy who thinks Orton can lead this team whether you think it’s funny or not. What I think is funny is that you’d have Jones bet the ranch on an untested, short QB who’s probably going to take three years in the NFL to be worthy of a spot. And, of course, there’s Manziel’s monumental ego and his probable astronomic pay expectations. And, of course, Jones’s increasing morass of over the cap woes to deal with. Not to forget needs at very nearly every position along the defensive line and backfield that will eat up any and all money Jones might be able to dig up by deferring more over aged players’ salaries into the 2020′s.

      Drafting Manziel isn’t funny. It’s certifiable lunacy.

  • Old Frog

    Forget Manziel. Draft Cyril Richardson and then pound the ball on the left side of the line. Be better for Murray, Romo, and the Cowboys.

  • Scott.

    Sorry just not seeing him being there and hopefully Garrett talks Jerry out of moving up to get him. No doubt Jerry would like manzeil for the hype and sales.

  • Richard Lee Ochoa

    I Have My Reason is Getting Johnny Manziel For the Dallas Cowboys #16