Dec 8, 2013; Landover, MD, USA; Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo (9) scrambles against the Washington Redskins during the second half at FedEx Field. Mandatory Credit: Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

What If Tony Romo Had Finished The Season?

Tony Romo managed to escape the usual criticisms this year. 

Maybe it was the Sports Illustrated article, maybe it was the Hall of Fame statistics he put up this year, or maybe it’s as simple as him ending his season on a high note. 

In my opinion, it’s because he wasn’t the quarterback in this year’s season ender.

That’s not to say we still would have lost had Romo been healthy and playing, I think we likely would have made the playoffs with Tony under center.

But, just for argument’s sake, let’s imagine things played out exactly the same only with Romo at the helm.  It would have been the same rhetoric, the same complaints, all over again.

“Tony can’t win the big games.  Tony chokes under pressure.  We will never make it to the Super Bowl with Romo as our quarterback”.

What a fickle bunch Cowboy’s fans are, aren’t we?  Had Romo delivered the last minute interception he would be cursed and criticized, but being that our backup threw it, instead we curse our luck.  “Why did our infallible star quarterback have to go down when we needed him most?”

Also, no one seems to be blaming Orton the way they would typically hold Romo responsible in this outcome.  Could it be because as the backup, he is held to a different standard than we would our starter?  If that’s the case, I feel compelled to remind people that not only is Orton the highest paid backup, he is paid more than roughly a third of the starters in this league.  Shouldn’t that warrant the same level of expectation from him?

Don’t get me wrong, I have no problem with Orton and I’m certainly not trying to rally up the torches and pitchforks. 

The truth might be that the lack of outrage comes from the somber realization that no matter who the Cowboy’s have under center…we always seem to fall just short.

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  • terell28

    still 8-8 just like the previous 2 seasons he did finish

  • Old Frog

    Seattle looked strong yesterday. I find this interesting:

    “While the Seahawks have a general manager in John Schneider, he serves mainly in an advisory role to Carroll, who has the final say in football matters. In fact, Schneider was actually hired by Carroll–a rare case of the head coach hiring the general manager. He is one of three current NFL coaches who also have the title or powers of general manager, along with the Patriots’ Bill Belichick and Kansas City Chiefs Andy Reid.

    In his first season, Carroll almost completely overturned the Seahawks roster, totaling over 200 transactions in the course of only one season.”
    Carroll went 7 and 9, 7 and 9, and 11 and 5 his first three seasons and we all know how’s he’s doing in his fourth.
    Not trying to compare Garrett to Carroll, only the difference in the amount of control they have over their teams. 200 transactions his first season and he hired the GM? Now that’s how to rebuild a team.
    I’m not sure any coach could do better than Garrett given how little control he has compared to what Carroll has in Seattle.

  • Russell Reed

    Maybe because Romo has made a habit of miscues over the years. Orton came off the bench for one game, played well but all could see his passes were off all day. If orton had a few more games he would have been alot sharper. If people remember Kitna came off the bench a few years back and did pretty well also. Would have loved to have seen Orton play A few more games.

  • Jack Farguson

    At least the last three years the defense has been the let down. Thats why we brought in Carr. He hasn’t earned his paycheck yet.

  • Boysfan

    Russell reed no thanks he would do what a BACK UP does let’s not forget kitna started a long time for Detroit Orton never started more than a year or teo